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TREASURE Members Profile

TREASURE Members Profile and Facts
TREASURE (트레저), previously known as TREASURE 13) is made of the members from the survival show YG Treasure Box. The group consists of: Choi Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Yoshi, Junkyu, MashihoYoon Jaehyuk, AsahiBang Yedam, Haruto, DoyoungPark Jeongwoo, and So Junghwan. The group debuted on August 7th, 2020.

TREASURE Fandom Name: Treasure Makers (Teume)
TREASURE Official Fan Colors: Sky Blue

TREASURE Current Dorm Arrangement:
Dorm 1 – Hyunsuk, Yoshi, Junkyu, Haruto (all solo rooms)
Dorm 2 – Jihoon, Mashiho, Doyoung, Jeongwoo (all solo rooms)
Dorm 3 – Jaehyuk, Asahi, Yedam, Junghwan (all solo rooms)

TREASURE Official Accounts:
Instagram: @yg_treasure_official
Twitter: @ygtreasuremaker
Twitter (Members): @treasuremembers
Facebook: Official Treasure
YouTube: Official Treasure
TikTok: @yg_treasure_tiktok

TREASURE Members Profile:
Choi Hyunsuk
Stage Name:
Choi Hyunsuk (현석)
Birth Name: Choi Hyun Suk (최현석)
English Name: Daniel Choi
Possible Position: Co-Leader, Main Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: April 21st, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 171 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Gemstone: Garnet (January Gemstone ~ 1st Member = Eldest) – Meaning Loyalty and Protection
Nationality: Korean
Former Unit: Treasure

Choi Hyunsuk Facts:
– Hyunsuk is from Daegu, South Korea.
– He has a younger brother and younger sister.
– Hyunsuk trained for 5 years (as of July 2020).
– His hobbies are soccer and shopping.
– Hyunsuk’s favorite color is purple. (vLive)
– Hyunsuk can speak a bit of English.
– Hyunsuk collects lip balms.
– His English name is Danny.
– He and TXT‘s Yeonjun share the same English name.
– His inspirations are GD, Zico, Mino, Bobby, B.I, and Suga.
– Hyunsuk is a former MIXNINE trainee, he ranked 5th. (He was in the debuting team, but the debut got canceled).
– He doesn’t like black bean sauce ramen.
– Hyunsuk passed his audition for YG through a partnership with V-Spec Academy.
– His 3 phrases to describe himself is “Fashionista”, ” “Big appetite”, and “Newbie”.
– He says he isn’t confident with his visuals and body proportions.
– Hyunsuk knows how to compose and write songs.
– He performed “Humble” in his introduction video.
– Hyunsuk was the last member to be announced for Treasure.
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Stage Name:
Jihoon (지훈)
Birth Name: Park Ji Hoon (박지훈)
Possible Position: Co-Leader, Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: March 14th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Gemstone: Amethyst (February Gemstone ~ 2nd Member) – Meaning Sincerity and Wisdom
Nationality: Korean
Former Unit: Magnum

Jihoon Facts:
– Jihoon is from Busan, South Korea.
– Has an older brother.
– Jihoon trained for 4 years (as of July 2020).
– He appeared in an episode of Stray Kids (JYP vs YG battle).
– He used to train as Nataraja Academy.
– Jihoon got the most votes as “most promising entertainment star”.
– Treasure J said Jihoon speaks good Japanese.
– He used to wear clear braces.
– Jihoon was the 5th member to be announced for MAGNUM.
– His hobby is looking at different objects and scenery like animals and paintings.
– Jihoon likes to surf.
– His favorite color is red. (vLive)
– His English name is Jun.
– His special talents is holding his breath for more than a minute and 30 seconds.
– Jihoon’s favorite thing is the sky.
— Jihoon is most likely to prank the other members. (Superlatives with Seventeen)
– He performed “Song Goes Off” in his introduction video.
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Stage Name:
Yoshi (요시)
Birth Name: Kanemoto Yoshinori (金本芳典)
Possible Position: Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: May 15th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 179 cm (5’10.5″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Gemstone: Aquamarine (March Gemstone ~ 3rd Member) – Meaning Courage and Wellness
Nationality: Japanese
Former Unit: Magnum

