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List of official authors (Part 1)

Here’s a list of new official authors for the site (by alphabetic order) and the profiles made by them (Part 1: @-J).
(Part 2: K-R), (Part 3: S-Z)

Hey! Say! JUMP Members Profile
SISSY Profile
JO1 Profile
Baby Boo Profile
UnionWave’s Girl Group Profile
SING Profile

DIP.MX Profile
AOORA Profile
Lim Kim Profile
Kim Woobin Profile
South Club Profile
D-CRUNCH Profile
BIGONE Profile
San.E Profile
Zion.T Profile
BLOO Profile
M.I.B Profile
K.will Profile
Lee Dongwook Profile
HNB Profile
Simon Dominic Profile
Jung So Min Profile
AFOS Profile
Han Hyo Joo Profile
FYKE Profile
Hyun Bin Profile
PSY Profile
Argon Profile
Huta Profile
Now United Profile
Woodz Profile
Mino (WINNER) Profile
Zico Profile
Ilhoon (BTOB) Profile
LU:KUS Profile
Seo In Guk Profile
Gikwang (Highlight) Profile

Merry Bad End Profile
Higeki no Heroine Syndrome Profile
ERG Profile
JIAN Profile
Kim Youngwon Profile
Choi Jiann Profile
LEIWAN Profile
Zenbu Kimi no Sei da Members Profile

Quiz: How well do you know THE9 from Youth with You 2? Part 1
Quiz: How well do you know THE9 from Youth with You 2? Part 2
Puzzle Girls Profile
Sun Rui (Three) (SNH48)
Yenny Profile
Juicy Zuo Profile
J.zen (Zhu Xingjie) Profile
ONLY Pick Profile
Yennis Huang Profile
TPG Culture Trainees Profile
Bunny Zhang Profile
He Junlin (TNT) Profile

@astreria ✁
Ji Chang Wook Profile
BoA Profile
APRIL Profile
ONE Profile
Bolbbalgan4 Profile
Vermuda Profile
Quiz: How well do you know EXO?
Weki Meki Profile
Kim Min Jae Profile
Lee Joon Gi Profile
Melody Day Profile
The Boyz Profile
Heize Profile
ONF Profile
4TEN Profile
Longguo&Shihyun Profile
Park Shin Hye Profile
Kim Ji Won Profile
Vromance Profile
Gong Yoo Profile
MXM Profile
Sunmi Profile
JBJ Profile
RAINZ Profile
IN2IT Profile
Kim Soo Hyun Profile
Park Hyung Sik Profile
Ji Soo Profile
Stray Kids Profile
fromis_9 Profile
YuSeol Profile
Soyou Profile
1NB Profile
Quiz: Can you guess the SHINee MV screenshot?
Gong Seung Yeon Profile
S.I.S Profile
TARGET Profile
Henry Profile
I.B.I Profile
UNI.T Profile
UNB Profile
Krystal Jung Profile
Hoya Profile
Hoody Profile
Woo Do Hwan Profile
BSS Profile
EXO-CBX Profile
Choi Tae Joon Profile
Kanto Profile
YOONA Profile
WJMK Profile
KHAN Profile
Katie Profile
Solar Profile
Moonbyul Profile
Wheein Profile
Hwasa Profile
Seo Kang Joon Profile
Chae Soo Bin Profile
Rocket Girls Profile
SEMINA Profile
Victoria Song Profile
Sik-K Profile
Kim Yoo Jung Profile
VIXX LR Profile
Seo Ye Ji Profile
Quiz: Can You Guess the Female K-pop Idol Based on Their Eyes?
Yang Se Jong Profile
Shin Min Ah Profile
Seo Hyun Jin Profile
Gong Hyo Jin Profile
Kim Hye Yoon Profile
Lee Jae Wook Profile
Won Jin Ah Profile
Jang Ki Yong Profile
Son Ye Jin Profile
Seo Ji Hye Profile
Lee Seung Gi Profile
Yoo In Na Profile
Kim Jung Hyun Profile
Shin Ye Eun Profile
Female Kpop Idols in K-Dramas
Male Kpop Idols in K-Dramas
Han So Hee Profile

Aalia Profile
TRADE L Profile
Stephanie Soo Profile
OWV Profile

LambC Profile
Golden Child Discography
Yoo Kangmin (VERIVERY) Profile

EDEN Profile
Jang Daehyeon Profile

TNT Profile
TYT Profile
Stereo E Profile
Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana Profile
A Team Profile
He Junlin (TNT) Profile
C.C Tay Profile

