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Z-Boys Members Profile

Z-Boys Members Profile: Z-Boys Facts
Z-Boys is a boy group that consists of 7 members who debuted under ZMC. In February 2020, ZMC was closed, so they moved to Divtone Group. They consist of: Perry, Mavin, Roy, Josh, Sid, Blink, and Gai. They are one of the first groups to have members from 7 different Asian countries with the aim of bringing them all together. They have a sister group called Z-Girls with the same concept. Z-Boys debuted on February 22, 2019 under Z-Pop Dream.

Z-Boys Official Fandom Name: GalaxZ
Z-Boys Official Fan Colors:

Z-Boys Official Accounts:
Youtube: Z-POP DREAM
Instagram: Z-POP DREAM
Twitter: Z-Pop Dream

Stage Name: Mavin (마빈)
Birth Name: Malvin Saputra
Position: Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: March 6, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Nationality: Indonesian
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Blood Type:
Instagram: @malvin_96
Twitter: @malvin6396
Youtube: Van Vin Fun (Together with Z-GirlsVanya)

Mavin Facts:
– Mavin was born in Jakarta, Indonesia
– Mavin can speak English.
– His specialties are rapping dancing, and b-boying.
– His hobbies are watching films and playing volleyball.
– He was a finalist on “The Next Boy/Girl Band Indonesia”.
– He is a member of the Indonesian band B FORCE.
– Mavin is the shortest member of the group.
– In 2013, Mavin participated in the ‘NEZ Academy’ survival tv’s talent show and got 3th postion in the grand final as a dancer.
– Mavin is really good at dance, especially B-Boy
– He is also good at Tricking (combination of gymnastic martial arts), Tekwondo, Wushu and Capoeira.
– Mavin used to be a dance instructor.
– Mavin has been in a relationship with Z-GirlsVanya for 3 years, they have a YouTube channel together.
– Mavin, Roy, Josh, and Sid are roommates.

Stage Name: Perry (페리)
Birth Name: Yung Han Shao
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Birthday: February 28, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Nationality: Taiwanese
Blood Type:
Twitter: @Perry85039989
Instagram: @g_perry.s

Perry Facts:
– He is from Taiwan.
– Perry can speak English.
– His specialties are acting and dancing.
– His hobbies are watching anime, watching dramas and fitness.
– Perry, Gai, and Blink are roommates. (Vlive)

Stage Name: Roy (로이)
Birth Name: Nguyễn Hải Hoài Bảo
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: August 31st, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Nationality: Vietnamese
Blood Type:
Instagram: @roy.nguyen3108

Roy Facts:
– He is from Vietnam.
– Roy can speak English.
– His specialty is acting.
– His hobbies are studying languages, watching horror films and listening to music.
– He majored in Hospitality and Tourism, he just graduated
– He is also modeling for teen magazines. He even won a modeling competition.
– K-pop is his favourite genre of music.
– He loves BTS, Ailee, Hyo Rin, GOT7, and BIGBANG.
– He acted in Vietnamese web drama called ” Cô gái đến từ bên kia”,and “Là em hay là ai” . He sang ost for web dramas that he acted too.
– He used to participate Vietnam Idol and The Voice but unfortunately he did not made in.
– Roy had a hard time dealing the cold weather in South Korea at first. He said that South Korea’s winter made him felt sick.
– At the first month of his trainee’s period, the CEO said that Roy was the worst among all of the members ( this one I don’t really know how to translate so I translate closest to what he said during the interview) which made him felt lost, and practice even harder. However, after the debut, the CEO praised that Roy improved a lot.
– On August 1, 2019 Roy released a solo single in Vietnam ft. Queen of Z-Girls called “Hey Boss Let’s Fall in Love”.
– Mavin, Roy, Josh, and Sid are roommates.