Yoshi Facts:
– Yoshi is from Kobe, Japan.
– He has an older sister.
– Yoshi trained for 4 years (as of July 2020).
– His hobbies are skateboarding, graffiti and watching anime.
– His English name is Jaden.
– Yoshinori knows how to beat box.
– His favorite color is gold. (vLive)
— Yoshi and Jeongwoo are the most talkative. (Superlatives with Seventeen)
– His father passed away when he was in 7th grade.
– His motto is “Let’s live together with music”.
— Yoshi talks to himself a lot. (Superlatives with Seventeen)
— Yoshi and Junghwan eat the most. (Superlatives with Seventeen)
– Yoshinori likes to write songs and compose beats.
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Stage Name:
Junkyu (준규)
Birth Name: Kim Jun Kyu (김준규)
Possible Position: Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: September 9th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Gemstone: Diamond (April Gemstone ~ 4th Member) – Meaning Innocence and Love
Nationality: Korean
Former Unit: Treasure

Junkyu Facts:
– He was born in Chungju, North Chungcheong province, South Korea.
– Has an older brother.
– His nicknames are Koala and Handsome koala because he thinks he looks like a Koala when he smiles.
– Junkyu was a child model and has been in many CF’s and photoshoots.
– Junkyu attended Def Dance Skool with Doyoung.
– Junkyu trained for 7 years (as of July 2020).
– He has 2 cats: Ruby and Aengdu (Cherry). He addressed both of his cats as “noona”.
– His favorite color is black. (vLive)
– He got the most votes as “physical genius”. They said Junkyu is very tall and has broad shoulders, also his legs are long and slim.
– He was a contestant on MixNine, he ranked 35th place.
– His English name is David.
– Junkyu’s motto is “I know the path I want to take so I’ll at it my way”.
– He’s most confident in his vocals and was told that he has a voice that fits YG’s style.
– Junkyu was the 4th member to announced for Treasure.
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Stage Name:
Mashiho (마시호)
Birth Name: Takata Mashiho (高田ましほ)
Possible Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: March 25th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 169 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Gemstone: Emerald (May Gemstone ~ 5th Member) – Meaning Hope and Happiness
Nationality: Japanese
Former Unit: Magnum

Mashiho Facts:
– Mashiho trained for 7 years (as of July 2020).
– The 3 words he’d use to describe himself are sexy, modest, and confident.
– He thinks his face is cute.
– Mashiho wants to become a singer that helps people have fun and enjoy themselves.
– He performed “Want To Want Me” in his introduction video.
– Mashiho’s hobbies are playing golf, drumming and taking pictures.
– Mashiho’s motto is “Giving joy to others is the greatest gift to oneself.”
– Mashiho appeared as a cafe waiter in AKMU‘s short film.
– Mashiho is left-handed.
— Mashiho has the most aegyo. (Superlatives with Seventeen)
– His favorite color is purple.
– His English name is Mama.
– Mashiho has a dog named “Kotesu” in Japan.
– Mashiho got voted as the most handsome by the other Treasure Box trainees.
– He was the 2nd member to be announced for Magnum.
– Mashiho and Keita (YG trainee) are the first YG Japan trainee (YGTB ep 2).
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Yoon Jaehyuk
Stage Name:
Yoon Jaehyuk (재혁)
Birth Name: Yoon Jae Hyuk (윤재혁)
Possible Position: Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: July 23rd, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Gemstone: Pearl (June Gemstone ~ 6th Member) – Meaning Self-Care and Emotional Healing
Nationality: Korean
Former Unit: Treasure

