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K-Pop Positions Explained

K-Pop Positions Explained
kpop singers

kpop leader
In most K-Pop groups there’s an appointed leader, who’s usually (but not always) the eldest member or at least one of the eldest members. (Ex: SHINee’s Onew, APink’s Chorong, etc.) Sometimes the leader can be the member who was a trainee for the longest period of time out of all the members of the band. (Ex: Twice’s Jihyo)
Some groups don’t have any leader. (Ex: Blackpink)

The leader’s role is to motivate and take care of the other members, and to represent them in various ways – like talking on the stage/ awards festivities, etc. Also, he/she’s supposed to be mature and charismatic and be able to gain the respect of the other members in the band.

kpop vocalists
The Main Vocalist
The Main Vocalist is usually the member with the best singing technique, who gets the most difficult vocal parts. (EX: 2PM’s Jun-K, Girls’s Generations’ Taeyeon, etc.)
The Main vocalist usually gets lots of singing lines and usually sings the chorus. Sometimes the Lead Vocalist sings the chorus, while the Main Vocalist does the ad-libs.

The Lead Vocalist
The Lead Vocalist is usually the member with the 2nd best singing technique. He/she usually sings before the Main Vocalist. Sometimes the Lead Vocalist sings the chorus, while the Main Vocalist does the ad-libs.

The Sub Vocalist
The Sub Vocalist (Sometimes also simply the Vocalist) supports the Main and Lead Vocalists and can get fewer singing lines.
A group can have more Main, Lead and Sub Vocalists.

kpop rappers
The Main Rapper
The Main Rapper gets most of the rapping parts and it’s supposed to be the one with the best rapping skills. Many times, the main rappers write their own lyrics. (EX: B.A.P’s Yongguk, EXID’s LE, etc.)

The Lead Rapper
The Lead Rapper is supposed to be the 2nd best to the Main Rapper. He/she usually begins the rapping parts.

The Sub Rapper
The Sub Rapper (sometimes also simply the Rapper) is supposed to be better than non rapping members but not as good as the Lead or Main rappers.

kpop dancers
The Main Dancer
The Main Dancer is usually the member with the greatest dancing skills. The Main Dancer usually gets solo dancing parts. (EX: Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Blackpink’s Lisa, etc.)

The Lead Dancer
The Lead Dancer is usually the 2nd best dancer in the group. When the group dances together, he/she will often dance in the front.

kpop visuals
The visual is usually the member considered the most physically attractive in the group (according to the Korean beauty standards). (EX: Girl’s Generations’ Yoona, GOT7’s Mark, etc.)

The Face of The Group
kpop face of the group
The Face of The Group is many times mistaken with the visual, because their main role is to bring public attention to the group. While the Visual is usually the most good looking member, the Face Of The Group is the band’s representative who usually gets invited in variety shows or who represents the band in different public events, so many times is the most popular member. Sometimes the visual and the Face of the group overlap, the same member holding both positions. Other times the leader can also hold the Face of the Group position. Since it’s basically a popularity related position, the Face of The Group can change constantly.

The Face of The Group is not a mandatory position, some bands promote equally all their members and don’t have a distinct Face Of the Group.
There are bands where 1 particular member publicly represents the band to variety shows in 90% of cases, thus that member becomes the band’s representative, the “face of the group”. (EX: EXID’s Hani, AOA’s Seolhyun, etc.)

The Center
the center kpop
Usually a certain member is placed in the middle of the group during promotions, photoshoots, video shoots, etc. Be it because of their good-looks, or because of their dancing talent or because of their popularity, a particular member is always placed in the center, getting the most attention.
The Center can be changing from a promotion to another. (EX: Red Velvet – during ‘Ice Cream Cake’ promotion Irene was the Center → during ‘Dumb Dumb’ promotions Seulgi was the Center)

kpop maknae
The Maknae is the youngest member of the band. The maknae is usually associated with being cute and shy, but not always. Some maknaes became popular for being the complete opposite, “the evil maknae”.  (EX: Super Junior’s Kyuhyun)
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If you'd be a Kpop idol, what position would be more suitable for you?

If you’d be a Kpop singer, what position would it be better suited for you?

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    What about Center? (I mean, the position is self-explanatory, but it’s still a position)

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  • angie

    thanks a loooooooooooooooot for explaining! finally I understand the difference between VISUAL – FACE OF THE GROUP – CENTER

  • Raia

    Thanks for these helpful explanations! 💖 Many people still mistake the terms.

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    thanks for this article because I was always mistaken the center and the face XDDDDDDDD now makes sense

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    i wish i saw this when i first got into kpop. would have been so helpful

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  • Orange 713

    Jennie is the leader of BlackPink if I’m not mistaken

  • TheChosenOne

    YG already announce blackpink dont have leader. http://www.yg-life.com/archives/78730?lang=en

  • lilycerra

    who is the girl in the maknae picture?

  • Jia

    That’s Twice’s Tzuyu ^_^

  • rian sweeting

    This so wrong in some ways coz V is clearly better at singing than Jimin and better looking than Jin. And Jimin is the lead vocalist, Jin is a visual and V is just a vocalist.

  • ria

    that is just your opinion. Jimin has a bigger voice range and about the look…. Koreans consider Jin’s look as the best in the band (you can clearly see when they are invited to shows, even the BTS members said the visual is Jin).
    in my opinion Jungkook is the best (at singing, at visuals, at dancing – I know, that is subjective) but then again….. that is just my opinion

  • Mehejabin

    GOT7 have the best leader – JB

    In fact got7 is BEST BEST BEST…♡

  • ReishiRei

    It happens to me 9 out 10 times I try to vote or see the results of the pool, it´s pretty annoying

  • lalaland

    your bias must be V

  • Luna

    I think big hit knows what it has and knows what is the best
    U can’t say that your bias is the best at everything !
    Just accept the truth and support

  • Chou Chewy 99′

    Well you have your own opinion, but I feel that Jimin has more vocal Range than V, and Jin’s looks at the best, according to the Korean beauty standards. So just throwing this out there, you’re being the tho of person who think their bias is the best in the group, especially is looks but you just have to look at the reality that the company chose Jimin as a lead vocalist, and Jin as the visual.

  • bitchbackoff

    Your opinion sucks

  • Jeon Taehyung

    My bias is V. But i dont agree with u except for V’s voice better than Jimin, because (sorry) I think Jimin’s voice a little bit like girl’s voice. For visual, Jin is more handsome than V, so He deserve to be visual in the group.

  • yeh

    Actually, the reason why Jimin the lead vocal is probably how he hits very high notes which is very also in doing adlibs.. I dun disagree dat v has a great voice but it’s the ent who chose their positions or even themselves .. We dun know so.. yeh..

  • Rachel Low

    I totally agree with u

  • Vebin

    Nah, that’s just your opinion. V’s lines in every song are predictable and similar.
    No one can hit the high notes as good as Jimin does, its very hard.
    JK can do it as well, but it cant compare to how Jimin does it.
    And that’s why JK is main and Jimin is Lead like they explained.

  • Vebin

    I thought the center and FOTG were the same thing?
    (Ex: BTS – Jungkook, Twice – Nayeon)

  • Sugar Aziz

    but YG say they choose Jisoo to be leader.Cause she can rap,dance and sings

  • evening

    the example you gave are both Centers
    the FOTG is the one that represents his/her band on TV, the ‘representative’ of their band, the ‘face of the group’
    the Center is the one that is usually in the middle during photoshoots, interviews, etc.

