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Viral Affair Members Profile

Viral Affair Members Profile

Viral Affair (바이럴 어페어) is a 4 member boy group under ZradeMusic consisting of Haesung, YJ, Chulho and Minsung. They released a pre debut song on April 19, 2020 called 659. They officially debuted on September 27, 2021 with EP Align.

Viral Affair Fandom Name:
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Viral Affair Social Media:
Instagram: viral_affair
Twitter: Viral_Affair
Facebook: Viral Affair
Youtube: Viral Affair
Website: ZradeMusic

Viral Affair Members:

Stage Name: Haesung (해성)
Birth Name: Im Haesung (임해성)
Position: Vocal, Midi*, Guitar, Songwriting, Composing
Birthday: 1995
Blood Type:

Haesung Facts:
– From when he was 1 year old till grade 1, he lived in Germany or United Kingdom.
– From Grade 2 until 1st grade of high school, he lived in Korea.
– From 2nd grade of high school till 3rd grade of high school he lived in Russia or Germany.
– He is going to Yonsei University and he is studying nanoscience engineering. He is in his 4th year.
– He likes to think of himself as a hybrid global person as he has experienced by Korean and foreign cultures.
– His specialty is smooth English communication, good English communication, harmonizing and he can sing while playing the guitar.
– His favorite bands are Ellegarden and Nothing but Thieves.
– His goal is success with music.


Stage Name: YJ
Birth Name: Kim Yoonjong (김윤중)
Position: Vocal, Guitar, Composing
Birthday: 1997
Blood Type:

YJ Facts:
– He is going to Yonsei University and majoring in Creative Technology Management. He is in his 3rd year (as 2022).
– He has experience with global cultures like North American, European and Asian music/culture.
– His specialties are native English speaker, advanced French, stock, cooking, magazine and studying. He was a best student.
– His favorite bands are Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, and Muse.
– His goal is to perform at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK.


Stage Name: Chulho (철호)
Birth Name: Lee Chulho (이철호)
Position: Drummer, Midi*, Guitar, Songwriting and Composing
Birthday: 1998
Blood Type:

Chulho Facts:
– He is going to Yonsei University and he is majoring in economics. He is in his 3rd year (as 2022).
– He has loved in China and Hong Kong.
– His specialty is English communication.
– His goal is to perform at the O2 Arena in London, UK.


Stage Name: Minsung (민성)
Birth Name: Kim Minsung (김민성)
Position: Maknae, Bass
Birthday: 1999
Height: 189cm (6’2″)
Blood Type:

Minsung Facts:
– He is going to Yonsei University and is studying Information Interaction Design. He is in his 3rd year (as 2022).
– He is the youngest but also the tallest.
– His favorite band is My Chemical Romance.
– His goal is becoming a global rock star.
– It is unclear if he lived abroad.

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*MIDI is a kind of convention that rules out each signal to send and receive digital signals between electronic musical instruments by reducing the digital interface of musical instruments. In other words, it can be said that the standard of the signaling system of the language and the passage that can be exchanged between the instrument and the computer, the instrument and the instrument. If any electronic musical instrument is made according to this standard, it can be said that the electronic musical instrument supports MIDI. There are many protocols in the MIDI industry, but there are typical MIDI and GS. But now the term MIDI itself is used as the name of a commodity or product.

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