Stage Name: Josh (조쉬)
Birth Name: Joshuel Neolle Bautista
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: October 10, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Nationality: Filipino
Height: 174 cm (5’9″)
Blood Type:
Twitter: @joshuelbautista
Facebook: JoshuelNeolleBautista
Instagram: @joshuelbautista

Josh Facts:
– He is from the Philippines.
– Josh can speak English.
– His hobbies are watching films and playing volleyball.
– His specialties are rapping, dancing, and b-boying.
– Josh is part of a band called Caffeine and Taurine, he is the pianist of the band.
– Josh acted in the short film “Break Na Tayo”
– Josh also starred in a short film by Krista Ortega called “Anyare Satin?”
– Josh and his group performed Wolf by EXO in a dance cover competition and won. The prize was an all paid expense trip to South Korea.
– Josh and his group joined a dance cover competition and performed a song by GOT7 that’s why he bleached and dyed his hair in blonde for the first time. But they lost.
– Josh said that his skin was dark before he moved to South Korea to train.
– Josh likes wearing oversize and dark clothes.
– Josh was a former member of G-Force. The most famous and prestigious dance crew in the Philippines.
– He was a back up dancer in a TV show called Your Face Sounds Familiar Philippines.
– He was raised in Kuwait.
– Josh graduated at University of Santo Tomas with course Bachelor of Science in Travel Management.
– Mavin, Roy, Josh, and Sid are roommates.

Stage Name: Sid (시드)
Birth Name: Siddhant Arora
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: August 4, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Nationality: Indian
Blood Type:
Facebook: siddhant.arora.108
Instagram: @siddhantaroraa
Youtube: Siddhant Arora

Sid Facts:
– He is from India.
– He is a well known singing YouTuber that posted videos covers of famous Bollywood songs.
– Sid can speak English.
– His specialties are composing, playing musical instruments and modeling.
– His hobbies are listening to music, watching films, and exploring new places.
– Sid is left handed.
– Mavin, Roy, Josh, and Sid are roommates.

Stage Name: Gai (가이)
Birth Name: Gai Futagami
Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: June 20, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 178 cm (5’10’’)
Blood Type:
Instagram: @gai_f_
Twitter: @gai_f
Youtube: Gai Futagami

Gai Facts:
– He is from Tokyo, Japan.
– Gai can play the piano, bass, and guitar.
– He has a deep voice.
– His specialties are playing musical instruments, writing lyrics, composing, and b-boying.
– His hobbies are taking walks and table tennis.
– Gai can play the bass, acoustic guitar, etc.
– His favorite colors are white and black.
– His favorite animal is panda.
– Perry, Gai, and Blink are roommates. (Vlive)

Stage Name: Blink (블링크)
Birth Name: Paitoonphong Thadol (ไพฑูรย์พงศ์ธราดล)
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: November 14, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Nationality: Thai
Blood Type:
Instagram: @blinkz14

Blink Facts:
– He is from Thailand.
– Blink can speak English.
– His specialties are singing, dancing, modeling, and acting.
– His hobbies are shopping, listening to music, and playing basketball.
– Perry, Gai, and Blink are roommates. (Vlive)

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Note 2: For now there is very few info known about the members, so let’s complete this profile together as time goes by.

Note 3: Positions are based off of their official website.

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  • Gai is not on the poll

  • j
  • melon

    -Birth Name: Mavin Saputra
    -Birthday: March 6, 1996
    -He has a YouTube channel with Vanya called “VIn Van Fun”
    -His twt is @/Malvin6396
    -He was a finalist on “The Next Boy/Girl Band Indonesia”.

  • Eakram

    Sid was in a scandal. He commented on someone’s Instagram “Look at this nigger trying to steal my spot light 😎🤟”

  • anon

    I heard about this. That’s too bad. I was going to stan them, but not anymore! I’ll just focus on Z-Girls!

  • SAAY

    Positions surely based on the video:

    Gai – Main Rapper
    Sid – Main Vocal
    Roy – Main Vocal
    Josh – Lead Vocal

  • sid does not look 19…

  • kdogg

    ur missing one of them i think one of the blondes?

  • Muskan

    that’s a word Indians use unknowingly, I’m sure he had no ill intentions and was just trying to sound cool by using that word. We know that it’s an offensive word but people just use it causally because majority of people here don’t really know the extent of the offensiveness of the word so let’s not judge a person just on the basis of one mistake he made. I too am an Indian so i can tell. I’m sure that once he realized how bad a thing he did ,he must have learned the lesson. Moreover , not all of us are born super smart ,knowing everything as it is ,good or bad. I just wanted to give an explanation, no fangirling or anything. Just clarifying for my Indian brother there for the mistake he made when he was just a normal teen like all of us Indians

  • aime moi

    Ignorance excuses no one.

