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Gabie Kook Profile and Facts

Gabie Kook Profile and Facts

Gabie Kook is a 31-year-old Korean youtuber and chef based in London, who also released a series of Kpop song covers.

Name: Gabie (아르헨티나 출신의 셰프)
Korean Name: Kook Gabie (국가비)
English Name: Gabriella Kook
Birthday: October 8, 1988
Zodiac: Libra
Nationality: French/American
Ethnicity: Korean
Blood type: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Instagram: @gabiekook
Youtube: Gabie Kook

Gabie Kook facts:
-She got to the top two of Master Chef Korea in 2014
-Kook is married to Josh Carrott
-Gabie was studying art but moved on to Cooking
-It’s said that she looks like Nayeon from TWICE
-She released a series of Kpop song covers.
-Gabie speaks four languages fluently. French, Korean, English and  Spanish
-She loves pulling pranks and laughing.
-Gabie was born in Argentina.
-At the beginning of her vlogs, she always makes a drink to drink as she talks.
-Gabie has lived in Spain, France, Korea, The U.S.A., and The U.K.
-She lived in Korea for only three years.
-One of her favorite foods is Jokbal (족발).
-She studied in Spain.
-She loves seaweed soup because her mother used to make it for her.
-Gabie loves spicy food.
-When asked what her favorite country was she refused to answer.
-The language she speaks the most in her videos is Korean, but she speaks more English in real life.
-She is currently living in London, U.K.

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