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Quiz: Can You Guess the Female K-pop Idol Based on Their Eyes?

Directions: Guess the female K-pop idol based on their eyes with the choices that are given. There is a total of 15 questions. Good luck!

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Can You Guess the Female K-pop Idol Based on Their Eyes? I got %%score%% of %%total%% right

quiz made by astreria 

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  • Inka

    11 of 15
    So happy

  • taewoo26

    13/15 cause i’m new to k-pop !😅

  • Sanajaff

    I got 13 of 15 right
    i wasn’t sure about lucy and haebin 🙂

  • Ma-Ki

    this was suuuuper fun!
    I’m so proud of my result I made 12 correct, I don’t know yet the girls from fromis_9 and Sonamoo
    I should stan more 😀

  • Orbit Carat 🌰

    oh yeah

  • 정세나


  • Ina Marini

    8/15 I guess I have to work harder😅😅😅😅

  • soup store

    i got 9 damn, and i thought i was a gg trash -_-

  • Jheneil Joson Magno

    12/15 ohh yeahh

  • xue

    I thought Hayoung’s was Yuri’s lol

  • Miyawaki Arukas

    damn 14/15 sksks i didnt cheat btw im emo

  • Okay

    got 13 on first try lmao

  • Kate

    15 n the first try somehow

  • Jyp_in_your_area

    15 of 15. Wasn’t expecting that..

  • suga.topia

    11/15 lol I don’t stan many GG, so I’ll admit that I guessed on most

  • Miyo Chan!

    15 of 15. Wasn’t expecting, wow

  • Ŝ Jádiid

    I guess 11/15.. hahaha 😂 I find hayoung faster then other .

  • Lalisannie

    14/15 Omg.. I got wrong in Gugudan Haebin eyes, I thought she’s Sonamoo Nahyun XD

  • Divine Angelique Lusica Daquis

    I got 11 over 15!!!!

  • Dylan

    The chae sisters one is a trick question haha chaeyon and chaeryong’s eyes are exactly the same lol

  • thesprinklellama

    12/15, wow i did better than i thought i would. i’m proud gg trash 😤

  • kimi

    10/15 hehe

  • Madeline Teo Yuen Ling

    14/15 sorry haebin

  • -`安 ́-


  • TJ Zaide

    11/15 omaygaaad i didn’t even know i’ve got some of the girls i really not familiar to

  • DADA 1630

    12/15 HAHAHAHHA chamba

  • JynxYNSKxJsk

    14/15! Sorryyyy boA hihihi :>

  • Omega

    14/15 LOOOOL

  • reveluv multi

    15/15! ♡

  • Precious

    I only knew 9 of these girls personally, but I actually got 12. LMAO.

  • Precious

    Haebin’s eyes, kind of looked like Kim Jisoo.

  • Catherine Lee
  • injeolmi huang

    same i guess it by the hair colour LOL!

  • ᴬᴸᴱˣᴬ

    Gurlll! I sucked!i have 7 outta of 15

  • angel kaye pandawatnon

    14 over 15.. even I didn’t know all kpop female member.. i just did it.. amazing

  • Tadashi Hatsuke


  • siska m.

    13/15 Chaeryoung VS chaeyeon

  • Alex

    Got 13/15 cause I lost my mind in Chaeryoung and Chaeyeon. But my first choice was Chaeryoung I just don’t believe in my self. And I dont know who’s Haebin.

  • Guest

    I got 10/15 actually pretty proud of myself because I thought I did really bad.

  • U touch me diNgdOnG me tRaLAla

    Lolz I only knew like … maybe none of them rlly well I just eliminated and put according to their names and see the familiar ones. I got 7/15 lol the fudge

  • Eunwoo’s Left Leg

    6/15 lol but I’m more of a boy group stan so I guess it makes sense

  • ☆ ciz ☆

    I got 12/15!! I feel great even though i guessed on like 3 of them XD

  • ☆ ciz ☆

    Yeah the chaeryoung and chaeyeon one was super hadd since both sisters looks alike!

  • Wenrene Wenever

    15/15 Being a huge girl group stan, this was pretty easy

  • Krizia Dangaran


  • Jasmin Plays
  • Hancis_


  • Fzxxhs shaaa


  • vampire hunter


  • Yuta <3


  • Lucee.13

    I guessed 6 of them but I got 11/15. XD!

  • 13/15

  • kiyeowo


  • 타라


  • Multi-fandomxx123

    Cuz they’re sisters lol

  • Multi-fandomxx123

    14/15! Oooooooof! I got wrong on No.2 instead of answering Hayoung I answered Heejin!

  • Gumi Megpoid


  • Angela

    I guessed all except 3, and got 12/15.

  • Zizi

    8/15, I think I should just leave

  • A.Y.M

    14/15 The Chae sisters got me.

  • Saidy

    I got 12/15 🙂

  • fluteseok

    10/15. i feel proud considering I actually don’t know about 1/3 of these idols or even seen their faces…


    11/15 but I second guessed myself on two of them and how was I suppose to know it was the other sister when they look exactly alike?

  • Cause KDRAMA is my LIFE!!!

    14/15 because of chayeon and chaeryeong !!!!!!

  • Yujin’ s Property

    15 out of 15

  • Silver


  • Gigi

    13 out of 15✨