  • Diptí Kiran

    OK he had no bad intention…. That PIC was before his zpop audition…..once he came to Korea he was clean shaved…and I know .. He will never use those word again…. And do u seriously think all kpop idols don’t use words like that…. I have seen so many kpop idols talking and using words like bitch and nigga….in MVS also in person…they just don’t show it….

  • Emm

    It’s not ignorance. Us Indians are not taught about American history, we learn Indian history. so we are not taught about the n word being a bad word. So before coming at someone, try to understand from their point of view too. The world does not only revolve around America. It was a mistake, don’t hate him for it and say that it’s ignorance. People all over the world are ignorant about India and our culture. So don’t write “ignorance excuses no one.”

  • Alandria Penn

    I’m black and it doesn’t bother me at all. And he didn’t comment it, he made a post about that

  • Although it may not bother you it’s still very offensive to others, especially because of the history surrounding it. Just because he’s an idol doesn’t mean he can get away with it. He may not have known what the word meant, but I’m pretty sure he found out after that post.

  • Alandria Penn

    I understand that but people say that won’t Stan z-boys because of him. They shouldn’t stan the whole group because of one member. It made me mad when someone commented that

  • I totally agree! He made a mistake and as long as he apologized and knows he did wrong they should try to stan the group as a whole.

  • Why am i high-key scared of sid. 19? O-wa.

  • Muskan

    Okay! Agreed! But should the whole group be looked down upon just because of one member also I’m sure he’ll apologize about thay incident once he gets to know how many people he’s hurting now. Mistakes can be corrected as well!

  • Linnea Boqvist

    He look 30 or something lol

  • anon

    You sound young. But as a black person I don’t feel comfortable supporting ignorance, and giving them money. As a PoC people shouldn’t tell me how I should react to racial situations, if I choose not stan them, oh well. I’m one person, it’s not like their sales depends on me alone.

    Note: Call me hypocritical (I don’t care) but I think it’s weird how someone can literally target your own race and you don’t feel some type of way. But that’s just my two cents.

  • Livy

    When it comes to commenting about Sid looking older than his age. He is not Korean therefore he doesn’t have the Korean genes which makes most kpop idols looking 10 years younger than their actual age. He is still a pretty guy though 🙂

  • Lia Giba

    Yup. It’s more that we’re generally uneducated about these things rather than we’re ignorant.

  • gracelly

    CONGRATULATIONS to Josh 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Alorah
  • Mau dna

    Mavin is the leader of this group
    based on zpop dream’s reality show at z-boys last episode

  • Mau dna

    Mavin is leader of this grup ( Video “Z-POP SCHOOL : A to Z – Ep. 5 Last Episode”)
    Mavin’s birthname is Malvin Saputra

  • Mau dna

    Malvin Saputra

  • Anna Park


  • NinjaNarnia

    Josh is part of a band called Caffeine and Taurine https://youtu.be/Q16_8R-ojYU He is the pianist of the band.
    Here’s another video XD like a vlog they did last year

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Lmao same.
    He look 30 or something lol

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Yesss, i hope more people think like that.

  • anon

    You’re speaking about him as if you personally know him or something??? How would you know he won’t say it again (plus no apology, yikes!) Lol you’re not making a good case for him or yourself when you, yourself are saying the n word. And as for kpop idols, two wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t support kpop idols with discriminatory behaviors either 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Another note: Mind you, everyone is upset at me about not supporting Sid/Zboys , but I haven’t sent a hate comment towards them nor have I said nothing but facts. He said the ‘n’ word and I don’t support that type of behavior. That is literally all I said but everyone can stay pressed if they’d like 😂

  • marie. ❜

    i think Gai’s instagram is

  • marie. ❜

    @gai_f_ ?

  • ⌗ anne !

    i think Gai’s instagram account is @gai_f_
    link — https://instagram.com/gai_f_?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=egxul67kp6xd

  • minty_moon_moon

    You don’t get to speak for all black people btw. I’m black and annoyed that he said it. Especially if he comes from a family that looks down on darker complexions and praises light skin. I don’t even use the n-word myself because it has a gross history.

  • minty_moon_moon

    No one said “don’t stan zboys”, everyone is wondering why Sid has remained quiet about it. I support the 6 members but am less inclined to support Sid due to his comments. Oddly some people are attempting to sweep his words beneath the rug. How would any other race like to hear a race slur used “for fun” by a supposed celeb. If someone used a slur toward Indians as a famous person, I doubt Indians would just “let it slide” especially when this person is asking for your money.