  • Esther San

    I would like to be the leader, the visual, and the rapper.

  • Princess Dawn

    I’m not being boastful but I think I can be the leader, vocalist, rapper, dancer, center, and definitely the maknae. I’m forming a group with my classmates and we’re working with lots of songs. I wrote many songs for us and we’re still working with the tunes. We don’t want fame badly but we are just stunned by kpop groups.

  • Jack Zhu

    Do you even need your classmates if you’re the leader, vocalist, rapper, dancer, center, and definitely the maknae?

  • She_Awesome

    You wouldn’t even need a group if your saying you can be ‘all of the above’.

  • She_Awesome

    Well you can’t have everything in life.

  • She_Awesome

    Can’t agree more

  • Psh.

    just be solo hah

  • Elbert Lim

    I know this is your opinion but I don’t agree with you how V is a better singer than Jimin. First of all, when they predebuted V actually had no experience of knowing how to sing and dance. So V had to take more dancing sessions than singing. Also, since Jimin has been dancing for years he took singing lessons more than dancing. Which is (probably) why Jimin is better at singing than V.

  • Re

    I think I would be a Vocalist and the Maknae

  • Re

    What do you mean V’s voice is better then Jimin’s just because Jimin “sounds like a girl” ?? I don’t think singing better than someone else has anything to do with sounding like a guy or girl and so what if Jimin has a feminine voice it doesn’t mean he isn’t better than V

  • Re

    You really need to come up with a better reason why V’s singing is better than Jimin’s because saying “Jimin’s voice a little bit like girl’s voice.” is a very bad reason

  • Re

    I’m not saying this because Jimin’s my bias but In my opinion Jimin is the visuals of the group

  • Re

    That girls name is Tzuyu she is from a girl group called TWICE

  • Re

    I’m pretty sure YG announced that BLACKPINK doesn’t have a leader and BLACKPINK also said they don’t have a leader and would love to keep it that way

  • Re


  • I’m a Nobody

    I think that I would be the lead dancer

  • 유현

    I’d probably be a Lead Dancer and a FOTG, I don’t much about being a FOTG but definitely a Lead Dancer

  • Jacqueline

    You’re so biased it’s killing me slowly.

    However, it is true that V is the best singer in BTS. He has the widest vocal range and when he’s singing, his voice is the strongest. (Could give more reasons but let’s leave it at that.)

    For looks that’s personal so what can I say but Bighit decided that Jin would be the visual of the group.

    And what you’re saying isn’t facts hut your opinion.

  • Haru

    I think I would either be a Main Rapper, Lead Vocal, lead dancer or face of the group. Probably lead dancer and face of the group. I have been dancing since I was 3 and I excel at it pretty well, although I do not feel like I am one of the best so I don’t give myself Main Dancer. Also, I think there would be high chances that I would be the face of the group. I am often chosen to represent a group of people at events or at meetings. A lot of people and my friends made me realize that people my group and not the others. I also think i have a great TV personality.

  • Wannable&Army

    Tbh, all of the vocalists are AMAZING… I do have to admit that V does has the widest vocal range and probably one of the best singers in BTS but if you think about it then V gets about the same amount of lines as Jimin..

  • Yuta <3

    My friends and Family told me i could be maknae, Main rapper and lead vocalist. Maknae because i’m 05′ liner. Main Rapper because i’m good at rapping i think and Lead Vocalist because i can sing but i don’t get high notes XD

  • Jess Yeon

    Lol my frens says l’m a rapper becuz of my somewhat deep voice and I can rap AGUST D (yep,l can).But they say l better work as a soloist since my “members” might get burnt before even debuting LOL

  • Samantha Lee Smith

    I would be main vocalist because there are songs with difficult parts I can sing and lead rapper because im still fairly new to doing that but I can spit bars

  • Xavier

    How is Jackson the best rapper when he told hosts and Rap Mon that he is not a rapper but just someone who raps.

  • Xavier

    Just from my years of writing music and rap lyrics, if you want to be a rapper, I encourage you to write your original lyrics it is what sets you apart. Also you don’t really need a deep voice to be a rapper. There can be rapper with high voice, in fact, most underground K Hip-Hop rappers have high voice. Just use a voice that you feel comfortable with.

  • Xavier

    Just because a song is predictable or similar, doesn’t mean that the vocalist can be better. Hitting high notes =/= best singer. So many idols don’t embrace their true voice types(those baritone idols, e.g. V, Sungjae, Hyunsik) and are forced to think they aren’t good as the other members in their groups because they can’t sing as HIGH. Jimin can reach high because he’s a high tenor, but if he is better than V, then why is he straining? Ps, not an Army, but I do listen to a lot of BTS songs since No more dream.

  • Xavier

    Just because Jimin have more vocal range(which I doubt so, Jimin can’t hit the low notes), it doesn’t mean he’s better than V in singing. In fact, V is a better singer, V doesn’t strain his voice and sounds clean most of the time and he have a range of Eb 2 – F6(that’s higher than most male singers). I don’t think Jimin can even reach below the 3rd octave. The company probably choose Jimin as lead vocalist because he sings the highest. Think about it, why is most main/lead vocalists always the one who sings the highest? Because fans love it when they hear the high notes. It’s people with these mentality that makes idols with a baritone voice feel that they are bad singers compared to the other members, with a tenor voice, just because they can sing high. High/more vocal range =/= better. If having a huge vocal range means that someone is good, then Frank Sinatra(with an average range of 2 octaves) wouldn’t be loved by many people now, would he? Ps, not an Army, but I do listen to a lot of BTS songs since No more dream.

  • Xavier

    Jimin is not better than V. If you hear Jimin sings, he have strain in his voice. V sings with a really close throat and careful support. My guess is because the company knows Jimin sings higher than V which is true, because Jimin was born with a really high voice(high tenor) and V being a baritone have a lower range. Also, longer singing lessons =/= better singer. If you want to tell who the better singer is, listen to how they sing and if they strain their vocals. V outshines the other members in the aspect that he embraces his voice and doesn’t try to strain for the high notes while Jungkook and Jimin both have more strains in their voice when their singing, which will hurt their voice in the long run. Ps, not an Army, but I do listen to a lot of BTS songs since No more dream.

  • Jess Yeon

    YASSSSS THX now I just need to show my frenz this gud comment and slap them

  • Elizabeth Feirouz

    Maknae cause my friends say i act childish, and i am pretty young 2

  • Elizabeth Feirouz

    er, not really…Yeah, v is good at singing but you are so biased and this is based on Korean standards, not yours

  • lauren

    for me, my friends say that i’m a visual because they say i’m pretty . aswell as thee maknae because i am mostly the youngest out of all my friends who know k-pop in general . another position , main dancer and main rapper because i’m a good dancer in their own perspective and that they think i’m a good rapper so yeah~

  • Denisa Ionita

    There are backstage dancers such as Rap Monster from BTS or Jin because they don t dance that well

  • Thresh waifu

    Boasting isn’t attractive Lauren.

  • TaeTaeStan

    My group said I’m the maknae because I’m the youngest and also the Main vocalist as well as Main dancer because I’m the only one who can sing and I always dance

  • Lisa’s Mine Back off


  • taehyungie:) 김태형

    what about 2nd visual? What’s a description about them?

