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Lee Seoyeon (Fromis_9) Profile & Facts

Seoyeon Profile:

Stage Name: Seoyeon (서연)
Birth Name: Lee Seo-yeon (이서연)
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: January 22, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 157 cm (5’1″)
Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
Blood Type: A

Seoyeon Facts:
– Seoyeon likes romance, hero and animation movies.
– Seoyeon likes Tori Kelly, Rihanna, DeanHeize, and Arin from Oh My Girl.
– Seoyeon likes BMO from Adventure Time and has many BMO merchandise.
– Seoyeon has a lot of chokers.
– Favorite Color: Red, Black.
– She’s afraid of water (some kind of Aquaphobia).
– She really likes gummy bear candy and milk tea.
– She almost burnt the Fromis_9 dorm during FB live.
– Chaeyoung said that her first impression of her was that she was very chic.
– She is good at learning choreographies.
– She and Jiheon is the most fashionable member of Fromis_9.
– family : Father (born in 1966), Mother (born in 1967), 2 big brothers.
– Seoyeon’s nickname is “Sleepy Head” because she has big dark circles under her eyes naturally. In the early days of Idol School, people thought she had the circles because she wasn’t sleeping. Her big dark circles had appeared already during her childhood.
– She was a trainee for 7 years, 9 months. She was a trainee since she was in fourth grade, at YG Entertainment, and was a part of the YG trainee group named “Future 2NE1”.
– When Seoyeon sleeps, she likes to stretch her hand over her head.
– She is known as a big fan of the girl-band OH MY GIRL, along with Nagyung. She’s a fan of OH MY GIRL’s Arin.
– Seoyeon’s favorite colors are black and red. The members presented her a red knit as a birthday present.
– She does not have SNS. According to Instagram Live with Shin Si-a (신시아), whom has a great friendship with her, her father’s objection was severe and she could not create an account.
– Seoyeon has some kind of aquaphobia, she is afraid of water.
– Seoyeon is good at learning choreography.
– She can do popping dance (TBS fact in the star 2018).
– Seoyeon ranked 7th in Idol School with 61,083 votes.
Motto: “Even if both doing and not doing things will end up as a regret. Let’s go with do things and regret”.
– Seoyeon, Saerom, Nagyung, and Jiheon share a room on the 2nd floor – “Mommy and The Kids Room”, because the room consists of the oldest members and the maknae line.
– Hometown: Seoul, South Korea.
– She has two older brothers.
– Seoyeon is a former YG trainee, and was a part of YG trainee group called “Future 2NE1”.
– Seoyeon appared in GD&TOP’s “Knock Out” MV.
– Nickname: Sleepy Head, Baby Panda.
– The members call Seoyeon “Baby Panda”.
– Education: SOPA (but she gave up in order to pursue her music career)
– Seoyeon is the oldest unnie of Bbang bbang (2000 liners) of Fromis_9.
– Attractive Point: Waist.

Welcome to Heal Inn (VLIVE, 2018)

TV Shows:
Idol School (Mnet, 2017)

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