  • minty_moon_moon

    Pretending it didn’t happen is worse than saying sorry, won’t do it again. I can’t bring myself to excuse or support Sid because he hasn’t apologized. Is it so hard to just apologize and say “sorry I know better now?”

  • minty_moon_moon

    This comment is perplexing. This nword is used around the globe by hateful people against blacks. Blacks aren’t only from America. They exist in many western countries and that word was against them. 👎👎👎👎👎 The n3gga variation in used in America. Why would you use hateful USA slang yet talk about America? I agree with the world not revolving around America, therefore, that usa version of the word should not be used. I get you like Sid for Indian representation but stop excusing his behavior. There are many other guys who don’t do it from India yet they managed to find the one who does it. What luck!

  • minty_moon_moon

    Sad, the comments of people telling why I should ignore it are turning me off. I’m torn because want to support Gai, Roy and Perry. The commentors who are sticking up for this would get mad if a kpop idol was laughing at their race or using a slur that has a horrible history behind it. They are hypocrites. The group is international and wants an international audience. I think I’ll admire Gai, Perry, Blink and Roy from afar and Stan the zgirls.

  • minty_moon_moon

    True. If your pale kpop idol is making fun of Asians with tan skin, or using that word then I think it’s better off not supporting them. I don’t and can’t support Sid. Lol I doubt they would support someone used slurs against their face or said a certain range or skin looked dirty. They are hypocrites yet want one sided support. I wish the others a successful career. All I want is to admire Instagram pics without race slapping me in the face. Is that so hard to ask.

  • minty_moon_moon

    People need to stop sleeping on this beautiful man.

  • minty_moon_moon

    I wish they posted a better photo of Gai. His visuals are sooooooo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • minty_moon_moon


  • Adventia Putri

    If you look at Josh’s Twitter account, it is mentioned that he was born on October 10th. But I couldn’t know more

  • Bryn Moow

    Gai, the JAPANESE member, clearly has the most helpful fact; He is from Japan

  • Shiny Sebuntin
  • Well of course, he said a racial slur and he should’ve apologized. However I’m not really up to date with this band so I don’t know if Sid apologized. In my opinion, it’s okay to dislike a member as long as they don’t bash them you know? So I feel like that’s “okay” -ish. Whether or not you can forgive or support Sid is all up to you, I get where you’re coming from and how you feel.
    I don’t know if he apologized since I know nothing other than what’s written on their profile, if he’s ever made a written apology I’ll screenshot it and add it to this comment!

  • Alandria Penn

    That’s you. Some people don’t care about it like me. It’s my opinion so you don’t have to get so mad over my opinion. black people were not complaining when BamBam said “Nigga” so why get mad over someone that said nigger. Maybe he didn’t know what it means and now he does. He made up for his mistakes now leave him alone.

  • kyoko mogami

    I’m reading all these comments about not staning z boys for Sid bcz of that comment….but if u like their music why bother with these things.
    I don’t like his comment either. But I like his vocal. I like the hardwork the group has put in the song.
    So stan the talent…u don’t need to mind every action of an artist to support their work,cuz at the end they are only providing us music to enjoy.This applies
    for all kpop artists.
    So let’s concentrate on that part only.

  • NinjaNarnia

    I guess it’s because he didn’t apologize for it when everyone kept on telling him about it.

    I don’t like what he said but as someone who doesn’t hold grudges at someone… I don’t really put my mind into that issue.

    I prefer to support them instead as a group.

  • Shriya

    Ok guys talent matters more than looks….

  • Meredith Jones

    They said in the first 2 episodes of Z-POP SCHOOL: A to Z that Perry and Mavin are dancers.

  • Adventia Putri

    Sorry, I think the Leader is Mavin not Josh because in the last episode of Z Dream Academy, Josh wrote a letter for Mavin and mentioned that Mavin is the Leader.