    (I know there aren’t many second visuals)

  • rose’s no 1 fan

    we can’t talk about the 2nd visual as an official position. there is a 2nd visual just only in some bands. an example is BTS where the members clearly said that both Jin (official visual) and V (unofficial visual) are in fact the 2 visuals of BTS
    other bands don’t admit 2 visuals

  • legitpotato

    They dance well they just aren’t specialized in dance.

  • GA JR The Great

    I think I would be happy if ppl know me by my dancing, RN in my high school years I’m being dared to dance against other people and in most cases(all of them almost) I’ve won dance battles with my classmates. Many know me for dancing either in the hallways, at Dance class, during lunch(in the girls’ bathroom and they stake snaps or vids of me dancing to a song they pick) or in some class if we have spare time!

    I’m also known for a song I wrote last year “My Angel”. I can sing, but if I sing for too long and it requires a lot of high notes, my voice cracks and my throat hurts and gets dry(It was painful in the Creative Writing Show, I sang for 8 periods with one lunch break.). My singing voice is good, that is why before we left for Christmas and New Year’s break they asked me to do a karaoke to “All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey.

    Also in Music class they made a unit in which we had to make our own lyrics, I made a rap with vocals there and I was surprised that my classmates and teacher liked it a lot. I named it “I Don’t Think I Have a Voice” because of Donald Trump’s Campaign back then, seeing all the injustice and all the racism that was going on and how Afro-Americans died on the hands of American police officers(I’m not gonna use the terms ‘White’ and ‘Black’ becuz it sounds wrong to me).

    But dancing let’s me express my anger, my happiness, my sadness, my worries, my emotions without saying a word; just using my body. That is why I would fit right into the Dancer thing.

  • Xavier

    Jimin voice is in the 5th octave and can reach easily is because he’s a high tenor. Being a tenor is something you are born with. Do you have any vocal training at all? If you know a little about singing, you would know that training to sing high notes is much EASIER than training to sing for low notes. How low can Jimin go? V’s falsetto can go higher than any of the members in the group, the 6th octave.

    “Many male idols have a hard time reaching those notes”, well obviously. Most male singers(or rather males in general) are born as a baritone, not a tenor. Also, from your logic, this means the higher a singer can sing, the better they are? So are female idols better singers than male idols because they can sing high?

  • Luna

    Excuse me , but do u know who’s that guy under Taeyeon’s photo ? His face isn’t clear

  • 진키

    My friends say I would be the Main Vocalist. Not bragging but I have potential in singing skills. I’m in a choir, too. lol and I’m the youngest of our squad so I would also be a Maknae if we have a group (which wont happen) and they say I would be the Leader. Whenever someone asks my friends who would be the Leader of the squad, they will say it’s me so– yeah. I definitely won’t be a dancer and rapper 😂😂😂

  • Clare Bear

    I’d want to be the main vocalist and maknae and visual and main rapper/ dancer but lol who am I kidding? The longest note I can hold is only 19 seconds and Luhan held over 25 with a cold

  • Clare Bear

    why bother to have a group if you are ‘all of the above’? Bruh, can you even hold a note like Taeyeon?

  • Kim Gvantsa

    wow—- i just can’t say anything!

  • Lindsay

    In our group i’m Ussually

    Main Vocal- because i can do a high notes
    And i have a special Technique
    Lead Rapper – i can’t because I’m base
    To be a main rapper becuase they
    Can’t except for neilarie so she is
    The main rapper
    Lead dancer- of course because i have
    A 2nd technique
    Center- whatever
    Maknae- im the youngest
    Face of the group – they always screaming my name while we’re dancing

  • Clara711


  • Clara711

    Who are they in the pictures at top?

  • noe

    (from left to right) snsd’s taeyeon, blackpink’s lisa, twice’s tzuyu
    got7’s youngjae, exo’s kai, bts’ jungkook

  • Jessi

    For years being a kpop fan, I was so confused between the centre and the face of the group that I convinced myself both are the same position . Maybe because I stan a group that don’t really have a definite difference between the centre and the FOTG but I’m glad to have found this. At least I’m not that clueless anymore

  • Emily, the eating Maknae

    My friends and I were chatting about what our roles in a kpop group would be, I’d be the maknae and a rapper, but rap nearly autocorrected to eat so now I’m just the eating maknae.

  • GA JR The Great

    LOL Thank you, maybe that is why I love dancing when I’m in the shower or home alone! LOL What about you?

  • KpopTrash

    Tbh, I would probably be:
    Main Vocalist- My friends think I am the best singer in our group and I usually do high notes pretty well (Do not take it as I am bragging because I am not, I promise)
    Main Rapper- I believe I am a pretty good rapper and once again my friend say that I am a pretty good rapper.
    Lead Dancer- I am good but not too good at dancing
    Center- I am too shy and I don’t like being center of attention
    Visual- People call me pretty, especially my friends but I am not pretty enough to be visual well depending on how my friends feel on that.
    Face of Group- My friends like putting me out there and calling me whenever I am need so I guess so.
    Leader- Nope definitely not
    Maknae- I am the youngest out of my friends.

  • Princess

    I’ll probably be the Main Rapper:Cause i rap really fast Main dancer:I’m ten years old but I can do a lot of hard moves Main Vocalist:I’m growing up so my voice becomes more mature but right now I can sing like Red Velvet Wendy.

  • Clare Bear

    bro you actually think you can sing like Wendy…er sorry to break it to you, but I don’t think you should boast like this….

  • A Random Teen~ hehe

    lmfao i’d probably be the main ugly🌚

  • Raclette

    That was so funny. Can’t stop laughing. I think you’d actually be the most sympathetic member because you seem to have humor. 🙂

  • L_gyun

    For The leader usually the Leader is the member that is Main in something(Main Vocalist,Main Dancer,Etc) and sometimes the one with the most positions(Main Dancer,Lead Rapper,Lead Vocalist or any order etc.)

  • Byun Bacon-chii

    Lmfao. Some talent you got there. Pffft. You boast sooo well. =.=

  • Anoniem

    Main vocalist- My friends say that I can sing high notes.

    Main dancer- I can dance the best in my group of friends and I think that I’am not that bad.

    Lead rapper- I can rap, but not it’s not perfect or something like that, but it isn’t very bad or something like that.

    Face of the group- My friends say that I’am the prettiest of my friend group, they say that I’am the most attractiveof our group.

    Center- People say that I can dance awesome and they say I’am pretty.

    Visual- My friends say that I’am pretty, as I said b4

    Maknae- I’am the youngest in my group of friends.


    Lead vocal-I am only 13 so I can’t hit high notes.But I think I don’t sing bad.
    Lead Rapper:I can rap pretty well rather than singing.(My voice kind of cracks sometimes when singing .Puberty)
    Main dancer:I have been dancing since I was 5 .I am pretty flexible and I am not stiff.
    I wouldn’t be the face of the group or the visual.I am in the unnie line among my friends.I can be the leader cause I have a dominant voice and I speak in behalf of my friends when trying to defend them.I wouldn’t be the center either cause I don’t think I am that capable or talented.

  • Pinky

    Lol I’m not even a main in any position. I’m just average in everything I do. Maybe a lead singer but I guess that’s it. Am not that pretty, not that tall. I can’t even be a maknae 🤣

  • QiePie

    I’ll be lead vocalist, I’m good at singing but like I’m not that good
    I’ll be sub dancer like the ones that stands at the very back like when everyone is in a line I’ll be the one in the back
    I can be the leader I’m good at leading
    I can be the face of the group as well I’m kinda similar to GOT7 JACKSON the humor seance and fencing but whatever
    And I won’t no way can’t happen that I’ll be the visual so what if puberty I’m still ugly

  • patriciaxo

    If you’d be a Kpop idol, what position would be more suitable for you?