Yoon Jaehyuk Facts:
– He was born in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
– He was street-cast for YG after school.
– Jaehyuk is left-handed.
– He says Seokhwa is his best partner.
– His English name is Kevin.
– He was eliminated from the show in ep 9, but brought back for the final.
– Jaehyuk has been approached by SM, JYP, CUBE, Woollim, Pledis & Yuehua.
– Jaehyuk trained for almost 3 years (as of July 2020).
– He trained at YG for 6 months.
– He says that he’s a playful and mischievous person.
– His heart flutters when he’s with someone who smells nice.
– His favorite color is black. (vLive)
– His charm is in his face, his left eye, and his way of walking.
– He wants to be a singer because he wants to be on stage in front of many people, He wants to show them his singing and dancing skills.
– Describe yourself in three words: Mischievous, King of casting, and Idol.
– Jaehyuk performed “Ring Ring” by Sik-K for his introduction video
– Jaehyuk was the 6th member to be announced for Treasure.
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Stage Name:
Asahi (아사히)
Birth Name: Hamada Asahi (浜田朝光)
Possible Position: Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: August 20th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Gemstone: Ruby (July Gemstone ~ 7th Member) – Meaning Nobility and Passion
Nationality: Japanese
Former Unit: Magnum

Asahi Facts:
– Has a younger sister and an older sister.
– Asahi trained for almost 3 years (as of July 2020).
– He taught himself how to self compose when he was in middle school.
– His English name is Arthur.
– Asahi’s hobbies are composing, soccer, and football.
– Asahi can continuously kick a soccer ball, his highest record is 1000.
– His favorite food are ramen and sushi. (Pops in Seoul)
– He doesn’t have a favorite color, he likes all colors. (vLive)
– His favorite style of clothes are vintage clothing. (Pops in Seoul)
— Asahi is most likely to embarrass himself. (Superlatives with Seventeen)
– Asahi performed “Lay Me Down” for his introduction video.
– He was the last member to be announced for Magnum.
– His three phrases are “Music is Everything”, “R&B”, and “Sweat Robot”
– Asahi’s motto is “Good attitude, good mood, good music”.
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Bang Yedam
Stage Name:
Bang Yedam (예담)
Birth Name: Bang Ye Dam (방예담)
Possible Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: May 7th, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Gemstone: Peridot (August Gemstone ~ 8th Member) – Meaning Felicity and Creation
Nationality: Korean
Former Unit: Treasure

Bang Yedam Facts:
– Yedam is from Mapo District, Seoul, South Korea.
– Yedam is an only child.
– His nicknames Dami and Yedami.
– Yedam trained for 7 years, almost 8 (as of July 2020).
– His English name is Kyle (T-Map Ep.28).
— Yedam appeared Stray Kids survival show (JYP vs YG battle).
– Yedam participated in the second season of K-Pop Star. He got defeated by his labelmates, AKMU and finished as the runner up.
– His father is Bang Daesik and his mother is Jeong Miyeong.
– Yedam’s parents are both singers.
– He can speak Korean and a bit of English.
– Yedam and Sungyeon are classmates.
– His favorite color is purple. (vLive)
– Yedam is proved to be an amazing composer and even got credited for couple songs from Sechskies.
– He composes songs with Doyoung and says that Doyoung is his best partner.
– His attractive point is that he’s goofy and has a great voice.
– His 3 phrases to describe himself are “17 years old”, “Searched 2000 times”, and “Magically sweet voice”.
– Yedam goes to SOPA, he is under the practical music major.
– He performed Pay Me Rent for his introduction video.
– Yedam was the 2nd member to be announced for Treasure.
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Stage Name:
Doyoung (도영)
Birth Name: Kim Do Young (김도영)
Possible Position: Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: December 4th, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Gemstone: Sapphire (September Gemstone ~ 9th Member) – Meaning Calmness and Beauty of the Heart
Nationality: Korean
Former Unit: Magnum