  • Annie Kongdara

    I think Gai is 18 yrs old 🤔

  • Okashi Nara

    Love it 😀 😀

  • Livy

    Absolutely. From what we’ve seen he is also a good vocalist. What I’ve said is mostly about his outside appearance which is a bit unusual from the idols we are familiar with and some people are ‘shocked’ he is younger than he looks though this doesn’t make him any less beautiful. Talent is indeed above everything 👌👌👌

  • From my understanding of what happened with BamBam, Mark’s friends were the one’s who told him that word. But he apologized.
    No one knows if he knew what the word meant, but I don’t think he apologized for it. And there’s a difference, to me it’s a lot worse whenever there’s a hard ‘r’ in it.
    For you it might be okay but for the people who experienced it it’s not. That’s not a word that should be said no matter the circumstance.
    Your opinion is your opinion like you said, but others may disagree. Whether or not you wish to keep sticking up for Sid is up to you

  • Texi

    Gai’s real name is (supposed to be) Gai Futagami

  • rimi

    it’s embarrassing to see one of the first (i think) indian artists in the kpop industry getting into such a mess immediately after debuting. of course, he is quite young and we all do stupid shit when we’re young. i think he should be given a chance to apologise and improve himself instead of people abandoning the entire group because of his mistake. BUT i don’t think it’s wrong at all for fans to demand an apology.

    i’m Indian and i don’t think it’s excusable for him. of course, if a random Indian uses this word people don’t take it seriously because often they have no idea how offensive it is. But if even a minor celebrity says something like this, i do not think Indian “netizens” will leave him alone until he apologizes. it doesn’t equate to an american using this term, but it is still very important to address it properly especially because he will pe performing for an international audience, not just for indians.

    if the theme is being global, and the members are so young they should be taught better international etiquettes because their mistakes hurt the feelings of genuine fans and affect the career of their entire team. this is why the social media of so many idols are strictly supervised by PR teams.

    it’s upsetting to think that this incident might impact the rest of the members very badly. i hope they address the situation properly and Sid develops into a mature and much more aware individual.

  • Alandria Penn

    That’s exactly what’s going on with Sid! He probably didn’t know what the word means

  • Alandria Penn

    That doesn’t matter to be honest. You can’t predict the future that he might say it again. He might see he’s mistake and apologize to the fans who took offense to his words

  • Alandria Penn

    Why can’t you not stan Sid and stan the rest of the boys. It’s sad that you won’t stan them just because of one person did. It’s affecting your view on the rest of the members

  • But see, I think the reason people are so mad is because he said it with the hard ‘r’ and didn’t apologize. Forget about the way he pronounced it, he just hasn’t apologized. At least I haven’t seen one yet. Maybe he’s changed and he knows it’s wrong but people are still waiting for that apology

  • anon

    Are you under 16 or something? Your reading comprehension is so off. I’ve explained why I don’t want to listen to Z Boys like three times already. And I’m not sure where you got the notion that me not supporting Z Boys because of Sid is affecting my view of the other members. I haven’t mentioned the others once. I can tell you’re young. You should learn to let things go and let others have their own opinion on things.

  • Rama94

    In their show, they said that Mavin is the leader for many times and say thanks for him to being the leader. So Mavin’s position actually is leader, main dancer, vocalist, and lead rapper

  • Meredith Jones

    Perry’s birthday is February 28th because he posted on his Instagram about his birthday

  • Hyucktheduck

    Perry’s birthday is February 28. He won’t tell us what year he was born in though.
    Although on his Instagram story, he did say he was the oldest.

  • Meredith Jones

    Gai can play the guitar, bass, and the piano

  • Meredith Jones

    Roy is a Virgo and his birthday is August 31st because he posted on Instagram about it and it’s the numbers in his Instagram name.

  • JcRosales VEVO

    Perry is either lead or main dancer, and lead vocalist.

  • JcRosales VEVO

    Gai has deep voice.

  • Chittosrye 7
  • noona

    I think Josh is the Main Dancer along with Mavin, and Mavin is the leader (based on their show)

  • 하늘

    Gai is 18 currently, its on his Instagram bio.

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Oof, Sid is an idiot. He have done something really wrong.
    You can’t change my mind.
    Don’t try too make him look like an angel. He’s not.

  • Isabel Carrasco

    You act like every country in the world should be obligated to learn about American culture. He didn’t know what is stood for, and instead of bashing for him y’all should’ve educated him on it so he can make sure not to do it again.

  • Isabel Carrasco

    when was this?

  • Sarka

    what happened? I’m curious (Nevermind I found it )

  • Jae

    What happened?

