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NRG Members Profile

NRG Members Profile: NRG Facts
NRG (New Radiancy Group) (엔알지) currently consists of 3 members: Sungjin, Myunghoon, Yoomin. Hwansung passed away on June 15, 2000. Sunghoon departed from the group in 2004. NRG debuted on October 28, 1997, under Music Factory Entertainment. NRG disbanded in 2005, but reunited for their 20 year anniversary on October 28, 2017.

NRG Fandom Name: Cheonjae Ilwoo
NRG Official Fan Color: Pink

NRG Official Accounts:

NRG Members Profile:

Stage Name: Sungjin (성진)
Birth Name: Lee Sungjin (이성진)
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Birthday: February 5, 1977
Zodiac: Aquarius
Instagram: @7725sj

Sungjin facts:
Sungjin and Myunghoon debuted under a duet called HamoHamo in 1996.
– Sungjin was arrested in 2010 on allegations of fraud.
– Sungjin lost his driving license due to drunk driving back in 2011.
– Sungjin has a silver tooth on his bottom left row.
– In 2018 Sungjin admitted that he was suicidal.
– Sungjin is known as a very honest person.
– On February 13th 2022, Sungjin announced that he will be getting married.

Stage Name: Myunghoon (명훈)
Birth Name: Cheon Myunghoon (천명훈)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: April 6, 1978
Zodiac: Aries
Instagram: @chun_myung_hoon

Myunghoon facts:
Sungjin and Myunghoon debuted under a duet called HamoHamo in 1996, Sunghoon and Yoomin were back up dancers for the duet.
– Myunghoon’s father passed away in 2019, before Myunghoon could meet him after 10 years of not seeing him.

Stage Name: Yoomin (유민)
Birth Name: Noh Gap-Seong (노갑성)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: October 12, 1980
Zodiac: Libra
Instagram: @noumincofe

Yoomin facts:
– In 1996 Yoomin and Sunghoon were back up dancers for Sungjin‘s and Myunghoon‘s duet called HamoHamo.
– Yoomin has 2 daughters named.

Member For Eternity:

Stage Name: Hwansung (환성)
Birth Name: Kim Hwansung (김환성)
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: February 14, 1981
Zodiac: Aquarius

Hwansung facts:
– Hwansung’s English name was Antonio.
– Hwansung was in a trio called Kkaebi kkaebi and then in a project group with Shoo (S.E.S), Son Hoyoung and Danny Ahn from g.o.d before he debuted in NRG.
– Hwansung was friends with Kangta from H.O.T.
– Hwansung complained of abdominal pains and had a high fever. He was hospitalized, though doctors were initially unsure of what was causing his illness. His health rapidly deteriorated, he was diagnosed with malignant viral pneumonia, eventually lapsing into a coma and placed on life support when doctors pronounced him brain dead. Hwansung’s parents decided to remove him from life support. He died on June 15, 2000, at only 19 years old.

Former Member:

Stage Name: Sunghoon (성훈)
Birth Name: Moon Sunghoon (문성훈)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: October 15, 1980
Zodiac: Libra
Instagram: @moonsinza

Sunghoon facts:
– In 1996 Sunghoon and Yoomin were back up dancers for Sungjin‘s and Myunghoon‘s duet called HamoHamo.
– Sunghoon left for unspecified reasons.
– In 2012 Sunghoon revealed he had a child and that he divorced from his wife.
– In 2018, NRG reunited as 4 with Sunghoon in a show.
– Sunghoon keeps in touch with all the members.

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