Doyoung Facts:
– Doyoung is from Seoul, South Korea.
– Has an older brother.
– Doyoung trained for 5 years (as of July 2020).
– His nickname is Dobi (Homebody + Doyoung).
– Doyoung’s hobbies are skateboarding, swimming and playing basketball.
– Doyoung says his main attraction point is his aegyo.
– He performed “Lady in the Glass Dress” for his introduction video.
– His 3 things to describe himself are “Bling Bling”, “Little Cutie”, and “Full of Aegyo”.
– Doyoung appeared in an episode of Stray Kids (JYP vs YG battle).
– Doyoung used to dance with Junkyu and Dohwan in the dance crew Def Skool.
– Doyoung was voted as the 2nd most fashionista in the group.
– His favorite color is yellow. (vLive)
– He and Dohwan are best friends.
– Doyoung is the best at cooking. (Superlatives with Seventeen)
– His motto is “Challenges don’t have an end”.
– Doyoung considers Yedam as his best partner. The two of them write and compose songs together.
– He was the 3rd member to be announced for Magnum.
– His English name is Sam (T-Map Ep.28).
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Stage Name:
Haruto (하루토)
Birth Name: Watanabe Haruto (渡辺春虎)
Possible Position: Main Rapper, Visual
Birthday: April 5th, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 182.8 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 63.5 kg (140 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Gemstone: Opal (October Gemstone ~ 10th Member) – Meaning Focus and Inner Vision
Nationality: Japanese
Former Unit: Treasure

Haruto Facts:
– Haruto is from Fukuoka, Japan.
– He has a little sister.
– His mom is a huge fan of BigBang and has a lot of BigBang merchandise.
– His English name is Travis.
– He thinks that Hyunsuk has the best visuals compared to the others, but he thinks that his visuals beat Hyunsuk’s.
– He thinks his charm is that he has a handsome face, long legs, and attractive eyes.
– Haruto’s 3 phrases that describe himself are “Handsome”, “Youngest rapper”, “Physical”.
– He’s been called “Treasure Box’s Number 1 Visual”.
– His favorite color is black. (vLive)
– He really likes soda. (vLive Debut Special)
– He shares a room with Junkyu.
– Haruto was the first member to be announced for Treasure.
Haruto’s ideal type: someone who emphatizes with his hard work, and a kind person.
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Park Jeongwoo
Stage Name:
Park Jeongwoo (정우)
Birth Name: Park Jeong Woo (박정우)
Possible Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: September 28th, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 180.4 cm (5’11″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Gemstone: Topaz (November Gemstone ~ 11th Member) – Meaning Friendship and Strength
Nationality: Korean
Former Unit: Treasure

Park Jeongwoo Facts:
– Jeongwoo is from Iksan, South Korea.
– Has a brother.
– Jeongwoo attends SOPA.
– He is left-handed.
– He has never missed a day of practice.
– Jeongwoo trained for almost 3 years (as of July 2020).
— Jeongwoo and Yoshi are the most talkative. (Superlatives with Seventeen)
– Jeongwoo likes listening to music, clothes, and food.
— Jeongwoo has the best fashion sense. (Superlatives with Seventeen)
– His strong point is that he can make his voice sound really powerful.
– His favorite color is turquoise. (vLive)
– Three expressions that describe him are “Great reactions”, “Great singer”, and “tanned skin”.
– Jeongwoo and Junghwan came form the same dance academy in Iksan.
– He performed When I Was You Man in his introduction video.
– Jeongwoo was the 5th member to be announced for Treasure.
– His English name is Justin (T-Map Ep.28).
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So Junghwan
Stage Name:
So Junghwan (정환)
Birth Name: So Jung Hwan (소정환)
Possible Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: February 18, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 179.1 cm (5’10.5″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Gemstone: Turquoise (December Gemstone ~ 12th Member) – Meaning Friendship and Compassion
Nationality: Korean
Former Unit: Treasure