    -main rapper, one of my talent is rapping but maybe i could be sub rapper or lead.
    -main vocalist, they said i have a really good technique in singing? but i dont boast like that xd i could be the lead vocalist atleast
    -main dancer, i do ballerina, and also part of my college dance project.
    -leader, im a mature person, and im the oldest among my group of friends
    -visual, people say im pretty ..? xd
    -face of the group, im not that popular but i think so ;p
    -center, im a good looking person ;p
    -maknae, im 2 old for maknae.

    and also, center could be someone who has a charm and a good facial expression? ex; being cute or something

  • Alexis

    I actually had my younger sister pick my positions for me, and this is what she said.

    -Main Vocalist.
    I’ve been in several choirs since I was in preschool, I have done many solos for concerts/recitals, and my voice is quite stable.
    While I can rap decently, I don’t think I’d even be able to be a Lead Vocalist. I’d most likely be able to do part of a verse or a bridge here and there, I doubt I’d be able to hold my own as more than a Sub-Rapper.
    -The Face of The Group.
    I’ve been told I can be a little bit weird, which I think would make for great variety. I’m competitive, loud during games, and those around me have said I have a distinctness to me that they don’t exactly understand, but find very entertaining.

    Personally I’m very unsure of what I would be if I were to be in a kpop group, but I thought it was pretty nice she thought I could be all this.

  • Mai Anh Do

    Just Maekne like i’m always the youngest but also bc I can’t sing,dance and rap lol

  • patriciaxo

    wow u boast so well.

  • patriciaxo

    jinyoung? ;(

  • DerpLover

    Main vocal – Lead or sub vocal because I can hit some high notes
    Main rapper – sub-rapper
    Visual – People say I’m handsome
    Main dancer – I started dancing 2 weeks ago
    Leader – I’m kinda mature
    Face of the group – My friends say I’m the most popular out of all them
    Center – Probably
    Maknae – 2nd youngest out of my friends
    I’m not trying to boast

  • Chị Gái Nuôi

    Main vocal – Just Vocalist or SuB Vocalist
    Main Rapper Of course I can I am good at Rap
    Visual – I’m ot ugly But not perfect
    Main dancer – MayBe I can e Main or Lead Dancer
    Leader – I am not very serious But I am good at leading and I love it
    Face of the group – ProBaly
    Center – Yah, I can Be the Center
    Maknae – I want to Be the one of oldest…

  • Norms Daehyeon Su

    Me maybe a leader cause every school days that passes I become leader and they said to me that I more responsible and nice leader and have a confidence in my self to introduced my self and my group
    Vocalist – I keep practicing notes maybe I be in Sub Vocals or Lead Vocal but I don’t know maybe a vocalist not sub or lead and main cause my voice cracking up but they said to me I need some practice and good rhythm
    Dancer – I keep practicing dance choreography they said my body is not flexible but I keep stretching it to become flexible and good at dancing maybe I’m a Lead dancer I like in the front but I will more responsible if I’m not a lead dancer

    Rapper – I’m good at rapping cause my voice is cracking up in vocals but in rapping my voice is faster if I reading a song or a poems they said I’m good at it maybe I be a Lead Rapper or Main Rapper

  • Kagura

    Leader – i like taking responsiblities and taking of others
    Lead Vocalist – I’m good at singing and can control my notes. My voice is stable.
    Lead Dancer – I love to dance, my siblings and my friends often told me im good at dancing and that i have great expression. I have been the center of my dancing group.

  • Elsa

    Main vocalist: because I good at singing, very good technique, can take a lot of difficult and amazing high notes, and I’m stable while singing

    Rapper? Maybe, I think I’m gonna be lead rapper or sub rapper cause I can rap, but not as good main rapper

    Dancer? I think I’m not gonna be the main or lead dancer. Cause i really bad at dancing. Maybe I can be the best one, but not as main and lead dancer

    Center? I think I can

    Leader? I’m not good at leading, but sometimes when i hang out with my friends, I’m always be the oldest, and i’m good at take care of my friends.

    Maknae: YASSS, cause I’m very young and I can do some evil things 🙂

  • Phanic!AtTheChemicalARMYDisco

    Idk I think I could maybe be a vocalist… But dancer hell no, I look like a dying squid! I could be the maknae I mean I’m quite young

  • Aliona SV

    Leader – No I don’t think I could take this role. I am not serious at all and I think it would be to much pressure for me.
    Vocalist – I would probably be sub vocalist or vocalist.
    Rapper – I want to become good at rapping but I suck so maybe sub-rapper.
    Dancer – I am pretty good at dancing but my facial expressions aren’t so good. Maybe lead dancer?
    Face of the group – I am pretty weird and I say weird stuff and laugh at almost anything, but i’m super shy so maybe not.
    Visual – I don’t think I fit the beauty standard, lol.
    Center – I don’t need to be center. I don’t feel greedy for it.
    Maknae – I think I would be the maknae or one of the youngest. I am pretty young, shy and I guess I am cute? xD

  • A Random Teen~ hehe

    you’re 10 and you think you can sing like wendy? xDD you’re still young, child, but don’t say stuff that make people hate you. it’s good to have dreams tho lmao

  • AppleAnimeMusic

    Leader – I can be serious when I want to and I can do speeches and talks and all. So probably.
    Vocalist – Lead or main vocalist because I enjoy singing and in my group of friends, I’m the best at vocals and those high or long notes.
    Rapper – I think if I was to rap, the audience would think I was just reading a text book on x2 speed. I’ll stick to singing which is what I’m good at.
    Dancer – I don’t really dance, nor do I think I’m good at it. It would probably take me a while to perfect the whole choreo.
    Face of The Group – I think I’m suited to be the face. I’m the most talkative and social and I can goof around.
    Visual – I don’t think I’m ugly or I’m good looking. Because I look in the mirror. No but maybe.
    Center – Every then and again, I think if I was in a group, the center would change around through out the choreo and all.
    Maknae – Yeah, I’m the youngest although I’m pretty tall. So I could be mistaken as the oldest but my personality will prove to you that I’m not.


    I’d more than likely be a maknae. And I’d be a rapper, lead or main, because I can rap in a variety of styles, and I’m not bad at writing lyrics. Maybe the visual? People tell me I’m pretty, but I don’t see it unless I’m wearing make-up.


    Why is this comment making me laugh so much? Oh right, because she’s TEN xD. Oh my Lorrrrddd. Honey, boast about your talent when you’ve actually lived long enough to HAVE talent. I’m 15, and I’m a good rapper, but I ain’t comparing myself to G-Dragon am I?


    Well, to us they dance well, but to a professional they don’t. RM and Jin have a huge problem in picking up dance moves. RM (my biaswrecckkkeerrr) dances in the wrong directions and Jin (my biaaaassss) isn’t powerful enough. However, they are really hardworking, and always try their best. WHICH IS WHY I LOVE THEM


    Level of voice stability (highest to lowest):
    Beauty standard (based off of Korean standards):
    Jin (V is considered more handsome internationally, because he has a modern gorgeousness, whereas Jin is a classic handsome)
    Best dancer (modern and contemporary):
    Jimin (better in ballet, and more graceful dances)
    Therefore, Jungkook is the Main Vocalist, Jimin the Lead Vocalist and V and Jin the sub-vocalists
    Vocalists are chosen from their voice stability, range of notes, and dancing.

