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GIRIBOY Profile and Facts

GIRIBOY Profile, Facts and Ideal Type:

GIRIBOY is a South Korean Rapper, Songwriter, and Producer signed to Just Music.
He debuted in 2011 with, ‘You Look So Good To Me’.

Rap Name: GIRIBOY / 기리보이
Birth Name: Hong Siyoung / 홍시영
Birthday: 24th of January, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 176cm / 5’9″
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram 1: giriboy91
Instagram 2: grboyworld
Instagram 3: 2252_official
YouTube: Giriboy World
SoundCloud: giriboy_wybh

GIRIBOY facts:
– His MBTI is INFP.
– Nickname: Zero languages.
– From Banghak-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– Education: Sinbanghak MS, Changdong HS, Kukje Uni. of Arts.
– Nickname comes from his frustrated way of talking during interviews.
– His rap name means “to see the way” which for him means that things in front of him are bright and promising.
– The Vice President of Just Music.
– CEO of WEDAPLUGG Records.
– Founder of I4P which was created in 2018.
I4P is a clothing, accessories, etc. business.
– A member of the Do’main crew, and BUCKWILDS crew.
– Member of Truck so big crew and the WYBH crew.
– GIRI got his driver license in August of 2021.
– Currently rasing a cream poodle named Doldol.
– If he could live someone else’s life, he’d choose Leonardo DiCaprio‘s.
– GIRI fell in love with Leonardo’s actings in Django Unchained.
– On his YouTube channel, he uploads vlogs, Lego assembling and figure reviews.
– When he was younger, he used to work part time at McDonald’s.
– GIRI has an guitar which he bought randomly.
– He can’t really drink alcohol, but he enjoys drinking.
– If someone hands him a glass, he’d drink it.
– Tends to contact friends and invite them when he’s drinking.
– He prefers dogs over cats.
– Has 3 tattoos of cats.
– His tattoos doesn’t really have any meanings.
– GIRI’s dad is currently handling his money for him.
– The ramen he likes the most is Samyang Ramyeon.
– He cannot eat seaweed.
– Too many favorite foods.
– He prefers glasses over hats.
– Former contestant on SMTM3.
– Former mentor on No Mercy, an Hip Hop survival show.
– He was a producer in SMTM9 alongside Zion.T.
ZION.T is the artist whom GIRI gets the most influenced from.
– If he had started music as a hobby, he’d feel less burden; biggest regret.
– In his free time, he enjoys lego assembling, watching YT and shopping.
– A song of his he feels much attached to is All Day.
– In 2015, he collaborated with Soyou and Monsta X‘s Kihyun with the song Pillow.
– He made an apperance on KBS2‘s Hello Counselor in Dec. of 2018.
– Known to have a large female following.
– When nobody reacts to a comment made by him, he suddenly introduce himself to break the ice.
– He wishes to collaborate with DPR LIVE.
– GIRI’s planning to work with BIG Naughty forever.
– According to him, BIG Naughty is like a son to him.
– An apperance on VOGUE KOREA was made in Nov. of 2021.
– He made an apperance on LEARN WAY 2 in November of 2021.
– In December of 2020, he released an MV for It was Love.
– GIRI released the MV for ‘You Turned Around in October of 2021.
– In late October of 2021, he was featured on Hoody‘s ‘D-Day.
– In Jan. of 2022, he released a single ‘One Snowy Day‘ featuring SOLE.
– GIRI released an album ‘DEMOTAPE‘ in Feb. of 2022 featuring various artists.
GIRIBOY’s Ideal Type: A cute stylish girl with short hair.

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Latest Album Release: DEMOTAPE

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