So Junghwan Facts:
– Junghwan trained for almost 3 years (as of July 2020).
– Junghwan was in K tigers and is really good at acrobatics.
– Junghwan says Inhong is his best friend.
– His nickname is sloth (Junkyu gave him his nickname).
– His English name is John.
– Junghwan was a child model and appeared in many CF’s.
– If Junghwan is a girl, he will fall for Yedam because his voice will melt him. [SURVEY CAM]
– Three things describing himself are “sparkling eyes”, “Persistent”, and “attractive side”.
– Junghwan’s motto is “Don’t make efforts go in vain.”
– His specialties are Taekwondo and dancing.
– His favorite color is pink. (vLive)
– His attraction points that his sharp jawline and hooked nose are attractive.
– Junghwan and Jeongwoo came form the same dance academy in Iksan.
– He performed Supermarket Flowers in his introduction video.
– Junghwan was the 3rd member to be announced for Treasure.
– Has the same birthday as J-Hope (BTS), DK (SEVENTEEN), and Vernon (SEVENTEEN).
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Treasure Box (Survival Show)

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  • Mashmellow

    mashiho is also a dancer

  • Isabelle

    Lmao me and Jeongwoo have the exact same birthday

  • Gabi

    Jihoon doesn´t have braces anymore

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    Yedam will most likely be a Lead Dancer

  • Bts Stanner

    Junghwan will be a dancer too

  • Jeongwoo was born on September 28, 2004. Junghwan’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

  • Reeyah

    I think these positions are more likely than the one above:

    Hyunsuk: Leader, Main/Lead Dancer, Main Rapper
    Jihoon: Main/Lead Dancer, Vocalist
    Yoshinori: Lead Rapper
    Junkyu: Lead Vocalist
    Yoonbin: Main/Lead Rapper
    Mashiho: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Visual
    Jaehyuk: Lead Dancer (?), Rapper, Vocalist
    Asahi: Lead Vocalist
    Yedam: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer (?)
    Doyoung: Main Dancer, Vocalist
    Haruto: Main/Lead Rapper
    Jeongwoo: Main Vocalist
    Junghwan: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae

    Note 1: There are probably more visuals such as Junkyu, Haruto, or Jaehyuk (maybe even Asahi) but the only one I’m sure of is Mashiho based on the survey the trainees had during YG Treasure Box.
    Note 2: Either Haruto or Yoonbin could be the other main rapper aside from Hyunsuk and either Jihoon or Hyunsuk could be the other main dancer aside from Doyoung. (you guys decide for now)
    Note 3: I think most people would agree that Jeongwoo is most likely going to be a main vocal here alongside Yedam. (correct me if I’m wrong)


  • 리노

    I think Junkyu & Mashiho should be the only Visual. Base on what i know junkyu face is the one who look diff. What i mean is that even a lot of them agree with that. Mashiho also have does visual but.. his face is mostly is because of his CUTE face thats why and his big eyes🤩

  • j💕

    well, though Mashiho won as Visual based on Trainees(survey cam) and haruto as 2nd, still Haruto was declared as “YG Treasure Box’s Number 1 Visual”. See his “what’s in my bag” video. I think it’s the management who chose him. It’s still their choice that’s official in the end. But we have our own biases who’s the Main Visual anyway. Maybe that’s why, he’s the center at the picture. I’m not sure who’ll be the Face of the group.

  • j💕

    I’m pretty sure that Haruto is one of the Main Rappers since he won the Rap Genre during finals.

  • j💕

    and we all know he’s one of YG’s Top favorite.

  • Jocelyn Yu

    Yedam is a Taurus not a Pisces??


    Jeongwoo is pretty much going to be the Main Vocalist. I’m sure of it😊

  • #MeetAtTheEnd

    Doyoung studied at Eonju Middle School (NCT’s Mark and IU attended the same school)

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    With a 13 membered group there will most likely be 3 Main Vocalists and 4 Lead Vocalist

    1st Main Vocalist: Yedam
    2nd Main Vocalist: Jeongwoo
    3rd Main Vocalist: Junkyu
    1st Lead Vocalist: Asahi
    2nd Lead Vocalist: Mashiho
    3rd Lead Vocalist: Jihoon
    4th Lead Vocalist: Junghwan

  • Chae Lyn

    Why do I think Jeongwoo would be Main vocal and Mashiho Lead vocal

    Also guys Junghwan is a lead Dancer he is a Dancer he competed the whole show as a dancer

  • iyune

    Am i the only one who think that mashiho could be a Main Vocal?