  • Collins Rivero

    Leader – 100% yes
    Visual – Yeah
    Face of the Group – Perhaps
    Main Rapper – yes
    Lead Singer – probably

  • Taetae

    Leader – I’m responsible with my duties but I’m still not fit enough to be one because nobody would listen or take me seriously.
    Vocalist – I might take this position because I THINK I’m good at singing as I always sing songs almost every single day. Even sO I’m not fit.
    Rapper – YES. I MIGHT TAKE this position because i practice rapping and I love that rappers have this flow and freedom as they can just rhyme when they rap.
    Dancer – I’m good at dancing. What can I say? I choose this as my vote.
    Face Of The Group – I’m not suited for this as I’m like 75% introvert and 25% extrovert. I’m not even popular and social in my school.
    Visual – Totaly N O. I look ugly.
    Center – Lmao I might be the Center because all my friends complained to me on how the Teachers and coaches is treating me as if I’m their bias. Because whenever I done something wrong, they would give me a chance. But if my friends done something wrong, they would get scolded. I’m not bragging but this is just my personality lol.
    Maknae: – Most likely yes. Cause I’m born in June. And most of my friends are born before June.
    Overall I’m a type of person who got that innocent and friendly look but once you get to know me, I’m weird asf.

  • Emiera Honey

    i am the leader,the rapper and the face of the group

  • g dragon is the kiNg

    Leader – yeah, probably. i can be responsible and serious when i try and can publicly speak pretty well
    Vocalist – i’m oKay at singing but eh, i would probably just be sub vocalist
    Rapper – yEs !! i would 100% be a rapper because i love rapping and just the flow and rhythm to it all and rapping is probably what i’m best at 🙂
    Dancer – lol i suck at dancing so i wouldn’t be lead or main but i’d probably have to dance anyways soo..
    Face of the Group – eH i guess ? my personality is quite bubble and positive but idk ahah
    Visual – tbh i don’t think of my self as ugly but i would not be the visual
    Center – i mean if you asked me to be center, i would but if someone was the center i would be totally fine with it
    Maknae – yesyesyes !! i mean, it depends on the other members but i’m quite short and i look younger than a lot of the people my age so i would probably be mistaken for Maknae.

  • Kachu

    I’d love to be main vocalist, since singing is my greatest passion and probably what I’m best at. And maybe lead dancer? I’ve been dancing for years and I enjoy it. Maybe I could be a sub rapper because I got told that I can rap and I enjoy it as well but I’m a bit shy about it lol. I’d rather not be the leader, even though I’m mature and have a good sense of responsibility but I’m just too shy for this. I’d also pass when it comes to center or face of the group (I wouldn’t mind being it though). Maknae? Hell yeah, why not 😀 And visual? Well idk…I’d leave this to other people’s opinions^^

  • threewords

    The center sometimes known for being the main vocalist or has the best singing talent that take many parts of the song. Like, jungkook in BTS. (I guess? You didn’t mention it tho. Hihi)

  • Alexis

    Well, some centers aren’t main vocalist. In Red Velvet, Wendy, who’s the main vocalist, isn’t the center, Seulgi and Irene are. Yes, Seulgi is lead vocalist, but Irene is simply a sub vocalist. Other groups are like this, too (SNSD’s center is Yoona, who’s sub vocalist, (G)I-DLE’s center, Soyeon, isn’t a vocalist, etc etc). The center just has to be, as obvious as it is, in the center. It does help if they’re main vocalist, main rapper, or main dancer, but in some cases, they’re only lead, or less (A Pink’s center, Naeun’s, positions are lead dancer, sub vocalist, visual, and center).

  • Josie

    I would definitely be the leader, vocalist, and visual for sure. But I can also rap and dance… I’ll just be a solo singer lol

  • _kpopgurl_

    leader – nah im not serious
    vocalist – i think i would be main or lead vocalist i have pretty good vocals
    rapper – eh- i would probably be sub rapper
    dancer – BRO yesss i would probably be lead dancer though
    face of the group – maybe- i dont think so tbh
    visual – lolol nooo
    maknae – i think i am pretty young- maybe

  • Amirul Ashraff

    I would like to be a Main Vocalist,Sub-Rapper, and Lead Dancer (and maybe center too lol)

  • Kim Jennie

    please change the maknae because now Na Haeun is the maknae

  • evening

    what are you talking about? I don’t understand

  • jungeuns

    leader (could possibly happen if im the oldest person im pretty young rn but who knows when ill be able to become a trainee and debuted)
    main/lead vocalist
    lead/sub rapper
    visual (personally i have asked alot of my friends what positions theyd think i have and they all said visual)

  • (⌒.−)=★

    The majority choose maknae just because you don’t need any talent for that position … including me 😂

  • Homakp

    maknae isn’t a position. it’s just age difference.

  • ria

    in Kpop that is also considered as a position. when they present the members, besides introducing themselves as “Main Vocalist”. “Leader”, etc they also introduce themselves as “Maknae”
    in an international group that would indeed have no meaning, but Korean do put a lot of importance on the age

  • All my friends say if I was in a Kpop group I would be the leader, so I put leader lol

  • K-loves-J

    What if the MAKNAE becomes the LEADER? He/she will probably lead his/her group and his/her hyungs/unnies will follow him/her.

  • Jin worldwide handsome

    Yeah like Yoon from WINNER. He’s leader and maknae .

  • andredrw

    Well Naeun is the center because when Apink was 7, when it came to their age she was in the middle between the older girls and the younger ones. Thats why she’s the center

  • KookiezandCream


    Leader: I am the mom of my group of friends because they somehow can’t cook nor handle a situation without saying anything absurd.

    Vocalist: I have voice cracks very often and a not so pleasant voice so hell no.

    Rapper: I’m the best at tongue twisters, does that count?

    Dancer: HELL YEAH! I mean, I have no clue if I have a talent for it, but I’ll learn it!

    Face of The Group: I have panic attacks when talking to strangers.

    Center: I mean, if they wanted me to I would.

    Visual: I don’t fit the KR beauty standards whatsoever.

    Maknae: I’m born in January which makes me one of the oldest in my class.

  • Nashuka Snow

    Leader- Probably not I’m not serious enough

    Vocalist- Definitely Main because of my voice range and strength

    Rapper- Most likely sub since I can rap just not that well

    Dancer- Of course! probably lead tho because it takes me some time to learn and memorize moves/steps

    Face of the group- Nah, I’m not very good at talking to people but I do enjoy it

    Center- If I need to be

    Visual- Probably, just depends on weather that’s where I get placed

    Maknae- Maybe, normally I’m one of the youngest in my grade buuuttt if I turn out to be the youngest then heck yea!

  • Just Saying

    They’re all fucking amazing and deserve everything they’ve got let’s just leave it at that.

  • Yvonne

    Leader – Hell no, I’m too shy for that.

    Vocalist – I’d probs be main, because I’ve ben told that I have an amazing voice and good breath control and all that jazz

    Rapper – I’d go for lead. I’m also amazing at rapping, but not outstanding OUTSTANDING.

    Dancer – Pfft! What?! I look like a monkey trying to flip while blindfolded.

    Face of the group – Just for the popularity.

    Center – I wouldn’t mind it, I guess.

    Visual – Oh, yes! I’ve been complimented numerously on my looks before, and I’ve been told I look like an ancient Egyptian kind of girl (I’m Sub Saharan African)

    Maknae – Na, I’m never the youngest anywhere I go.

