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DPR IAN (Christian Yu) Profile and Facts

Christian Yu Profile: Christian Yu Facts and Ideal Type

Christian Yu (크리스찬 유)
 also known as DPR +IAN is a singer, producer, director, and chief editor in DREAM PERFECT REGIME (DPR) and a former C-CLOWN member. 

Christian Yu’s Fandom Name: SALTs (Super Amazing Loving Team)

Birth Name: Christian Yu (크리스찬 유)
Korean Name: Yu Ba Rom (유바롬)
Birthday: September 6, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Nationality: Korean-Australian
Height: 174 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: dprian
Twitter: DPRIAN_
YouTube: Barom Yu (Inactive)

Christian Yu Facts:
— He was born in Sydney, Australia.
— He is an only child.
— He speaks English and Korean.
— When he was 18 years old he moved to South Korea to pursue his dreams.
— He studied at the University of Sydney.
— He debuted on July 19, 2012, with C-CLOWN as a leader, main rapper, and main dancer with stage name Rome. They disbanded on October 5, 2015.
— His favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.
— He doesn’t like flying.
— His favorite food is steak.
— He is a Christian and his Christian name is Paul.
— His favorite color is green but used to be blue so there’s a possibility it will change again with time.
— When it comes to spicy food, he isn’t good at eating it.
— His biggest inspiration is his mother.
— He owns a dog named Lori, and his first dog was named Snoopy.
— His hobby is collecting professional cameras.
— He is the founder, director, and chief editor in DPR (DREAM PERFECT REGIME) that is a multi-genre music and video group.
— He likes women who are passionate about what they do.
— His favorite music genres are jazz, rock, and heavy metal.
— His favorite sports are football and surfing.
— Since he was young, he plays drums.
— He goes surfing when he visits Australia.
— He modeled for Adidas in 2020. (x)
— He took vocal lessons with GOT7‘s JB during their trainee days.
— He is a homebody meaning he enjoys being at home.
— In IG Live (08/06/20) pH-1 said that he knew him before DPR but didn’t talk ever since. (x)
— He considers DPR as a family including artists and fans.
— He directed the following music videos: Mino’s Body, Bobby‘s Hol Up, Loco‘s Movie Shoot, Amber Liu‘s Borders and Beautiful, PHANTOM’s Could You Be Mine?, Taeyang‘s Wake Me Up, GREE & Rudals’s Friends, P-TYPE’s Time Lag 2, and all DPR Live.
— He prefers a werewolf over a vampire. (IG Live 06/04/20)
— While talking about reincarnation he said that he wouldn’t mind being reborn as a tortoise and as a human again would be ideal. (IG Live 06/04/20)
— He had an obsession with Leprechauns when he was a kid and he doesn’t know why. (IG Live 06/04/20)
— He sucks at watching scary movies because he has a tremendous fear when it comes to paranormal stuff. He doesn’t even like to talk about it because he feels it’s alerting the paranormal things around him. (IG Live 06/04/20)
— He watched the horror movie “Hereditary” by Ari Aster but he doesn’t know why DPR guys got him to watch that. Another horror movie he watched is “Midsummer” also by Ari Aster. (IG Live 06/04/20)
— One thing he would never do in his career is film a scary movie. (IG Live 06/04/20)
— He isn’t scared of insects nor snakes. (IG Live 06/04/20)
— He loves swimming and being on the water. (IG Live 06/04/20)
— The food he always wanted to try is balut. (IG Live 06/04/20)
— He wonders how it feels to be a zombie, he thinks it’s no different than being dead. (IG Live 06/04/20)
— He would be scared/very sad to die alone and hopes it won’t happen. (IG Live 06/04/20)
— When he was young he let his imagination go and used to believe that movies are real e.g “Peter Pan”. (IG Live 06/04/20)
— He likes tattoos and motorbikes. (IG Live 06/26/20)
— He loves making music, creating, staying indoors, and watching Netflix. (IG Live 06/26/20)
— He made ” Zombie Pop” in about 1,5h for Adobe Commercial. (IG Live 06/26/20)
— He started naturally losing the Australian accent because he lived in Korean for over 10 years and barely has contact with someone who speaks it. (IG Live 06/26/20)
— He enjoys cooking for himself and his friends. It gets him excited to see their reaction when eating it. (IG Live 06/26/20)
— He is aware that people portrait him as a “bad boy” because he likes tattoos and motorbikes. It’s not who he actually is so he finds it quite funny. (IG Live 06/26/20)
— Instead of looks, he cares more about his feeling towards a significant other.
— He used to be a part of a dance crew called Kill.U.Strate with DPR Live.
— He doesn’t know what being called “a skinny legend” means.
— He gets asked often about his sexuality, especially if he is bi. And his answer is “I’m not bisexual nor gay”. (IG Live 03/26/18)
— He watches anime. (IG Live 08/24/20)
— Small things make him happy. (IG Live 08/24/20)
— He is in CL‘s “+5 STAR+” Music Video that got people talking about how good the chemistry between them is.
— He loves cats and dogs but he thinks he’s more of a dog person. (IG Live 07/03/21)
— Christian Yu’s Ideal Type: “I don’t have an ideal type because for me it’s ‘in the moment’ kind of thing. But one quality I wish my girl would have in the future is if she’s passionate about what she’s doing, doesn’t matter what she’s passionate about honestly. She could be like a carpenter, she could be doing anything she wants but as long as she’s passionate about it. I like girls that are independent as well, strong characters I respect that a lot. I don’t really look for it [these qualities] but I’m just saying if I had to choose.” (IG Live 03/26/18)

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