LUNA Members Profile
Poll: Who owned STAYC’s ‘Stereotype’ era?
NiziU: Who is Who?
GFRIEND: Who is Who?
Dasol (Little Cheer Girl): Profile Facts
Billlie: Who is Who?
LITZ Members Profile
Rocking Doll Discography
Girls On Top Members Profile
Sakurai Miu Profile & Facts
Poll: Who owned WJSN CHOCOME’s ‘Super Yuppers’ era?
Hwarang (TEMPEST) Profile & Facts
Poll: Who owned fromis_9’s “DM” era?
Yuju (former GFriend) Discography
PRIKIL Members Profile
GOT the beat: Who is Who?
Nizi Project Girls: Where Are They Now?
Poll: Who owned VIVIZ’s “BOP BOP!” era?
VIVIZ: Who is Who?
Lee Youngchae (My Teenage Girl) Profile & Facts
MISS MERCY Members Profile
Poll: Who Owned NMIXX’s “O.O” era?
NMIXX: Who is Who?
Poll: Who Owned Billlie’s “GingaMingaYo (the strange world)” era?
Girls Planet 999: Where Are They Now? (K-Group Edition)
NextU Members Profile
Girls Planet 999: Where Are They Now? (J-Group Edition)
Yorch (Trainee A) Profile & Facts
Mayuka (NiziU) Profile & Facts
Poll: Who owned (G)I-DLE’s “TOMBOY” era?
Ssamkkura (LE SSERAFIM) Members Profile
XG: Who is Who?
Kawaguchi Yurina Discography
WITCHES Profile and Facts
Poll: Who owned Red Velvet’s “Feel My Rhythm” era?
Poll: Who owned ILY:1’s “Love In Bloom” era?
ILY:1: Who is Who?
Eunchae (LE SSERAFIM) Profile & Facts
Garam (LE SSERAFIM) Profile & Facts
DIONE Members Profile
Girls Planet 999: Where Are They Now? (C-Group Edition)
GFRIEND: Where Are They Now?
Girls’ World Members Profile
tripleS Members Profile and Facts
Poll: Who Owned CLASS:y’s “Shutdown” era?
Yeeun (LILAI) Profile & Facts
Kim Dasom (My Teenage Girl) Profile & Facts
Stars Awakening/Youth Star (Survival Show) Contestants Profile
iCON Z ~Dreams For Children~ (Girls Division) (Survival Show)
Bessie (LAPILLUS) Profile & Facts
Dalla Dalla Team (Stars Awakening) Members Profile

PlayM Boys Profile
Giriboy Profile
Vanner Profile
Hwang Chi Yeul Profile
ph-1 Profile
Mirae (Cherry Bullet) Profile
Haeyoon (Cherry Bullet) Profile
Yuju (Cherry Bullet) Profile
Bora (Cherry Bullet) Profile
Jiwon (Cherry Bullet) Profile
Kokoro (Cherry Bullet) Profile
Remi (Cherry Bullet) Profile
Chaerin (Cherry Bullet) Profile
LinLin (Cherry Bullet) Profile
May (Cherry Bullet) Profile
Fallanc Profile
Seunghwan (Starhill Boys) Profile
Byeonghee (Starhill Boys) Profile
Hyeongbin (Starhill Boys) Profile
Doyum (Starhill Boys) Profile
Jinsung (Starhill Boys) Profile
EDdMin (Under 19) Profile
Z-Boys Profile
Current Actors and Idols Enlisted in the Military
Lim Jimin (Fave Boys) Profile
Minho (SHINee) Profile
Onew (SHINee) Profile
Which Songs Released in February 2019 were your Favorites?
Giant Pink Profile
Journey Through EXID History
Produce X 101 (Survival Show)/
Who is your Favorite Tom and Jerry Relationship?
Hot Place Profile
Which Songs Released in March 2019 were your Favorites?
[Poll] Kpop Idols Getting Scared
Pt2. Who’s your Favorite Tom & Jerry Relationship?
What is your Favorite EXO era?
What is your Favorite BTS Era?
℃-ute Profile
Limitless Profile
OnlyOneOf Profile
Byungchan (Victon) Profile
Park Sunho Profile
Hyeonsu (BLK) Profile
Kookheon (Myteen) Profile
Kim Sihun Profile
Suhwan Profile
Ji Jinseok Profile
X1 Profile
Lee Jinhyuk (UP10TION) Profile
Yuvin (MYTEEN) Profile
Seungwoo (VICTON & X1) Profile
Seungyoun Profile
Wooseok Profile
Yohan Profile
Hangyul Profile
Junho Profile
Dongpyo Profile
Minhee Profile
Eunsang Profile
Hyeongjun Profile
Dohyon Profile
Kookheon & Yuvin Profile
Drippin Profile
H&D Profile

7SENSES Profile
Sunny Hill
Z-Girls Profile
SAAY Profile
I.O.I: Where Are They Now?

Weekly Profile

Who Wore It Better? (JinYoung (GOT7), JungKook (BTS), Eric Nam, Kris Wu)
Grace Profile
Jae (Day6) Profile
Quiz: How Well Do You Know Jimin (BTS)?
Edward Avila Profile
Jonghyun (SHINee) Profile
E’Dawn (Pentagon) Ex-Member Profile
Quiz: How Well Do You Know Kim Taehyung (BTS)?
Quiz: How Well Do You Know Suga (BTS)?

Blossom Entertainment Solo Artists

°・: ࿔`❀.坤華_Panda.❀ˊ࿔ :・°
UN1TY Profile
ENJIN Profile
Dilireba Dilmurat Profile
ARASHI Profile

Eric Chou Profile
Chenle (NCT) Profile
Jaemin (NCT) Profile
Jisung (NCT) Profile
AB6IX Profile

Drug Restaurant Profile

Kitten Girls Profile

Seohyun Profile
Sunny Profile
Yuri Profile
Can you answer these simple Questions about SNSD? Quiz
Nam Ji-hyun Profile
Jin Ju-Hyung Profile
Quiz: How well do you know Taeyeon?
Seol In-Ah Profile
Kim Young Kwang Profile
Lee Si Young Profile
Bang Sung-Joon Profile
Somin (K.A.R.D) Profile
Mercury Profile
Choi Han-bit Profile
Ryu Hwa-young Profile