  • Sarka

    He wrote in his instagram post the N word ..

  • Jae

    Damn, Maybe he didn’t really understand what it means

  • Sarka

    Yeah I think so too.

  • Eakram

    No, don’t do that even if he did that he probably thought it was okay due to western artist speaking the word so often. Most people aren’t educated on stuff like this so when their faves do the same people think that it’s okay to follow without knowing the consequences. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t Stan them they have such great potential and their debut is awesome!!

  • I mean… he’s someone who is fully fluent in English, thus must be blind/never been online if he doesn’t know that that’s not okay, and is in a group claiming to represent a new generation of world connection or sumn dramatic like that, so you can’t really get mad when people don’t coddle him for saying the N word. Also, if he’s such a sheltered person who knows nothing about US culture, how does he know a term used solely by black people in Western countries? He has the time to learn the word, but lacks the mental capacity to do anything beyond that, or…?

  • Isn’t it funny how Priyanka (an Indian girl from the Z Girls group under Sid’s label) knows that the N word is wrong and has liked comments about it being wrong, yet apparently no one in India knows what that word means? I find that funny. Priyanka must be from another country then! (or she’s just a smart and respectful person who has internet access to learn things and cares about cultures other than her own. Sid can’t relate!)

  • chococrinks

    I don’t think Josh is the leader tho… Josh mentioned in the last episode of A-Z Show that Mavin is the leader.

    Mavin, 1996 – Main Dancer, Leader (can be a Lead Vocal?)
    Josh, 1996 – Main Dancer, Lead Vocal
    Roy, 1996 – Main Vocal
    Sid, 1999 – Main Vocal
    Perry – I think he is a Lead Dancer and a Vocalist only? Like he has no lines in Our Galaxy along with Blink, Joanne and Belle.
    Gai, 2000 – (he mentioned in IG that he is 18) Main Rapper (can be also a Lead Dancer?)
    Blink, 2004 – Vocal, Maknae

    Let’s just update in their channel if there’s news and more infos to be put on here.

  • chococrinks

    A childhood friend of Josh mentioned that he was raised in Kuwait.
    It is mentioned in a comment in youtube.

  • 얀나

    Roy’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/roy.zstar/

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Eh, how do you know that he doesn’t knew what it stood for?
    Everyone know what nigga means. even if You’re 4 years old lol

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Ew, he’s disgusting.
    I hope he’s going to be kicked out from the group.
    Such a idiots don’t deserve attention or anything🙄

  • Sarka

    Yeah everyone in US but don’t tell me that every country is obligate to teach their kids about US issues. I myself am not from US or English speaking country and at school they just tell you that it is wrong to say N word but that’s all.
    Kids are saying this bluntly because they probably saw it on internet. And they think how cool it is. (But it’s not)
    I’m trying to say that in US they are not teaching kids about what Hitler did every country he occupied. And it’s possible that in India they aren’t teaching kids about US history problems.

  • suggest me dramas to watch

    This is weird to say this as an Indian, but here in India people and guys especially use that word to address their friends or to look cool, it’s not like they don’t know the meaning or context, to them it’s just what close friends might call eachother.

  • Rama94

    His actual height is 168 cm. He is the shortest member in the group.
    He is the real leader.
    In 2013, Mavin participated in the ‘NEZ Academy’ survival tv’s talent show and got 3th postion in the grand final as a dancer.
    Mavin is really good at dance, especially B-Boy
    He is also good at Tricking (combination of gymnastic martial arts), Tekwondo, Wushu and Capoeira.
    He has also been a coach dancer

  • Jodea Marie


  • Jodea Marie


  • Rama94

    Mavin is a leader, main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist
    Roy is main vocalist
    Sid is main vocalist
    Josh is lead dancer and lead vocalist
    Perry is vocalist
    Gai is main rapper
    Blink is maknae and vocalist

  • Meredith Jones

    Perry is a Pisces

  • Harneet Benipal

    Blink real name is Thadol paitoonphong

  • Rama94

    Mavin’s nickname is Coco. It refers to hyung or oppa.