  • Divine

    The moment you realise B.I from IKON is a leader, lead rapper, lead dancer, vocal and the center. How? I hear you ask the awnser he is pure perfection.

  • SarangCharm SarangHaeyo

    everytime i memorize a rap line i’m like ” WOAAAAAAAH I WAS BORN TO BE A RAPSTAR ”

  • Katelyn 13303

    The Leader- maybe I’m strict.
    The Vocalist- Same Maybe cause I’m ok at singing.
    The rapper- Yes and No because I can rap if I learn it fully.
    The Dancer- Yes. Just need time to learn it.
    The visual-Maybe I dunno what the Korean Beauty standard is so yeah.
    The face of the group- same as the visual.
    The centre- Hell no I hate all the attention.
    The Maknae- Maybe cause I dunno.

  • Yammy Btz

    maknae cause i am always the maknae in my group 😛 and also never the leader
    vocalist im good at hitting the highest notes and in my group im the main voacalist when a compititions start
    dancer cause im main dancer

  • threewords

    Ahhh. I see. I understand it more now. ☺

  • Timo Noorman

    leader-sure why not. iam crying if i dont be a leader
    vocalist- OH HELL NO
    rapper- maybe lead i can rap j hopes lines
    dancer- YAS I TRAINED LONGER THEN ALL THOSE BTS MEMBERS(i think) i train like 7-8 years
    visual-i want rap many rap lines so no
    center-i dont have go be a center but let me dance in front then
    maknae- i cant deside that m age will do that

  • Joon with pink hair

    Leader: Ehh don’t know if I can handle that , mate. I can try my hardest though :)))
    Vocalist: Yup, been singing since I was 6
    Rapper: Yup, Been rapping since I was 10 (so four years by now)I’m average at rapping
    Dancer: Yup, but I can’t be in the middle nor the front, I can handle being in the second row, I’m pretty average at dancing .
    Visual: Ehh , I am pretty but I don’t think that’s good enough
    Center: NOOOO

  • Takami Saikou


    Leader: I may act like a Mother but im not “The Oldest” nor am i one of the oldest.
    Vocalist: I mean… I can sing pretty decently, though my voice cracks… But the song i sing turns out great.
    Rapper: If you consider rapping Nicki Minaj’s raps then i guess i can rap
    Dancer: I look like a dying octopus when i dance to boy groups but i look amazing when dancing to girl groups
    Visual: People say i look great but im like… Nah!
    Center: Nope!
    Maknae: I’m one of the Youngest in my group… But not the youngest… That counts if we are going according to the Maknae line.

  • Sarah

    J-Hope is supposed to have trained in dancing since he was 7-8, so he’s been dancing for about 15-16 years now. I’m sure the other dancers trained pretty long too. But hey, you training for 8 years is amazing, I hope you get recognized for your dancing skills one day and become famous! And for rap too 🙂

  • Timo Noorman

    thanks for your hope but i am a dutchman and no korean(sad)

  • Tiara Nicole Brown

    Leader: I have great leadership skills. I could do a great job.
    Vocalist: I sing a lot to myself. Lots of the vocalists I know also write, so I would be alright.
    Dancer: I’d leave that up to someone else.
    Rapper: I can rap somewhat. I rather leave to someone with real bars.
    Visual: Not for me.
    Face of the Group: Only if there was someone else who can promote the group better than me. Mostly likely, yes.
    Maknae: I’m used to being the youngest, even I’m an only child. I’m the youngest out of the grandchildren & nieces and nephews on my family.
    Center: Not counting it out, but I can still make an impact without being the center.

  • Riye

    Can someone explain to me what is the difference between Sub-Vocalist and Vocalist? (vocalist only not main/lead)

  • Melissa Qin

    each group has a maknae, got7’s is yugyeom, seventeen’s is dino, gfriend’s is umji. the picture is the [gorgeous] maknae of twice, tzuyu.

  • Melissa Qin

    leader: maybe, i guess i can lead a few people
    vocalist: hell naw i cant sing
    dancer: yeah nope
    rapper: sub-rapper at most
    visual: i dont think im ugly, but i dont think im pretty either
    fotg: hAHA FUNNY
    maknae: sure i mean it requires no talent so
    center: well considering the above i dont think a group would do so well with a center that cant sing, dance, or rap.

    i’ll stick to mcdonald’s, thank you

  • Melissa Qin

    haha a variety kween, fotg would be easy for you

  • Chou Chewy 99′

    Okay, well thank you for that insight. (If that’s the right word?) In all honesty, I do not know how companies pick their idols, but you are right: companies do tend to make the vocalists with the best vocal ranges, especially the highest, as Main Vocalists.

  • Chou Chewy 99′

    Me too XD

  • Chou Chewy 99′

    My positions would be:

    Leader: I can take on a lot of responsibility, pressure, and stress. I am very competitive and fierce when someone mocks, underestimates, or insults me. I always manage to shut them up.

    Lead Dancer: I am a very powerful dancer, and I dance with sharpness, precision, and power. I’m more of a hip-hop dancer, and I am pretty strong, working on bettering my flexibility.

    Rapper: I can rap fast, almost like Eminem, but I’m not sure what good rapping technique is. I’ve done my research, but I don’t exactly like the answers that I’ve gotten.

    Sub-Vocalist: I can sing okay, I’m working on it. I can’t hit high notes, but I can hit a few low notes.

    Visual: I could be the visual, but this is a total maybe. I’d most likely have to whiten my skin with some products.

    Maknae: I would be the evil yet cute maknae. I’m respectful, but I can be a savage if someone wants to push my buttons. I’m also that “tall and mature” maknae, since I’m taller than most girls, and I am very mature for my age, many have told me.

  • Rahmita Razzak

    Leader: NO THANKS because where I grow up, people tend to put the leader at fault whenever the group does something wrong, even though the leader has nothing to do with it
    Maknae: I don’t want to be the ACTUAL youngest person in my group (I’m fine being a fake maknae). I have my fair share of my friends who are older than me by a few months making me their assistant, which is normal where I grow up
    Vocalist: ok probably sub-vocal. I can’t sing as good as most of my friends but I’m working on it atm
    Dancer: YES PLEASE I’m quite decent
    Rapper: Working on it too but at least my rapping is better than my singing
    Visual: NOPE! Amongst my friends, I’m the least attractive one
    FOTG and center: I’ll pass, I’m pretty much underground

  • Emma

    You often see the terms ‘lead vocalist’, ‘main vocalist’ and ‘vocalist’ in kpop group profiles, and I think ‘vocalist’ is the same as ‘sub-vocalist’. For example with Seventeen: They have 3 units (vocal, rap and performance), but it’s not like the members of the performance unit only dance, they also sing or rap. Take Jun, for instance, he’s from the performance unit, but he sings too. He’s not known for his singing though, which makes him a “normal” vocalist/sub-vocalist.