ENOi Profile
Nautilus Profile

Bella (Elris) Profile

Dreamcatcher Discography
CAMILA Discography
PRODUCE 48 (Survival Show) Contestants Profile
Love Potion (Produce 48) Profile
National Producer’s Hot Issue / H.I.N.P (Hot Issue of Ntl. Producers) (Produce 48) Profile
The Promise (Produce 48) Profile
SummerWish (Produce 48) Profile
Memory Fabricators (Produce 48) Members Profile
Finding Momoland (Survival Show) Contestants Profile
KARA PROJECT (Survival Show) Contestants Profile
Poll: Who owned MOMOLAND’s Thumbs Up era?
cignature Discography
Ahin (MOMOLAND) Profile
HINAPIA Discography
Jane (MOMOLAND) Profile
JooE (MOMOLAND) Profile
Nancy (MOMOLAND) Profile
DSP Friends Profile
1AM (Produce 48) Profile
REDSQUARE Discography
With Woollim Members Profile and Facts
Daisy ((?)ex-MOMOLAND) Profile
Nayun (MOMOLAND) Profile, Facts and Ideal Type
Taeha (MOMOLAND) Profile, Facts and Ideal Type
Hyebin (MOMOLAND) Profile, Facts and Ideal Type
LAYSHA Discography
ANS Discography
Elris Discography
BVNDIT Discography
SF9 Discography
Sunmi Discography
1TEAM Discography
Lovelyz Discography
DreamNote Discography
VERIVERY Discography
VANNER Discography
LADIES’ CODE Discography
GFRIEND Discography
I.O.I Discography
AB6IX Discography
Hwa Sa (MAMAMOO) Discography
Poll: Who owned A.C.E’s Favorite Boys era?
Poll: Who owned Lovelyz’s Obliviate era?
Poll: Who owned SuperM’s Tiger Inside era?
Poll: Who owned SuperM’s 100 era?
Poll: Who owned each era? (IZ*ONE ver.)
M.O.N.T Original Discography
9Muses Discography
Poll: Who owned LUNARSOLAR’s OH YA YA YA era?
LUNARSOLAR Discography
NATTY Discography
DIA Discography
SuperM Discography
MOMOLAND Discography
Jeon Soyeon ((G) I-DLE) Discography
Jeon Soyeon ((G) I-DLE) Discography
HA:TFELT Discography
Yubin Discography
DALsooobin Discography
Taemin Discography
OnlyOneOf Discography
MOMOLAND: Who is Who?

Who Owned GOT The Beat (Girls On Top) “STAMP ON IT” Era?
Fourth Generation idols born before 2000
Poll: Who Owned NEWJEANS “OMG” Era?
Pick One, Drop One #1- Cute Concept
Soyou Discography
BLACK ON Profile and Facts
All Of Us Are Dead (지금 우리 학교는)
Poll: Who Owned ITZY’s “Cheshire” Era?
Poll: Who owned Red Velvet’s “Birthday” Era?
Poll: Who Owned ITZY’s “Voltage” Era?
Poll: Who owned PinkFantasy’s “GET OUT” Era?
Poll: Who is the best Vocalist/Rapper/Dancer in PinkFantasy?
Highlight Discography
Poll: Who owned Mamamoo’s “Illella” era?
Who Wore it Better: Seulgi, Chaeyoung, Yoohyeon, Jeno or Jaemin?
Poll: Who Owned ITZY’s “Boys Like You” era?
Poll: What is Your Favourite IVE Song?
Poll: What’s Your Favourite PinkFantasy Song?
Kisumi Reika Profile and Facts

Homme Profile
The Boss (DGNA) Profile

Joker Xue Profile
Lee Kyu Hyung Profile
Kwak Hee Joo Profile
Choi Jin-hyuk Profile
Lee Sin Young Profile
Kim Bum Profile
Doojoon (Highlight) Profile
Kim Hyun-Joong Profile
T-Max Profile
B-Bomb (Block B) Profile
Ahn Woo-Yeon Profile

19 (Nana) Profile

E7 Profile
What is your favourite song by Boyfriend?
What is your favourite non-title track by Boyfriend?
Pure Profile
LPG (Lovely Pretty Girls) Profile
ii Profile
Chaness (LPG Subunit) Profile
Bella Profile
Five Run Strike Profile
Twinkle Profile
MOA Profile
Bay.B Profile
Poll: Who is the best vocalist/rapper/dancer in Boyfriend?

flor_us Profile

Seo Eunkyo Profile
Saesong Profile
C.I.V.A. Profile
Which is your favorite Red Velvet ship?
Oli London Profile
Which is your favorite Mamamoo ship?
Poll: Which is your favorite GFriend ship?
Poll: Who is the best dancer in Red Velvet?
Poll: Who is the best dancer in (G)I-DLE?
U.SSO GIRL Profile
Keembo Profile
Jang Hannah Profile
Seulgi Ryu Profile
Poll: Who is the best dancer in Loona?
Seo Jihye (1996) Profile
Who owned each era? ITZY version
Who owned each era? Everglow version
Belle (Cignature) Profile
Chaesol (Cignature) Profile
Semi (Cignature) Profile
Sunn (Cignature) Profile
Park Ju-hyun Profile
Léa (Secret Number) Profile
Burvey Profile
Jung Da-bin Profile
Nam Yoon-su Profile
Poll: What’s your favorite female rapper from SM Entertainment?
Doah (Fanatics) Profile
Poll: What’s your favorite female rapper from YG?
Denise (Secret Number) Profile
Poll: Who’s your favorite rapper under JYP?
Youngest Profile
5High Profile
Which is your favourite song from TWICE’s More & More Album?
Who owned TWICE’s “More & More” era?
Soojin (WEEEKLY) Profile
Lucy (WOO!AH!) Profile
Baby Monsters Profile
Chie (Yumi) Profile
Sunrise (Nizi Project) Profile
NiziU Profile
Mew Profile
Janet Suhh Profile
Who wore it better: Nina (NiziU) vs Gooseul (Girls’ Alert)
LIZ Entertainment Trainees Profile and Facts
Asome.D Profile
Hello Girls Profile

