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FYKE Members Profile and Facts

FYKE Members Profile: FYKE Facts

FYKE is a 5 member band located in California whose music focuses mainly on social issues, mental health, and dark human emotions. The name of the band comes from the name of the type of large fishing net called fyke that is used to catch fish. The band wanted to use this name in order to capture audiences with their music.
FYKE debuted on February 24th, 2017 with 3 members (Enik, Steven, Mikee), later adding to the member count with 2 additional members (Gerard, Justin). They are currently signed under Universal Music International.

FYKE Fandom Name: 
FYKE Official Logo: An octopus

FYKE Official Accounts:
Twitter: @fykemusic
Instagram: @fykemusic
Facebook: Fyke
Youtube: Fyke
Website: Fyke
Soundcloud: Fyke

FYKE Members:


Stage Name: Enik
Birth Name: Enik Lin
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Producer, Mix Engineer
Birthday: May 6
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: AB
Nationality:  Taiwanese
Height: 179 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Instagram: @iamenik
Twitter: @IAM_ENIK 
Facebook: Enik Lin

Enik Facts:
– Before creating FYKE he was a member of the South Korean band Royal Pirates.
– He owns two male corgies, Cubby & Mowgli.
– His religion is Christianity.
– He does daily Q&A’s on his Instagram.
– His role model is his mother.
– To him the most important things are 1. God, 2. Family (Including his corgies) and 3. Friends.
– He was born into a family of musicians.
– His favorite animated series is Ricky and Morty.
– He speaks English, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese.
– His book is Harry Potter.
– His favorite Marvel movie is Guardians Of The Galaxy.
– Japanese food is one of his favorites.
– His most treasured childhood memory is the memory of his friend Andy who stood by him when other kids bullied him.
– If he could be in any other profession aside from the music industry he would want to be an animal rescuer.
– His most meaningful tattoo is the ”Fishers Of Men” tattoo on his right arm.
– His favorite FYKE song is ”Favorite Mistake” while the most meaningful one is “Vices”.
– If he could be a mythical creature he would be a Werewolf.
– What he values most in a friendship is Loyalty, Honesty, Trust, Empathy.
– His favorite type of music is rock.
– He wants to be remembered by making a difference.
– He doesn’t drink coffee.
– He prefers day over night.
– He has some kind of phobia which keeps him from stepping on grass barefoot and he is scared of heights.
– His first love was a girl named Jenett Kim, he was 16 at the time.
– His inspiration to create music comes from his life experiences and social issues.
– He adores animals.
– He plays the piano, violin, guitar, bass, and drums.
– His biggest fear is losing the people he loves / Feeling alone.
– He got a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design.
– He does Snowboarding and Muay Thai Kickboxing.
– He loves art.
– His top 3 dog breeds: Corgi, German Shepard, Yorkies.
– He would love to visit Japan Fox Island.
– He has known Steven and Justin for a very long time, they even played in other bands together.
– He is good friends with James Lee and Amber Liu.
Enik’s Ideal Type: “A girl who loves God more than she’ll ever love me. She needs to be down to earth, funny, know what it’s like to struggle but not be overcome by it. She needs to be kind with her words and encouragement. Supportive of what God calls me to do. Have a gigantic heart, love animals especially Cubby and Mowgli, love music and the power of it. She has to be patient.”


Stage Name: Justin
Birth Name: Justin Wright
Position: Guitarist
Birthday: November 11
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type:
Nationality:  –
Instagram: @the_justin_wright
Facebook: Justin Wright

Justin Facts:
– He is a hockey enthusiast, and self-proclaimed cat dad.
– He has known Steven and Enik for a very long time, they even played in other bands together.


Stage Name: Gerard
Birth Name: Gerard Christian
Position: Drummer
Zodiac Sign: –
Blood Type:
Nationality:  –
Instagram: @gerardchristianmusic
Facebook: Gerard Christian
Youtube: Gerard Christian Music

Gerard Facts:
– He claims to have been “picked up” by Mikee who saw him play drums and asked him to join the band.
– He is currently in a relationship.


Stage Name: Mikee
Birth Name: Mikee Fabella
Position: Bassist, Backing vocals
Birthday: August 8, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood Type:
Nationality:  –
Instagram: @mikeemcfly
Twitter: @mikeeturtle
Facebook: Mikee Fabella

Mikee Facts:
– Lover of mac & cheese and Oreo McFlurry’s.
– He is currently in a relationship.
– He joined the band after Steven invited him to try some vocals for one of the new tracks.


Stage Name: Steven
Birth Name: Steven Delman
Position: Guitarist
Zodiac Sign: –
Blood Type:
Nationality:  American
Instagram: @stevendelman
Twitter: @stevendelman
Facebook: Steven Delman

Steven Facts:
– He was born in Long Beach, California and currently resides in Riverside, California.
– He has known Justin and Enik for a very long time, they even played in other bands together.

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