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XIA (Kim Junsu) Profile and Facts

XIA (Kim Jun-Su) Profile and Facts:

XIA (Kim Junsu (김준수))
also known as Xiah is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, and musical actor under PALMTREE ISLAND. He made his debut as a singer with TVXQ in 2003.

Stage Name: XIA (시아)
Birth Name: Kim Junsu (김준수)
Chinese Name: Jin Jun Xiu (金俊秀)
Japanese Name: Junsu (ジュンス)
Birthday: December 15th, 1986
Registered Birthday: January 1st, 1987
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @xiaxiaxia1215
X (Twitter): @Junsu_PALMTREE / @1215thexiahtic (Inactive)
TikTok: @xia_palmtree
 김준수 XIA
Weverse: Kim Junsu
Agency Profile: KIM JUN SU

XIA Facts:
— Born in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
— He debuted as a member of TVXQ on December 26, 2003.
— XIA usually learns choreographies pretty fast. (TMK 2015)
— He prefers warm places over cold places.
— XIA has a collection of expensive cars. (x)
— His favorite flower is the Rose of Sharon (mugunghwa).
— He is a lead vocalist, main dancer, and maknae in JYJ since their debut in April 2010.
— Family: father Kim Jin-suk (김진석), mother Yoon Young-mi (윤영미) who is a former Miss Korea contestant, twin brother Kim Moo-young (김무영), younger cousin and former MOMOLAND member Taeha (김태하).
— Education: Neunggok Elementary School, Nunggok Middle School, Hwasu High School → Hanam High School, Myongji University.
— His hobbies are singing, dancing, playing soccer, games, taking landscape pictures and selfies.
— XIA made a solo debut in 2010 with the release of Japanese EP Xiah.
— He was a trainee for six years under SM Entertainment before debuting with TVXQ.
— His contract with SM Ent. got suspended after filing a lawsuit against the company for disadvantageous contracts towards the artists.
— After leaving SM Ent. he formed a new group JYJ with other members in 2010.
— His favorite things in Thailand are palm trees, watermelon juice, and good weather. (TMK 2015)
— XIA doesn’t consider himself beautiful, just born in the right generation.
— According to him and Yoochun, he looks good while being sick because he gets pale, loses weight and his skin looks somehow better.
— His plan is to start working out when he’ll have to leave his “pure” and “boyish” look behind and become a muscular XIA.
— XIA hates being normal and listening to normal music. He doesn’t want to do things that everyone else does.
— He likes colors that are completely red, blue, black, or white. He hates pastel colors.
— He has done a lot of different hair colors. According to him, all the colors of the rainbow.
— For him, the best place to write music is at home on his bed.
— He wrote a song called “License To Love” while getting a foot massage.
— He has trouble memorizing names with exception when a name is funny e.g. Kim Doraemon. It’s not because he doesn’t care but he thinks of it as a disease.
— XIA is a big fan of Naul who gave him the song “Flower”. He is also a fan of Dok2 after SMTM.
— He thinks Tablo is one of the best rappers at delivering the message.
— He fell in love with hip-hop and in 2015 joked that if he could go back 10 years in time he’d choose to become a rapper instead of a singer.
— He sees rappers as superstars/celebrities.
— XIA appeared in his first musical on January 26, 2010, in the lead role of “Mozart!”.
— The song “Why Don’t You Love Me?” from “Mozart!” introduced him to the world of musicals.
— XIA was enlisted in the army on February 9, 2017, and discharged on November 5, 2018.
— In his free time, he likes to travel and visit vacation spots.
— His three wishes as of January 2020 are to feel happy often, the health of everyone he loves, and to continue being on stage.
— Dracula is his favorite character.
— He is an emotional person.
— XIA is close friends with SUPER JUNIOR‘s Eunhyuk.
— His manager used to live with him temporarily.
— In January 2016 it was revealed that he is dating EXID‘s Hani. But in September 2016 Hani‘s agency Banana Culture published a statement confirming they’ve broken up because of their busy schedules.
— He watches a lot of variety shows like “Radio Star” and “I Live Alone”. (Sound K 01/08/20)
— His fandom name is COCONUT. (Source)
— XIA prefers dark chocolate over mint chocolate because he doesn’t really like the taste of mint.
— He doesn’t like sugary food so he doesn’t eat sweet snacks. But when he feels like he has low blood sugar he eats a piece of chocolate.
— XIA really wants to visit Indonesia as of January 2020. (Sound K 01/08/20)
— He won Best Actor Award at 2019 Stagetalk Audience Choice Awards.
— XIA is the first Korean solo singer to hold a concert in Mexico that took place in 2012.
— He used to be under C-JeS Entertainment before joining his own agency PALMTREE ISLAND on November 10, 2021.
XIA (Kim Junsu)’s Ideal Type: “I am always thinking that it would be nice to have a girlfriend. I haven’t set an ideal style in terms of looks, but personality-wise, a polite and feminine woman is my ideal. [I like people who are] bright, cheerful, positive and enjoy sports.”

XIA in Drama Series:
Introverted Boss (내성적인 보스) | tvN, 2017 – Himself [Ep.1]
The scent of a Woman (여인의 향기) | SBS, 2011 – Himself [Ep.5]
Vacation (베케이션) | OCN, 2006 – Himself

XIA in Musicals:
The 10th Anniversary of Mozart! (뮤지컬 ‘모차르트!’ 10주년 기념공연) | 2020.06.16 ~ 2020.08.23 – Wolfgang Mozart (x)
Dracula (드라큘라) | 2020.02.11 ~ 2020.06.07 – Count Dracula
Xcalibur (뮤지컬 ‘엑스칼리버’) | 2019.06.15 ~ 2019.08.04 – King Arthur
Elisabeth – Seoul (엘리자벳 – 서울) | 2018.11.17 ~ 2019.02.10 – Tod [Death]
Death Note (뮤지컬 데스노트) | 2017.01.03 ~ 2017.01.26 – L Lawliet (Last musical before military enlistment)
Death Note Showcase (뮤지컬 데스노트 쇼케이스) | 2016.12.19 – L Lawliet
Dorian Gray (도리안 그레이) | 2016.09.03 ~ 2016.10.29 – Dorian Gray
Dracula (드라큘라) | 2016.01.23 ~ 2016.02.09 – Count Dracula
Dracula (드라큘라) | 2014.07.15 ~ 2014.09.05 – Count Dracula
December – Busan (디셈버 – 부산) | 2014.02.07 ~ 2014.02.16 – Jiwook
December (디셈버) | 2013.12.16 ~ 2014.01.29 – Jiwook
December Production Showcase (디셈버 제작쇼케이스) | 2013.10.31 – Jiwook
Elisabeth (엘리자벳) | 2013.07.26 ~ 2013.09.07 – Tod [Death]
Elisabeth (엘리자벳) | 2012.02.08 ~ 2012.05.13 – Tod [Death]
Mozart! (뮤지컬 모차르트) | 2011.05.24 ~ 2011.07.03 – Wolfgang Mozart
Tears of Heaven (천국의 눈물) | 2011.02.01 ~ 2011.03.19 – Junhyung
Mozart! (뮤지컬 모차르트) | 2010 – Wolfgang Mozart

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