Country Ball
Peniel (BTOB) Profile
Sungmin Profile
Hyunsik (BTOB) Profile
Kyuhyun (Super Junior) Profile
Super Junior-D&E Profile
Lee Haeri Profile
Jinu (Winner) Profile
Hoony (Winner) Profile
Super Junior-M Profile
Super Junior-K.R.Y. Profile
LEEWOO Profile
Eunkwang (BTOB) Profile
Naeun & Jinsol Profile
Sunggyu (Infinite) Profile
NOA Profile
Bomin (Golden Child) Profile
Zhou Mi Profile
PIXY Profile
Hyukoh Profile
Chaewon (April) Profile
Jinsol (April) Profile
Wowkie Zhang Profile
Even Of Day Profile
Apink BnN Profile

CY Jung_R3
Girls’ Generation-TTS Profile
Triple Position Profile
Lean On Me Profile
The Heal Profile
No. 1 Profile

Quiz: Who’s your BLACKPINK girlfriend?
Gabie Kook Profile
Quiz: Can You Guess Red Velvet’s Designated Colors?
Quiz: Do you know LOONA Members’ Color/Animals?
Quiz: Do you know IZ*ONE’s colors?


FEMM Profile
2Wenty’s Profile

Gaho Profile
Ha Hyunsang Profile

Da-iCE Profile

What Is Your Favorite DAY6 Era? Poll

One Light Profile
KiKO Profile
FA Profile
Haneul (Argon) Profile
Kain (Argon) Profile
Gon (Argon) Profile
Roel (Argon) Profile
Yeoun (Argon) Profile
Jaeun (Argon) Profile
XRO Profile
Hyunjun Hur Profile
DUSTIN-On Profile
JN Entertainment Boy Group Profile
JGT Boys Profile
Who owned Argons Give Me Dat era?
Who owned Argons Master Key era?
9001 (Ninety O One) Profile and Facts
C on H Profile and Facts
Lanalogue Profile and Facts
Lanalogue Discography
H!T Profile and Facts
BXK Discography
Woong Profile and Facts
T1419 Profile and Facts
Rockhyun (Fave1) Profile and Facts
Jonghwan (Fave1) Profile and Facts
Chanyong (Fave1) Profile and Facts
Hyukjin (Fave1) Profile and Facts
Mirae Profile and Facts
Lee Hana Profile and Facts
Rain Discography
Big Dipper Profile and Facts
Moti Discography
BenchWeLeo Profile and Facts
LXX Profile and Facts
From20 Profile and Facts
Triple Seven Profile and Facts
Trendz Profile and Facts
Fl1x Profile and Facts
B3o1z Profile and Facts
Black Level Profile and Facts
Woonie Profile and Facts
Skylize Profile and Facts
Hid&Gem Profile and Facts
Be:First Profile and Facts
Lionesses Profile and Facts
Raiden Profile and Facts
Triger Profile and Facts
Blank2y Profile and Facts
eVe Profile and Facts
Lee Sunhee Profile and Facts
Taek Profile and Facts
1415 Profile and Facts
JWiiver Profile and Facts
Shita (Jwiiver) Profile and Facts
GabinK (Jwiiver) Profile and Facts
Ryujei (Jwiiver) Profile and Facts
Rihan (Jwiiver) Profile and Facts
Roshin (Jwiiver) Profile and Facts
Jukang (Jwiiver) Profile and Facts
Raots (Jwiiver) Profile and Facts
JWiiver Discography
Viral Affair Profile and Facts
Kim Wooseok Profile and Facts
OCJ Newbies Profile and Facts

Emperor Penguin
Rina (Weki Meki) Profile
Suyeon (Weki Meki) Profile
Lucy (Weki Meki) Profile
SM Performance Profile
Elly (Weki Meki) Profile

Twice “What Is Love” Easter Eggs Article

Queendom Profile

ernie aleesa
Poll: Who owned GWSN’s BAZOOKA! Era?
Poll: Who owned ASTRO’s Knock Era?
Poll: Who owned DREAMCATCHER’s SCREAM Era?
Poll: Who owned DREAMCATCHER’s SCREAM Era?
What is your favourite song on The ReVes Festival: Finale Album?
Poll: Who owned MAMAMOO’s Hip Era?
Poll: Who owned I.O.I’s Very Very Very Era?
What is your favourite song on Everglow’s Reminiscence Album?
What is your favourite song on Purpose Album?
Who owned NU’EST’s I’m In Trouble Era?
Who owned BVNDIT’s JUNGLE Era?
Who owned TXT’s CAN’T YOU SEE ME? Era?
Who owned CLC’s No Era?
Who is your favourite Chinese Kpop idol?
Poll: Who owned TXT’s Puma era?
Poll: Who were your Produce 48 final picks?
Poll: Who is your bias in Produce 101’s groups?
Poll: Who owned GOT7’s Not By The Moon era?
Poll: What’s your favourite GOT7’s title track?
Poll: Who owned Red Velvet’s Zimzalabim era?
Poll: Who owned Pristin’s “Wee Woo” era?
Poll: Who owned Pristin’s “We Like” era?
Poll: Who owned Red Velvet’s Umpah Umpah era?
Poll: Who owned Gfriend’s Crossroad era?