  • Tia

    Vocalist and Sub-Vocalist is basically the same thing. Usually western people use the term ‘Vocalist’ and Koreans use the term ‘Sub – Vocalist’ but it’s the same thing

  • Никол Стефанова

    Leader: I am responsible but nope
    Maknae: I really want to be
    Main vocal: umm no
    Lead vocal: yes but no
    Sub vocal: most possible
    Visual:tbh people say I’m pretty so maybe
    Face of the group: I am pretty quiet usually so probably this won’t suite me
    Main rapper: little possible
    Lead rapper: yes I can be
    Main dancer: the most possible thing from all the categories cuz I am a really good dancer
    Center: I probably will be center since I’m a good dancer or because I’m a visual? No idea tbh…

  • kimjee

    leader: no, I’m not so responsible, but I can participate as in the role of “mom of the group”.
    main vocalist: definitely not, my vocal skills aren’t so high and professional.
    lead vocalist: maybe yes, if I improve my vocal skills a little bit.
    sub-vocalist: yes, I’m good for a sub-vocalist, I have a voice, but he is weak, but I work at this.
    main & lead rapper: I have never tried myself in this role, so I doubt that I can quite well rapping.
    sub-rapper: maybe yes, I’m pretty good at pulling out small and uncomplicated rap parts.
    main dancer: no, my dance skills aren’t that high & professional.
    lead dancer: yes, I’m a good dancer, so I can pull myself out in this role.
    visual: yes, many people say that I’m beautiful & I have a unique appearance and I think so too 😀
    face of the group: hmm, no. I don’t think I can represent my group well.
    center: I don’t think I could be the center, but I think that my unique appearance, eye-catching short height, good dancing & vocal skills would allow this…
    maknae: I would love to be a maknae, but I was born in January and I the oldest in my class :’D
    in result my position in the group: lead/sub vocalist, lead dancer, visual, center

  • Aragorn Lee

    Main Dancer: I can freestyle and come up with choreo and dance pretty well.
    Lead Vocal: I certainly can’t do them high notes but singing the chorus etc is achievable.
    Rapper: My rapping is okay, would do it sometimes if I needed to.
    Visual: I’ve been told by my Chinese friend I fit the standards.

  • Nova GLXY

    Main Rapper: I write a lot of music, and according to my friends, am a good rapper
    Vocalist: I’m able to sing, but am defiantly not the best singer.
    Maknae: I’m a fetus
    Visual: Maybe… My friends say I’m pretty, but I don’t have that confidence.
    Leader: I’m the only one with my sh*t together

  • MyaMazie

    Leader: Yeah im the only sane one in my friend group, and im able to handle the attention
    Main Vocalist: I am able to hit the high notes, do the adlibs, and sing the chorus
    Sub-rapper: My rapping is okay but not that good as people i know
    Lead Dancer: Ive been dancing for 10 years but i wouldn’t consider myself at the professional level
    Visual: Lots of people say im cute so maybe

  • Rimil Mandi

    Well, I can be the —
    Leader – Because I am the sane one in our group, and solve all others problems.
    Main rapper – I love writing songs, and my rapping skills are good.
    Main / Lead Vocalist – Not sure about that, but my vocals are impressive according to others.
    Lead dancer – Not the best one but, still I can dance. But am somewhat shy in front of others.
    Maknae – I have always been the youngest among my friends.
    Face of the Group – I am too social, so it won’t be difficult.
    Visual and Centre are not my cup of tea. People say I am good looking, but I find others more attractive, so it is a no for me.

  • Rea

    is it possible for groups to have 1 visual?
    Ex: Seventeen – Mingyu
    Black Pink – Jisoo

    Can’t all be the visual?
    I could be the
    Main Rapper – I wrote songs a lot but I didn’t publish them.
    Visual – AWW YEAH Because my friends find me attractive.
    Sub Vocalist – I’m not good, I’m not bad, I’m not pro at singing.
    Center – You can…but…lets see…
    FotG – I be the one to speak and stand up for others.
    Sorry but I don’t want to be a dancer, I’m not really a pro, I’m not a fetus, nor I can handle the problems of my group.

  • sooyeon

    I could be a ¬

    Lead dancer –
    I guess I could be the lead dancer because I’m good at dancing

    Main vocalist –
    I’m actually really good at singing [surprisingly]

    Sub rapper –
    I’m good at rapping but not great at rapping

    Center –
    Lowkey, when my group of friends decided to act like a kpop group for some weird reason, they made me a center

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    I still wonder, if you could be both Main Vocalist and Main Rapper at the same time

  • Yomi

    You can, Hyomin from T-Ara is the main vocalist and main rapper of the group. The real question is if you can be a triple threat, main dancer, main vocalist, and main rapper XD

  • Vanlalmuanpuii Hmar

    I could be the-
    Main Dancer-cause i’m quite good at dancing.
    Lead rapper-i’m good at rapping but far from being great.
    Sub-vocal-cause i want to be…hehe
    Maknae-cause i’m the youngest in our group…(i’m the evil maknae😉😏)

  • This generation sucks

    I could be the-
    Main Dancer- because Im really great at it
    Main vocalist – surprisingly Im great at it
    Face of the group/Visual – since my friends always chose me to be it
    Center-since I’m not the shy one

  • Slate

    I’d be
    Main Dancer – because I’m a dancer irl
    Lead Rapper – because I don’t have a voice for vocalist and I have some qualities of a rapper
    Maknae – because I’m used to being the youngest among my friends

  • 4_D_Alien

    Well, now we have a triple threat: Chan from Stray Kids (who am I kidding all of them are lmao)

  • SaiSai

    Aw,how cute 😂😊

  • SaiSai

    I’d be:

    Lead Rapper-Because I love hip-hop and I’m pretty good at rapping,but I’m not the best at it. :3

    Sub-Vocalist-I think I’m great at singing,but those high notes…they are my enemies.My voice cracks every damn time on those.I’m literally-just skskkskskskkks ChimChim is blessed with incredible talents.

    Maknae-Because literally ever friend I have is older than me!I’m also the youngest out of everybody that is in my grade.So I’m pretty used to being the youngest.


  • Hlu Naing

    I would be:
    Main rapper-cause i can rap fast and learn raps easily especially from kpop idols mv’s
    Main/Lead vocalist-i’m actually pretty good according to my friends, school teachers and my mum and i can hit high notes
    Lead dancer-i actually can dance according to my best friend who is a really god dancer
    visual-a lot of people say i’m pretty so yeah, but i don’t think i’ll be fotg cause i’m kinda shy in public
    i’m not maknae because i’m always in the middle,i’m born on september- 22 -2004 but i’m the oldest child in my family

  • Baby Bunny

    I would be:

    Main Vocalist: I’m actually pretty good according to my friends, and my sisters, and my neighbors. They say It’s soft and sweet.
    Sub Rapper: I can’t rap fast but I can rap, good but not great.
    Lead Dancer: My dance coach and my fellow dancers says I can dance very good.
    Visual: My friends says I’m pretty but I’m kinda shy and quiet in public
    Maknae: I’m the oldest sibling in my family but not with my friends. I’m the youngest in that part.

  • oogooboogoo

    I would PROBABLY be:

    Lead Vocalist: I can sing, but I’m not too advanced. I like singing, which is why I’m taking classes online, so… yeah.
    Sub rapper: I can rap, but again, not too advanced in this area.
    Main Dancer: I LOVE dancing. I’m taking classes and finding dancing to one of my hobbies!
    Maknae: 07 liner! Hehehe…

  • Kpop lovers

    I would be:
    Main dancer because I always can do better and I can dance to other group well
    Lead rapper because I’m good in rap but not as main rapper
    Face of the group because my friends say I’m suit to be that
    Center because I’m always do perfect style
    main vocalist because I also good to sing with high pitch…

  • TheDepressed Ballerina

    I would be:
    Leader: Because even though I’m shy I have good leadership skills.
    Main Dancer: because I’m really good at dancing lol
    The visual or face of the group: because I love attention!

