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ONE Profile: ONE Facts and Ideal Type
ONE (원) is a South Korean solo singer who debuted on July 11, 2017 under YG Entertainment. On July 17, 2019 he left YG Entertainment and opened his own entertainment company called Private Only.

Stage Name: ONE (원)
Birth Name: Jung Jae-won (정제원)
Birthday: March 29, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Nationality: Korean
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @_onedayonething_ / @onlyoneprivate
Youtube: Private Only

ONE Facts:
– He used to be apart of 1PUNCH with Kim Samuel (P101 S2 contestant) under Brave Entertainment.
– His family includes his father, mother, and older brother.
– He can speak a bit of Chinese and English.
– He signed to YG Entertainment in September of 2015.
– He participated in “Show Me the Money” seasons 4 and 5.
– He is shy and funny.
– His stage name “One” comes from “Won” of his first name “Jae-won”.
– One of his favorite artists is Big Sean.
– He likes the colors blue and lime.
– His favorite animal is a dog.
– He has 7 tattoos.
– He likes Quentin Tarantino (film director) films.
– He wants to travel to different parts of the world to meet his fans.
– He would like to travel to Greece as a vacation to himself.
– He can drink up to 2-3 bottles of soju (Korean alcohol) and still be sober.
– He wants to collaborate with IU.
– He prefers cold weather over hot weather.
– He prefers lattes over americanos.
– He prefers staying home over hanging out with friends.
– He is currently studying Japanese.
– He wishes to be close to PSY.
– He is friends with B.I of IKON.
– He is also a songwriter.
– He was in Lee Hi’s “My Star” MV.
– He made his acting debut by starring in Hwayugi.
– He acts in the drama “Her Private Life”.
– He used to be under YG Entertainment (he left YG on July 17, 2019).
– He is currently under his own entertainment company called Private Only.
ONE’s ideal type: Someone who matches him emotionally.

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  • milkbunsehun

    Wow, you must’ve done a ton of research. It was hard for me to find facts about him. lol, thanks for making this!!

  • alli
  • KProfiles

    Unfortunately the Instagram page didn’t seem t work, but we added the other 2 accounts. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  • alli

    Ah his insta is @_onedayonething_ if that helps, it might’ve just been the link I provided. 🙂 No problem!

  • Tazmyn

    All Information from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rY_N_jqDnA&t=81s

    One Facts:
    Like Quentin Tarantino Films
    Likes the colour lime, orginally like blue
    Is still deciding on a fandom name, ideas present; One and Only, or Only one
    He wants another tattoo of a specific flower underneath his arm
    Wants to travel to different parts of the world to meet his fans
    Would like to travel to Greece by himself if he had a vaction
    Has thick Hair, wishers for thinner hair
    His favourite animal is a dog, he has a 15 year old back at his family home which has the name of Dori
    Wants a black dog in the future
    Wants to be known as unique and different from other artists/singers
    Can drink up to 2-3 Soju bottles and still be sober
    Wants to collaborate with IU and The Black Skirts
    Really likes Pork Belly Barbaque
    Prefers Cold weather over Hot weather
    Prefers English over Maths
    Prefers Cloudy day over Clear day
    Prefers Latte over Americano
    Prefers film over drama
    Prefers staying at home than going out with friends
    Is studying Japanese at the moment
    If he could, he wishes he could be close with Psy
    Ideal Type: innocent and pure kind of girl, uplifting girl but shows feeling of sadness at times. Someone positive, similar to his mother. Prefers same age, can’t choose between older or younger. Believes that she can be both cute and sexy. Hair style preference changes from short to long.

  • astreria

    super late, sorry about that. but thank you for providing many facts! i have updated it 🙂

  • kiyme

    he’s super talented


    He has another instagram account : @onlyoneprivate

  • Rinrene

    ONE played Lee Hi’s boyfriend in her “My Star” MV

  • Rinrene
  • Rinrene
  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the gif proof, it’s really appreciated, you received credits in the post! 🙂

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    Is that Instagram also official/his personal Instagram or is a fan account?

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    That is His personal instagram. @_onedayonething_ are manage by the staff.

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  • Ongie

    Now I’m shocked…He really wants to come to Greece? I’m from Greece and I didn’t know that. He is my ultimate omg I’m crying rn. Thanks for giving me this information..x_x

  • viverz_np

    I read on this amino page that he’s bisexual? Is it true? (I’m not hating or anything I just find it super cool) It could just be false information.

  • SAJ Sakura

    He looks mixed! Is he mixed? or it’s just because some of his features are a bit western

  • Lee Min Aeri

    He is friends with B.I of IKON.
    He is a songwriter.

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the additional info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Ella

    Could you do a profile on OFFONOFF and BUMZU ??

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  • Minhyukstgf

    hi, im trying to stan one but i dont know where to start. Are they any shows/ interviews that hes in? (with eng sub :)). help a stan out 🙂 <3

  • Jocelyn Vergara

    when YG Entertainment releases teaser about One’s comeback?

  • Fatty

    He stars on a show called Hwayugi (Korean odyssey).

  • Rafaella Orbe

    My One and Only ONEEEEEEEEE

  • karie <3

    He has also a drama named Drama Stage: Anthology : )

  • heizekiell _025

    his my one and only baby!~~

  • Nica Vallar

    He’s close with BlackPink Roseanne Park. He says it on Hongki’s Kiss the Radio or something. He says, “I’m close to this girl in the company, but recently haven’t been talking much because she just debuted as well. She’s a girl with a unique voice.”

  • Nha Khanh Ly

    54 kg !?!?!?

  • xxnataliiixx

    I want to punch in the face those 132 people who voted for ‘He is overrated’ .. like are you dumb or what?

  • s_ree 🤙🏼

    oh really!?

  • Elizabeth Travis

    Does he still make music ?…. Will he make more music ?…..

  • Kawaii_Happiness

    there was a teaser in May of this year, but nothing has come

  • Kawaii_Happiness

    this drama is awesome

  • jaewoniebae

    jaewon said in a livestream that he’s working on a new album…and that he will release it soon

  • guranda

    What about his family? We don’t know who they are?

  • Stan ExO&TwiCe

    He played in the drama “A Korean Odyssey” from 2017

  • sanatched

    he was referring to lisa not rosé

  • ANNA `

    dear YG, he wants comeback wtf.

  • Not your hoe

    No he wasn’t. Lisa can’t even sing

  • Katrina

    Why is he not part of BeatEVO YG? Please notice me^^ Thank you so much^°^

  • Ken Neth

    He is a lead role in a TV series titled “HER PRIVATE LIFE” as Cha Shi An.

  • Ken Neth

    He said that both his parents are artists (Krunk Inside w/ ONE EP.

  • Ken Neth
  • Kei An Lendio

    He is currently active as an actor under YG STAGE. He acted in dramas like Hwayugi, Drama Stage: Anthology, Her Private Life and his first movie “Goodbye Summer”.

  • 𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚝𝚎

    One is currently an acting on the drama called “Her Private Life” he is playing a role of an idol star named Cha Si An and he in a group called White Ocean.

  • bioglar

    He also has a role in Arthdal chronicles as young Tagon. Although it’s probably going to be just a cameo role…

  • Kira

    I just saw him in arthdal chronicles and I must say he looks so deliciously handsome

  • Jai

    He writes his own music. He actually wrote his song “HEYAHE”
    He is close with Gray and Simon D wherein he collaborated in SMTM 5 with the song “Everyone be comfortable/Comfortable”