Escape The VitaMINX
8Eight Profile

Mr. T Profile

Shaun Profile
Who owned each era? (G)I-DLE Version
Who owned each era? BTS Version

D1VA Profile


Felipe Grin§
Wonder Unit Profile
Joy Unit Profile
Natural Unit Profile
Sweet Unit Profile
AOA Cream Profile
Ye-A Profile
L.U.B Profile
Rocket Punch Profile
BinChaenHyunSeuS Profile
Ggumnamu Profile
BTL Profile
Yeonhee (Rocket Punch) Profile
Juri (Rocket Punch) Profile
Suyun (Rocket Punch) Profile
Yunkyong (Rocket Punch) Profile
Sohee (Rocket Punch) Profile
Dahyun (Rocket Punch) Profile
Z-Girls T.P.I (Z-Girls) Profile
Toheart Profile
RBW Girls Profile
Awe5omeBaby Profile
Sunny Girls Profile
Infinite F Profile
Quiz: How well do you know Rocket Punch?
AOA Black Profile
ISE Profile
AOA White Profile
Dream Carrier Φορεύς Profile
So Curious Special Sub Unit (IZ*ONE) Profile
BTOB Blue Profile
Polaris Girls Profile
Violet Profile
IONE Profile
VINE Girls Profile
AS Red (After School) Profile
AS Blue (After School) Profile
Banana Culture Girls (Newkid) Profile
Full Moon Special Sub Unit (LOOΠΔ) Profile
Starship Boys Profile
Lee Saerom (Fromis_9) Profile
Song Hayoung (Fromis_9) Profile
Jang Gyuri (Fromis_9) Profile
Park Jiwon (Fromis_9) Profile
Roh Jisun (Fromis_9) Profile
Lee Seoyeon (Fromis_9) Profile
Lee Chaeyoung (Fromis_9) Profile
Lee Nagyung (Fromis_9) Profile
Baek Jiheon (Fromis_9) Profile
Luluz Profile
AltheA Profile
BB Ahn Profile
IYOKAN Profile
Pink Blusher Special Sub Unit (IZ*ONE) Members Profile
Daydream (IZ*ONE) Members Profile
Gen-Z Profile
Rocket Punch Discography
MERA Profile
DK Girls Profile
Dreamlike Special Sub Unit (IZ*ONE) Profile
Serim (CRAVITY) Profile
Allen (CRAVITY) Profile
Jungmo (CRAVITY) Profile
Woobin (CRAVITY) Profile
Wonjin (CRAVITY) Profile
Taeyoung (CRAVITY) Profile
Seongmin (CRAVITY) Profile
B.o.M Profile
CSVC Profile
Qian Zhenghao (Jefferson) Profile
ZZBest Profile
S The One Profile
9bic Profile
HOWZ Profile
Lay-T Profile
VNT Profile
iLLA Profile
E2RE Profile
Daylight Profile
Apink Y.O.S Profile
Fantastie Profile
Apink JooJiRong Profile
HEXE Profile
Hoppipolla Profile
How Well Do You Know CRAVITY?
CRAVITY Discography
MyDoll Girls Profile
OYT Profile
AA Profile
Jinny (Secret Number) Profile
Dita (Secret Number) Profile
Soodam (Secret Number) Profile
A6P Profile
Piggy Dolls Profile
FameUs Profile
My-B Profile
Honey Girls Profile
Black Pearl Profile
AKZ (Atomic Kiz) Profile
Who owned Rocket Punch’s Bouncy era?
Who owned Rocket Punch’s BIM BAM BUM era?
Wonder Boyz Profile
Wish Girls 2nd Season Members Profile
Areal Members Profile

T.O.P Girls Members Profile
DUETTO Profile
Quiz: How Well Do You Know Secret Number?
Which is your favorite Rocket Punch ship?
APL Profile
Botopass Profile
Smile.G Profile
VX Profile
Areum (AREAL) Profile
Hyebin (AREAL) Profile
Segye (AREAL) Profile
Dabi (AREAL) Profile
Blastar Profile
Poll: Who owned Rocket Punch’s Juicy era?
BlingBling Profile
TimeZ Profile
Poll: Who owned AREAL’s WAKE ME UP era?
G-MOST Profile
HIGH-UP Girls Profile

Fennec Fox Jeongin
JinJin (Astro) Profile

Song Weilong Profile
Jo Seung Hee Profile
Choi Hyun Wook Profile
Kim Min Gyu Profile

Nari Profile
Cherry Blossom (Cherry Bullet Sub Unit)

G-reyish Profile
FlaShe Profile
Highteen Profile
Chanmina Profile
LC9 Profile
Yoon Kyun-sang Profile
MY.s.t Profile
Shin Hye-Sun Profile
ABRY Profile
Holics Profile
Live High Profile
MyB Profile
Asha Profile
Ho1iday Profile
Chic Angel Profile
Rockit Girl Profile
316 Members Profile
Girls’ Alert Profile

1set Discography
Chic & Idle Discography
JAMIE Discography
A Ryeom (SHA SHA) Profile and Facts
Wiz N Discography
GENIC Members Profile
DONGKIZ I:KAN Members Profile
SSAK3 Members Profile
Sykkuno Profile and Facts
Fuslie Profile and Facts
WJSN CHOCOME Discography
woo!ah! Discography
XRO Discography
XUM Discography
Y&Z Project Discography
2NYNE Discography
U-Hee (Chic Angel, CHIC&IDLE) Profile & Facts
LIZ Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
UnionWave Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
Yu Jei Profile & Facts
Worldstar Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
Abin (ICU, CHIC&IDLE) Profile & Facts
Hayu (ICU, CHIC&IDLE) Profile & Facts
Chae-i (ICU, CHIC&IDLE) Profile and Facts
Ella (ICU, CHIC&IDLE) Profile & Facts
Who owned WOO!AH! ‘s Bad Girl era?
Poll: Who is the best vocalist/rapper in (G)I-DLE?
Black Mamba (aespa) album info
I Can’t Stop Me (English Ver.) (TWICE) album info
Step and a step (NiziU) album info
Quiz: Do You Know Which Member Sings First In These Songs By (G)I-DLE?
Get your playlist based on your female biases!
High Up Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
 Avex Trax Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
EMI Records Japan Profile, History & Facts

