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Quiz: Can you guess the SHINee MV screenshot?


Special: In memoriam – Kim Jonghyun

4.8.1990 – 12.18.2017 ♡
You did well, Jonghyun! ♡

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Can you guess the SHINee MV screenshot? I got %%score%% of %%total%% right

quiz made by astreria ✁

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  • Aliya

    I’m not a Shaowl, but I loved doing this quiz. Thank you, thank you, thank you! RIP Jonghyun, you did well! <3

  • wannable

    8 out of 10 so proud! thank u for this quiz!!!!

  • Ankara

    7 points but loved it! thanks!

  • Alguna Poráhi

    9/10 !

  • Elvania Nasida

    10 of 10..
    You’ve done well, you’ve worked hard my dear

  • sowonella

    10/10 ♡
    You will be missed, Jonghyun

  • Alwayz

    9/10 Cant believe I missed Sherlock. Will miss you bae…

  • N

    Got 7/10 pretty good I guess. RIP Jonghyun. We will miss you.

  • Annyoung


  • Qie

    I don’t even know how to thank you for this!!!!!

  • Almira Lisantika


    Eventhough I never say that I am Shawol, but SHINee has grown up with me. They will be always in my heart 🙂 Especially, my most fave one Jonghyun. You’ve become part of my life. Love you

  • nganti


  • Insta: jonghyun.abs

    R.I.P. Jonghyun ♥ :'(

    I’m a big Shawol. That Quiz was really easy. ^^ Got everything correct.

  • That was very easy. Just seeing the screenshots made me miss Jjong again, but I have decided that instead of being sad I am just going to celebrate his life and his accomplishments.

    10/10 cause Jjong was always so visually appealing that I watched every MV at least 20+ times XD

  • Hanna Jung Park

    i just got 2/10

  • anusha varghese

    10/10 newbiee shinee lover.. yet gone completely crazy over them!!

  • Ranee Nii

    Got 10/10 😁~
    seriously SHINee was my first kpop group that i’m very interested around 2009 with their song called “ Ring ding dong ” and since that time i’m getting fanatics with them.

    You will be missed Jonghyun 💕
    p/s : around 2009 i was only 9 y/o and now 18 this year. I’m had grown up with 5hinee💎😭😭

  • Christine Yu

    Got 9/10!!
    Shinee is my first kpop group that i like!!!
    Miss You Jonghyun!!!!!!

  • Karen Teixeira

    9/10 yes!!!!

  • hikarinnn

    Totally late to this game but 10/10!!!!! I’ll forever be a Shawol and I love my boys and so proud of them!!

  • FangirlCaty

    10/10 :’)
    I’ll forever love this boys, my SHINee is 5

  • Mai Anh Do


  • Jae Lee

    9/10 yaaay

  • Insert Name Here

    I’m not even a Shawol but i still got an 8/10… legends

  • Namgay zam

    7/10 😐😐😐😐😐

  • 5hinee

    My love 10/10. 5hinee guys

  • sxftikonic

    10/10 i love my boys shawol+shinee=forever

  • Dalila Ardi

    8/10 it’s okay 😅

  • nyanko sensei

    10/10 … SHAWOL INDEED

  • Faye Allysa Marie Nabarte

    Huahuahua I got 10. No doubt I’m a true SHAWOL 😂

  • Asia Rogers

    10/10 true SHAWOL


    10/10 yeyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sanajaff

    I got 10 of 10 right
    WOW 0-0!!!

  • Simarpreet Kaur

    I got 10 of 10 right. I looked at the picture and chose right in milliseconds.

  • Lovely

    this was too easy

  • Ema

    I think people should get most of these right even if they’re not Shawols… SHINee are legends. ❤

  • 9/10

  • Fabiha Nuzhat

    10/10 ❤

  • Ayasha Sidat

    10/10 5HINee forever

  • Kylie

    Too easy! I got 10/10! SHINee forever

  • Laisa Wadali

    I got 10 of 10 right

    Perfect score! Congrats! 🙂

  • Choi Minki

    5h;nee 4lyfe

  • 10/10 YAS! SHINee basically owns me so there’s no surprise lol

  • Lady K

    yaaasss 10/10!!! :3

  • hoseoksblackbarbie

    10/10, shinee KINGS of kpop iconic, stan talent stan shinee PERIODT.

  • Drama Yeoja

    9/10 The hand one threw me off. lol