  • Beomgyu TXT

    I would be;
    Lead Dancer: Because i good at dancing and like to lead
    Main Vocalist: because im good at singing
    Center and The face of the group: since i want attention
    Rapper: since im okay in rapping not the best

  • ryleigh

    I would want to be the Leader and the Main Dancer. lol

  • allie

    i’d be
    lead dancer: I’ve been a dancer since i was nine and dancing is one of my passions uwu
    main? vocalist: I’ve been told i’m good at singing, so main vocal ig
    maknae: i’m always the oldest like, with my siblings and my friends, but i act younger than them all. . . maybe if i were in a kpop group i’d most likely be the maknae since i’m an 04liner owo

  • Dhannize Me

    it’s is myyyyyyyy dream to be a kpop idol but it is so impossible…if i wpuld given a chance i would like to be the ‘main dancer’ ooff another impossible thing and i would like to be a ‘main vocalist’ i know i have the most impossible dream in ky state i have no talent but it’s free to dream😂 and i would like to be a lead rapper cause i dont know maybe this one isn’t impossible because i do speak fastlol and the best thing and the most possible is me being the MAKNAE ooff lol i am even the youngest among the Junior hogh school in my school so maybe i would get a chance to be lol😂😂

  • Wow great

    Omg, same like for everything you just said owo

  • Wow great

    Main Dancer-i luv dancing =3 my friends and family say I am and I’m also great at learning choreos quickly.

    Lead Vocalist-Everyone thinks i’m a good singer, I can hit high notes, but my tone is pretty bland.

    Sub-Rapper-I can rap, not super good though.

    Center-tbh I just wanna be center

    Maknae-07’liner and I’m the youngest in mah family.

  • ~ 🅗🅐🅝🅔🅤 ~

    Erm I think of the positions like

    Leader – the member who leads the group and is responsible for them and the spokesperson for their group when talking to the company (pretty self explainatory)
    Vocal – the ones in charge of singing
    Rapper – In charge of rapping
    Dancer – Responsible for dancing
    Visual – who the gp find the best looking
    Face of the Group – most favoured by the gp
    Center – most promoted by the company
    Maknae – the youngest of the group

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  • seokjin windshield laugh

    If i ever be kpop idol, my position would be
    Lead/Main Vocalist, since I’m pretty good in singing
    Maknae, cuz i just want to be the youngest 😅
    Main Dancer, since I’m pretty good in dancing (technically)
    Visual/Face of the group, because i have a unique pretty face and i just want attention and also be the most ‘biased’😅
    Center, cuz.. Idk.. 😂

  • dead inside

    you sound full of yourself ngl lol


    If i ever would have been a kpop idol, my position would be:
    Lead/Sub Vocalist, since I am a so so singer, but focus more on rapping and dancing I have good stabilization in holding notes can’t reach high notes though my throat would honestly just die
    Lead/Main Rapper, maybe not because there are a lot better people than me in the world and that would be a lot to take in if I was the lead/sub vocalist, lead/main rapper (probably better to be sub), maknae, main dancer, and center. It’s just I am the best at rapping in my family and in school in my big group of friends
    Maknae because I like being the youngest so I am not expected to do much
    Main Dancer because I have taken dance classes since 4 years old and have been dancing my whole life with tons of experience
    Center because IDK I just feel like that is the best place for me overall
    NOT THE LEADER to shy to talk in front of tons of people more confident in dancing
    NOT THE VISUAL I don’t really think my face is pretty
    NOT THE FACE OF THE GROUP because that means I have a lot of popularity (well I do want popularity BUT) people would expect to much from me especially people who would hate on the group I would be in.



    you sound like you want every best position for yourself


    Well……… If I was in the same group as you, you wouldn’t have been the maknae because I am 08 liner.


    You are 4 years older than me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    For speaking than you would want to be the leader.


    Then for dancing maybe a sub-dancer

  • Seif Haddad

    For me , I would be
    Sub vocalist : my voice isnt bad , but still learning also i can hit some high notes but still they are bad and if i hold them for 3 seconds my voice cracks
    Lead rapper : i can rap but not ”really really really” fast , but i still have a nice flow
    Main dancer : well , for me , i think im really good and great dancer , im being honest
    Face of the group : i usually dont get shy infront of people
    Center : well , imnt shy and good at dancing , so what is stopping me from being a center :
    i dont think i would be maknae , cuz im the second youngest member in my family and the oldest in my class , so yea and i really dont have trust on my visuals , for leader , i have good leadership but the problem is with you know , how to handle the others cuz when i get the leadership in a specific group , i usually hit people and not talk to them , so that would be a problem for me if im a leader

  • Joshua Alto

    For Me:

    Main Vocalist – Despite having my silly tone, I sing very well…
    Main Dancer – I love dancing so much!!! I played Just Dance Games!!!
    Rapper – My rap style is not so good, I prefer lyrical & melodic rap over mumble…
    Center – Ever though I hate attention, my powerful stage presence says otherwise…

    Leader: NAH!!! I don’t want to pressure on my friends!!! :'(
    Visual: Hmmm… IDK
    Face of the Group: No Thanks, I’m a bit Introverted
    Maknae: Nope!!! I’m a 2000 liner, but I’m the 2nd born son of the family…

    All I have to do is to love & to trust myself, so they can trust me!!! (I’m slightly a triple threat)

  • julie park

    For me:
    Lead Vocalist – I have a pretty good voice, I just need to figure out better breathing control techniques plus I can’t reach high notes easily which is why I wouldn’t consider myself as a main vocalist.
    Sub Rapper/Rapper – I enjoy rapping and I’m quite alright with it after some practice. I’d do just fine I guess.
    Face of the Group – It would help me open up as I’m a bit of an introvert. I’d gladly take this position.
    Maknae – I’m usually in the maknae line of my group of friends so that could be possible.

    I would never imagine myself in any way being in charge of dancing (main/lead dancer) or in the center. I’m way too shy for the second and way not at all skilled for the first. As for leadership, I’m 50/50. I’m not sure. I do a lot of the people I care about but I have no clue if I could handle being in the front all the time. I’d probably prefer to be the member who takes care of them all secretly in the back.


    For me
    Main Rapper – I will say that i have pretty good rapping skills at my age, i can speed rap a little and some of my friends also say that i am good at rapping.
    Lead dancer – i know that i am good at dancing, but i’m not the best. But i will say that i am pretty good at dancing at my age.
    Sub-Vocalist – I can sing, just not that good.
    Maknae – Again because of my age btw i am 12 years old.

  • Stan Kpop

    In my group of friends, I am most likely to be the Leader, Main Vocalist, and Visual. I am more likely to be in the Unnie Line than in the Maknae line.

    Leader: I am probably the second most responsible person in my group of friends.

    Main Vocalist: I am actually a pretty good vocalist. I tried out for my school’s choir and I made it. Last year, I was in choir and the I tried out for a solo, and I made it. The teacher who was directing the choir asked me if I took vocal classes and I said no, because I am self taught. I also tried out for the talent show and the teacher who was judging our talents was strict. I still made it into the talent show and the teacher asked the same question. I like to sing songs in the car, especially The Greatest Showman songs.

    Visual: To be honest, I don’t look too bad. In the mornings when I wake up, I look sort of bad, but after I eat, I look pretty good. I don’t wear makeup. I might as well be the “main” Visual in my group of friends.

  • Stan Kpop

    I am also the oldest of 3.

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