SHU-I Profile

Morning Musume Profile
Kim Sejeong Profile

YHBoys Profile
TFBoys Profile
AKB48 Profile
Block B Bastarz Profile
SPEED Profile
Cpop Idol Birthdays + Chinese Zodiac Signs
Boy Story Profile
Oh!GG Profile
AKB48 Team K Profile
AiRiSU Profile
JBJ95 (Kenta & Sanggyun) Profile
AKB48 Team B Profile
Sha Sha Profile
AKB48 Team 4 Profile
Cherry on Top Profile
K/DA Profile
AKB48 Team 8 Profile
Hip-Hop Team (Seventeen) Profile
Vocal Team (Seventeen) Profile
Performance Team (Seventeen) Profile
AKB48 Kenkyuusei (Trainees) Profile
TEAM LWZ Profile
WayV Profile
AKB48 Team SH Profile
Blue Fox Profile
Nam Goong Min Profile
Co-ed School Profile
MJ (Astro) Profile
YG Treasure Box 2nd Lineup Profile
Jus2 (Got7 sub-unit) Profile
Sohlhee Profile
World Klass Survival Show Profile
SKE48 Team S Profile
Kpop Fandom Light Sticks 2.0
NATTY Profile

Temporary Idols Profile
Kassy Profile
Euna Kim Profile
GP Basic Profile
Ryu Won Profile


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Profile

Poll: What is your favorite K-Pop underrated lightstick? (Boy group version)
Poll: What is your favorite K-Pop underrated lightstick? (Soloist version)

SF9 Tattoos & Meanings

Chloris Profile
Ariaz Profile
Mountain Profile
Dustin Profile
Luri Profile
UTH Profile
BXK Profile
WOO! AH Profile


J.Seph (KARD) Profile
KARD Discography
Mad Men Profile
Jiwoo (KARD) Profile
Poll: CLC Discography
Poll: Best Iconic Twice Lyrics?
Kpop Weekly (Apr-Oct 2020)
Yurium (3YE) Profile
Haeun (3YE) Profile
Yuji (3YE) Profile
Quiz: Can you guess what song these lyrics are from ? (Twice ver)
Ninety One Profile
Who’s the best dancer in BlackPink?
MADKID Profile
Who’s your favorite BT21?
Which BTS ship is your favorite?
Who’s the best dancer in EverGlow?
Cojirase The Trip Profile
Which is your favorite Seventeen ship?
Who’s the best dancer in ITZY?
Which is your favorite Twice Japanese title track?
Popu Lady Profile
Who’s the best Vocalist/Rapper in Red Velvet?
NUBOYZ Profile
Who’s the best rapper/Vocalist in Stray Kids?
What is your favorite Monsta X title track?
Naeun (APRIL) Profile
Black Dial Profile
Newton Profile
Journey to Kpop: Co-Ed groups
Quiz: Can you guess what song these lyrics are from ? (Stray Kids ver)
Can you guess A.C.E’s designed colors?
Who wore it better? Irene (Red Velvet), Jessica (ex SNSD), or IU?
EXO  Vocal Line (EXO UNIT)
Which is your favorite MADMEN Song?
JUZIM Profile
Quiz: How well do you know K.A.R.D?
Which is your favorite KARD Ship?
ON Team (ONF Sub-Unit) Profile
OFF Team (ONF Sub-Unit) Profile
What’s your favorite IZ*ONE Ship?
Astro Discography
Poll: Who owned each era? (K.A.R.D version)
Somi Discography
Poll: What other Asian Genre is your favorite?
Min (ex Miss A) Profile
VAV Discography
Heo Youngji Profile
Ziruza Profile
Quiz: Can you guess Twice designated colors?
Which is the best Kpop song of 2019? (Girl Groups)
Which is the best Kpop song of 2019? (Boy Groups)
Karry (TFBoys) Profile
Roy (TFBoys)Profile
Jackson (TFBoys) Profile
A.C.E Discography
NIZIU Discrography
Alma Members Profile
Third (Lapat Ngamchaweng) Profile 
Baron (VAV)Profile
Ace (VAV) Profile 
Ismail Izzani Profile

Bewhy Profile
Jinusean Profile
JO1 Profile
Orbit Union Profile
10iz Profile
EQ Profile
Buira Profile
Sevenlight Profile
DNA Profile

Sei (Weki Meki) Profile
Lua (Weki Meki) Profile
Hana (Gugudan) Profile
Mimi (Gugudan) Profile
Haebin (Gugudan) Profile
Nayoung (Gugudan) Profile
Sally (Gugudan) Profile
Soyee (Gugudan) Profile
GWSN Discography
Poll: Who is the best dancer in AOA?
Poll: Who is the best dancer in Cherry Bullet?
Who is the best dancer in WJSN?
Who owned Cherry Bullet’s ‘Hands Up’ era?
Who owned NCT 127’s “Punch” Era?
Who owned WJSN’s ‘As You Wish’ era?
Who owned WJSN’s ‘Boogie Up’ era?
Who owned AOA’s “Come See Me” era?
Cherry Bullet Discography
Who owned AOA’s “Bingle Bangle” era?
Who owned Cherry Bullet’s “Really Really” era?
Who owned Gugudan’s “Not That Type” era?
Who is the best dancer in Gugudan?
Who owned GWSN’s Red Sun (021) era?
Who owned OH MY GIRL’S BUNGEE (Fall in Love) era?
Who owned OH MY GIRL’S The Fifth Season (SSFWL) era?
Who owned UNI.T’S No More era?
Who is the best dancer in ANS?
Who is the best dancer in Apink?
Who owned Weki Meki’s Dazzle Dazzle era?
Who wore it better? Seulgi (Red Velvet) vs Jeon Somi?
Who owned Nature’s OOPSIE (My Bad) era?
Who owned CLC’s Devil era?
Who owned WJSN’s Butterfly era?
Who owned DIA’s Hug U era?
Who owned IZ*ONE’s Secret Story of the Swan era?
Who owned Stray Kids God’s Menu era?
Who owned Nature’s Girls era?
Who owned Weki Meki’s OOPSY era?
Who is the best vocalist/rapper in SECRET NUMBER?
Gugudan Discography
Lee Hyunjoo Profile