  • They’re just cute

    Roy’s Instagram is @roy.nguyen3108

  • Aadya

    Sid’s name in Hindi is सिद्धांत अरोरा

  • Meredith Jones

    Gai’s Birthday is June 20 2000 and is a Gemini
    Sid’s birthday is August 4 1999 and is a Leo

  • They’re just cute

    Perry was born in 1996

  • Rice Bear

    Why do I feel like I’m so smitten to Josh..
    damn I’m in love.. 😍😍

  • Rea

    I hope BLINK is a BLINK
    (I think he’s a blink because he’s Thai, Lisa’s Thai, Black Pink fans are called BLINK)

  • cntrljinsung


  • 얀나

    Josh was born and raised in Kuwait since he was young (as said by his childhood friend; found it from a comment in Youtube)
    Studied elementary(?) in Philippine International English School at Kuwait

    (sorry if there is wrong grammar :P)

  • Erich

    Josh is 21 and will be turning 22 this October 10, so basically he was born on 1997

  • OhMyDreamcatcher

    OMG That Thai dude is a blink LOL

  • sarah

    mavin is a best friend of vanya they actually have a youtube chanel tgt im so happy !!!!

  • NinjaNarnia
  • Choo choo Trannn

    I translated some info about Roy from Vietnamese e-news that interviewed/wrote about him. I hope this will help y’all to get to know The Happy guy/ maybe Lucky guy Roy a bit more :))
    -Roy’s full name is Nguyễn Hải Hoài Bảo
    -He majored in Hospitality and Tourism, he just graduated
    -He is also modeling for teen magazines. He even won a modeling competition.
    -He acted in some Vietnamese web drama called ” Cô gái đến từ bên kia”,and “Là em hay là ai” . He sang ost for web dramas that he acted too.
    -He used to participate Vietnam Idol and The Voice but unfortunately he did not made in.
    -Roy had a hard time dealing the cold weather in South Korea at first. He said that South Korea’s winter made him felt sick.
    -At the first month of his trainee’s period, the CEO said that Roy was the worst among all of the members ( this one I don’t really know how to translate so I translate closest to what he said during the interview) which made him felt lost, and practice even harder. However, after the debut, the CEO praised that Roy improved a lot.
    **All credits I got from this https://vnexpress.net/giai-tri/dien-mao-chang-trai-viet-dau-tien-lam-ca-si-than-tuong-tai-han-quoc-3870832.html and https://news.zing.vn/9x-viet-ra-mat-o-han-quoc-tung-rot-the-voice-bi-che-hat-te-nhat-nhom-post924247.html

  • Piggy22Woiseu

    I’m a lot biased to say Josh is the visual HAHAHAHA
    but I think Josh or Gai is the visual… or maybe Sid (if not being judged by Korean standard visual)

  • NinjaNarnia

    Josh was born in 1997 not 1996
    One of his official admins in his FB Group mentioned that.


    I’m really like that they have the diversity in this group.

  • 얀나


  • 얀나

    Josh graduated at University of Santo Tomas with course Bachelor of Science in Travel Management

  • Zxyyzv Albaloushi

    im confused.. why didn’t they debut internationally? there’s no one who’s korean among them._.

  • Kim Sehyoona15

    I think they are not considered as Kpop because they sing in English not because the members because for example EXP Edition are all non-asian members and they are considered as Kpop so i think Z-Boys should not be considered as Kpop because the songs are in English not for the members nationality 🙂

  • Hyucktheduck

    It’s sad that we don’t have more information on them…

  • Maitsuki

    Perry born name is Shao Yonghan

  • Meyli

    Josh was born in 1997 not 1996.

  • Meyli Permata Juliana

    Josh was born in 1997 not 1996.

  • Anime

    Omg i never would’ve expected for them to let people know that Vanya and Mavin was dating. Usually agencies won’t even allow for the info to be out.

  • Meredith Jones

    Gai is from Tokyo

  • Clarisse Jane Manas

    Josh is a former member of G-Force

  • Mau dna

    Mavin was born in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Mau dna

    Maybe because this group just a project, not permanen group

  • kath

    Facts about Josh:

    Josh and his group performed Wolf by EXO in a dance cover competition and won. The prize was an all paid expense trip to South Korea.

    Josh and his group joined a dance cover competition and performed a song by GOT7 that’s why he bleached and dyed his hair in blonde for the first time. But they lost.

    Josh said that his skin was dark before he moved to South Korea to train.

    Josh was a former member of G-Force. The most famous and prestigious dance crew in the Philippines.