EBOYZ Profile

jatkin1 (Josh)
ARRAN Profile

Rookie Planet Profile
Orange Latte Profile
Red Square Profile
Legal High Profile
Seulgi Profile
Song Heejin Profile
FAVE GIRLS (PlayM Ent. Trainees) Profile
YOURS Profile
Wyne Profile

UHSN Profile
A-Plus Profile
MOXIE Profile
Gavy NJ Profile
I.C.E Profile
Icia Profile
PPL Profile
Fly With Me Profile
Bambino Profile
BAIKAL Profile
ATT Profile
Billion Profile
PassCode Profile
Bumkey Profile
Song Kang Profile
Pritz Profile
MINU Profile
ICU Profile
Year 7 Class 1 Profile
Milkyway Profile
Wish Girls Profile
Unnies Profile
WAVEYA Profile
Dazzling RED Profile
4Tomorrow Profile
H2L Profile
HeyMiss Profile
Jang Ju Hee Profile
Cha In-Ha Profile
Team Aura Profile
Mayqueen Profile
Team Aura Profile
Jang Do Yeon Profile
AMOR Profile
Berry Chu Profile
Goeun (LAYSHA) Profile
Chaejin (LAYSHA) Profile
Sia (LAYSHA) Profile
Boreum (LAYSHA) Profile
Han Choim Profile
Elvin Crew Profile
MIXX Profile
Sol-T Profile
Ciào Smiles Profile
HwangTaeJi Profile
Pascol Profile
Yano Shiho Profile
Hedy Profile
Clover Profile
Lady Profile
Lee Eunbi Profile
S2 Profile
Chocolate Profile
Rubber Soul Profile
Angelina Danilova Profile
ZZBae Profile
Black Bunny Profile
Real Girls Profile
Poetic Narrator Profile
Elado Profile
Girl Hood Profile
Diva Profile
CUP Entertainment Girl Group Profile
LXIA Profile
Luna Snow Profile
Unpretty Rapstar Members Profile
Neonblack Profile
Swalla Profile
Kurosaki Maon Profile
Elizabeth Profile
Park Ji Yoon Profile
Hyun Jin-young Profile
Who is Who: 2Wenty’s
Who is Who: 3YE
Who is Who: 4CARAT
Lily Profile
Moon Hyuna Profile
Flora Profile
Nassun Profile
BeBe Mignon Profile
Chic & Idle Profile
VIVID Profile
Lee Joo Myung Profile
Kyla Massie Profile
Coco Avenue Profile
The Gloss Profile
4TEN: Who is Who?
A-Daily: Who is Who?
LAYSHA: Who is Who?
Blackpink: Who is Who?

The Rose Profile

DMZA Profile
Poll: Who is the best dancer in TOO?
Yulia Profile
Who owned LOONA’s So What era?
VICTON Discography
Who is the best dancer in Secret Number?
Who owned VICTON’s Mayday era?
Who owned SEVENTEEN’s Left & Right era?
Poll: Who owned BLACKPINK’s How You Like That era?
meme tokyo. Profile
Poll: Who owned CLC’s Helicopter era?
Oneus Discography

Roo’RA Profile
BUZZ Profile
Kim Young Chul Profile
Universe Cowards Profile
Jimin N J.Don Members Profile
Six Bomb Profile
SNH48 Team X Profile
Color Girls Profile
BlueV Profile
DEMOON Profile
PIT A PAT Profile
Jung Hae Jin Profile
So YuMi Profile
HO2 Profile
Boramiyu Profile
Min Kyunghoon Profile
Jung Hae Jin Profile
So YuMi Profile
HO2 Profile
Boramiyu Profile
Min Kyunghoon Profile
Sunny Play Profile
Woojoo Jjokkomi Profile
Kang Ho Dong Profile
BuBBle-X Profile
Various Profile
A-Daily Profile
VaVa Profile
Fei Profile
A-Lin Profile
Karencici Profile
TRiDENT Profile
DIH Profile
Seine River Profile
Reol Profile
CLOCK Profile
GNZ48 Team NIII Profile
Esther Yu Profile
Li YiTong Profile
Ju Jingyi Profile
Su ShanShan Profile
ToXic Profile
Cherry Filter Profile
Play the Siren Profile
Code Kunst Profile
Joody Profile
Super Girls (Chinese Girl Group) Profile
N.O.M (Nature of Man) Profile


Magic Touch Profile

Be.A Profile
MBLAQ Profile
H.O.T Profile
IM Profile
NRG Profile
Hot Blood Youth Profile
ZPZG Profile
GreatGuys Profile
Fin.K.L Profile
LAYSHA Profile
BiSH Profile
Saturday Profile
Lee Kwangsoo Profile
g.o.d Profile
DEUX Profile
Yoo Yeonseok Profile
Hiragana Keyakizaka46 Profile
1TYM Members Profile
ONE OK ROCK Members Profile
Turbo Members Profile
M.I.L.K Members Profile
Click B Members Profile
Kim Sooro Profile
Kanji Keyakizaka46 Profile
YJIG Profile
ALiKE Profile
Juice=Juice Profile
Cosmic Girl Profile

Swi.T Profile
Hway6 Profile
SIS Profile
Saturday Discography
fromis_9 Discography
Baekhyun Discography
NU’EST Discography
Poll: Who owned ITZY’s Not Shy era?
Poll: Who owned Cherry Bullet’s Aloha Oe era?
Too Discography

Lee Sun-Bin Profile
Kim Jae-young Profile
Pyo Hye-Rim Profile
Quiz: Can you guess the BLACKPINK member by a body part?
Kim Eun Bi Profile
D:amant Profile
Lee Ba Da Profile
Yang Zi Profile
Joo Young Profile
Kim Sun-Ho Profile
Kid Milli Profile
Yunhway Profile
MOON Profile
Amanda Profile
Quiz: Can you guess a GOT7 member by a body part?
Rana Profile
Ki Hoon Profile
SURL Profile
LedApple Profile
LedT Profile
Jung Eugene Profile
Jiselle Profile
Changjo Profile
E.viewz Profile
Sungdam Profile
Ku Hye-Sun Profile
Lee Do-Hyun Profile
Oh Yeon-Seo Profile
Min Woo-Hyuk Profile
Sun Yi Han Profile
Jeffrey Tung Profile
Li Xian Profile
Wang Ziyi Profile
Jiyeon (T-Ara) Profile
Wang Yibo Profile
msftz Profile
Timmy Xu Profile
SHUUU Profile
Naomi Wang Profile
Kenji Chen Profile
Neo Hou Profile
WARPs Profile
MIREI Profile
C.T.O Profile
Xiao Zhan Profile
Jasper Liu Profile
Monika Profile
Daily H Boys Profile
BECZ Profile
A.FACT Profile
Yeroni Profile
Sandy Profile
Kiara Profile
Lin Yi Profile
The Deep Profile
Morethan7 Profile
Darcie Profile
Soju Queen Profile
HWANZA Profile
The Soju Queen’s Tattoos & Meanings
Jungkook’s Tattoos & Meanings
Kuang Tian Profile
Kim Tae-Ri Profile
Ryu Jun Yeol Profile
RVIINI (Kwon Hyunbin) Tattoos & Meanings
Go Jun Hee Profile
Tian Yi Tong Profile
Yuki Mago Profile
Yerin Baek Profile
The Volunteers Profile
Kim Tae Hee Profile
Kim Jong Kook Profile
Soovi Profile
Owell Mood Profile
Yoon (WINNER) Profile
NO:EL Profile
Rorin (D:amant) Profile
SunnB:t (D:amant) Profile
WINNER Pets & Informations
DinDin Profile
Lee So-Ra Profile
Seo Yi Sook Profile
Cha Chung-Hwa Profile
Bae Hae Seon Profile
Peter (Off The Cuff) Profile
Insoo (Off The Cuff) Profile
DVWN Profile
H (BECZ) Profile
ATK Profile
Minami Hamabe Profile
Shin Dong Mi Profile
Jibeom (Golden Child) Profile
Joochan (Golden Child) Profile
Donghyun (Golden Child) Profile
Sulgi Profile
JUNNY Profile
OuiOui Profile
JUNNY Profile
The Quiett Profile
Heo Eungyeoul Profile
E The Profile
Jerd Profile
Huh Chanmi Profile
Villain Profile
Youra Profile
Rhythm Power Profile
Hangzoo (Rhythm Power) Profile
GAYA Profile
Hangzoo’s Tattoos & Meanings
U-Kwon (Block B) Profile
U-Kwon Discography
Kiara Discography
Taeil (Block B) Profile
Taeil (Block B) Discography
T2U (Block B Sub-Unit) Profile
T2U (Block B Sub-Unit) Discography
Kim Junsu Profile
StarBe Profile
ØZI Profile
Lexie Liu Profile
Tomohisa Yamashita Profile
Kyung (Block B) Profile
Refund Expedition Profile
Show Me The Money 9: Producers
Christian Yu Profile
Taehyun (South Club) Profile
Christian Yu Profile
Victor Han Profile
Lee Hwi-min (GroovyRoom) Profile
GroovyRoom Profile
Jellvako Profile
TEAMPLAY MUSIC Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
Chaeyoung (Twice) Tattoos & Meanings
Syn Profile
Yang Se-chan Profile
PLUMA Profile
LATE LEE Profile
Leellamarz Profile
Oh Hye-rim Profile
Tier 4 Profile
Zene Zilla Profile
Yoo Jae-suk Profile
Jhnovr Profile

Golden Age Profile
Kingdom Profile
FABLE Profile
Boom Trigger Profile
TRUSTY Profile
LUCY Profile
Shooter-X Profile
Block Chain Profile
TEN X Profile

PAPAYA Profile
LaoNavy Profile

What is Red Velvet’s best b-side?
Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Loonaverse?
Poll: What is HyunA’s best era?
What GD & TOP song is your favorite?
What is your favorite Shinee title track?
What Triple H song is your favorite?
What is Momoland’s best title-track?
What is your favorite HyunA song?
What disbanded girl group do you want back the most?
What is your favorite Twice b-side?
Poll: Which is your favorite Kpop sub-unit?
What is your favorite Jonghyun b-side?
How well do you know Jonghyun?
What is your favorite Girls’ Generation (SNSD) title-track?
Brown Eyes Profile
What is your favorite BTS b-side?
Which of these underrated girl groups is your favorite?
What is your favorite AOA title-track?
What is your favorite LAYSHA song?
What is your favorite LOONA b-side? (all units)
What is your favorite MOMOLAND b-side?
What is your favorite Jonghyun title-track?
Quiz: Which girl group would you debut in?
Which Wonder Girls’ title-track is your favorite?
Which Wonder Girls’ title-track is your favorite?
Which ‘Butterfly’ is your favorite?
What is your favorite Block B title-track?
What is your favorite BIGBANG title-track?
Poll: Who were your PRODUCE 101 final picks?
Poll: Which female idol looks best with ombre hair?
Poll: Which song with “La la la” in it is your favorite?
Quiz: How well do you know Red Velvet’s Seulgi?
Who wore it better? Seulgi vs. Jennie vs. Sunmi

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