    He was a back up dancer in a TV show called Your Face Sounds Familiar Philippines.

    Raised in Kuwait.

  • Rain Shawn

    No visual?

  • Mary Joy Ponce

    Hi Everyone! To the one made this, please change the date of birth of Kuya Josh. He was born on October 10,1997 not October 10,1996. Please change it!

  • Rosy
  • Real Eyes

    I think Josh is the visual. His lines distribution, mellow style pre-chorus are usually given to Visuals in Kpop boybands. Just an observation. but pls make Z boys next video level up, like those we usually see with Kpop famous boybands, like BTS, Exo, Monsta X, etc. sorry for fastracking, I understand they are newbies, but will try to be patient for these handsome Asian cuties.

  • Real Eyes

    Josh & Gai, for me, hehe.

  • Real Eyes

    Josh grew up in Kuwait? I thought he studied in University of Santo Thomas, Manila.

  • Real Eyes

    What travel mgmt like Tourism degree, how is it a science, maybe Arts.

  • Admete

    Josh also starred in a short film by Krista Ortega – https://youtu.be/3tJ5eFklxmw

  • Real Eyes

    real gf nya yun Laica?? mas cute yun “Break na Tayu”, totoy na totoy pa si Josh dun hahaha.

  • Real Eyes

    is that girl his gf? “Break na Tayo” is cuter, Josh in his baby boy adolescent years, lmao.

  • Nessie Black

    Perry’s zodiac sign is Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

  • Admete

    I have no idea. They look good together tho. No one confirmed anything about their relationship but they are friends for sure. 😏

  • Admete

    Info about them are so limited! Gai and Perry’s info are so bare. But it does make them more interesting. LOL. ヽ(´ー`)┌ But they have more recent activities on social media than Josh. He is not as active on his social media accounts as the other members of the group. He barely posts but there are some fan-made accounts, groups and pages of him. It’s really nice that his mom sometimes share some recent posts about her son. ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ <3

  • Admete

    I read that he attended the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management in UST but I have no idea what course he took there haha.

  • NTheQ

    がい ふたがみ is how you write Gai’s full name
    阮海懷寶 is Roy’s Rull name using Sino-Vietnamese characters
    And apparently Perry’s real Name is Shao Yonghan (邵勇翰) according to https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z-boys?oldformat=true
    And Mavin’s height is about 5′ 6″ in US Customary.

  • God Vaccaria
  • God Vaccaria

    Perry’s birthname is Yung Han Shao
    and other info about zstars are here.

  • Khairil Irwandy

    …..blink only 5 month younger than me…….
    okay thats soooo cool

  • Strawberry

    I think Blink has a vocal coach, his name is Panut Prechapunt. And Blink is also related to Superstar College of Arts, now I don’t now if he is a student there or what…

  • Bricabrac

    I dunno if it’s just me, but I think Roy and Blink look very similar…

  • Nagisa Kawaii

    Perry is currently 24 years old, so he was born in 1995. It was said in a youtube video from Asian Boss


    i know Blink is from Thailand does Blink met Lisa,Bambam,Sorn and Ten or Nichkhun thai idols

  • Real Eyes

    coz Vietnam & Thailand is part of region called IndoChina, they are SEA people of Malay origin but heavily intermarrying with Chinese migrants from the biggest nation just right above them. that’s why most of them are mixed Chinese, even their language sounds like a variant of Chinese.

  • Real Eyes

    but they are manage by a Korean Company, the same producers of Kpop. their style is Kpop. their songs sound Kpop, with International twist like West & Latin influence. they should be Kpop coz their makers are real Korean. that’s their strong connection to Kpop, without their makers they are nothing, just like all the Kpop idols.

  • Real Eyes

    I love that movie “Coco”. unrelated though. lol

  • Real Eyes

    Thadol is his first name?, cool!

  • Real Eyes

    Roy is lead vocalist with Sid & Perry, while Gai is lead rapper. you cant give them compicated choreos, or it will be hard for them to sing with too much breathing, so I dont think any of them are lead dancers. lead dancers are most likely Mavin & Josh.

  • tsukoyomi

    its Gai Futagami not Yoshida

  • Ginayal Williams

    It was Roy’s college,not Josh’s

  • 얀나

    dunno~ I just saw it on his facebook hehehe

  • Lemony

    Fandom name is officially GalaxZ XD