  • Jomalyn Kristie Torres

    i think haruto is the center, junghwan is on a dance position and i also think jeongwoo as main vocal

  • Reeyah

    At this point everyone could be considered a visual, YG did say he was aiming for a “visual group” 😂 but still, YES TO MASHIKYU AS THE OFFICIAL VISUALS

  • Reeyah

    Well, I’m not a YG stan so I don’t know much about how he chooses the visuals of the group, whether its the members or the management who decides, let’s just give our full support because in my opinion they could all be considered visuals uwu 😉 (I hope I didn’t sound biased when I said that)

  • Reeyah

    Lol ikr!! I honestly thought Haruto would be a main rapper too, but now that i think about it, Yoonbin could also be a main rapper. Well, its up to YG if he wants to have 3 main rappers or just stick with 2. Main or not, they’re still talented in my eyes ❤️

  • Reeyah

    Good point!! I only placed 2 main vocalists because I saw the positions above and I only saw 2 but I was shocked when I didn’t see Jeongwoo as a main vocal. I mean if Junkyu were to be a main vocal, I thought that Jeongwoo should be one too. But I guess if YG chose 3 main vocals, it would be Yedam, Jeongwoo, and Junkyu 😊 and I think Doyoung is also capable of being a lead vocal (?), I mean he did good during OT13 Going Crazy and Dumb and Dumber but I still agree with the positions you’ve made, I’m just saying that he could be a great contender.

  • Sophia

    I think Center is Mashiho HES OUR NATION CENTER.

  • treasuremaker

    Mashiho is the center
    and Junghwan is a main/lead dancer because he won the dance team tho

  • iKONiconiconi

    i think junghwan could be a lead dancer and a lead vocal (i think he’s really good at starting off the song)

  • iKONiconiconi

    Jihoon gave junkyu the nickname koala (special vlive)

  • camila

    I think their possible possitions may be like this:

    Hyunsuk: Leader, Main Rapper, Main or Lead Dancer (He was in a dance academy before, he can choreograph and learn choreos very fast, even the trainees said that he can dance very well)

    Jihoon: Lead Dancer, Vocalist (He has a beautiful voice but the vocal line of Treasure13 is strong, so i don’t they will put him as a Lead, maybe in MAGNUM)

    Yoshinori: Lead Rapper, Dancer

    Junkyu: Main Vocalist, Visual (I think he might end having the most lines with Yedam in Treasure13 songs)

    Yoonbin: Lead Rapper

    Mashiho: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual (I think he will be Lead Vocalist in MAGNUM)

    Jaehyuk: Vocalist (I don’t think he is a rapper, he never considered himself as one). He might have had rap parts in “Growl” Performance, but it was because they needed another person to take that position.

    Asahi: Vocalist (Again, I don’t think they will put him as a lead because of the strong vocal line Treasure13 already have. He might be the lead vocalist in MAGNUM too, he has a beautiful voice and color.), Visual (He was the second most voted as “face genius”/”most handsome” by the trainees.)

    Yedam: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer (?)(Since he was praised many times because of his dancing skills and how fast he can learn a new choreo I think he might take part of the dance line). He can be the center too. Korea loves him, he is the most well-known member there.

    Doyoung: Main Dancer, Vocalist (He is a very good dancer, the dance coach and main CEO praised him. And don’t forget how he choreographed all the performances he was part of.)

    Haruto: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer (?) Haruto dances very well. He dances since even before he was a trainee at YG, and passed his audition because of his dancing skills too. He is known as “the king of popping” or something like that by his Team J members. He had a long period of trainee, so he probably has a good dancing base.

    Jeongwoo: Lead Vocalist

    Junghwan: Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae

  • mia

    yes you are

  • mia

    haruto is not the center

  • mia

    and jeongwoo is not a main vocal u probably don’t know that Yedam is in this group

  • mia

    don’t be so sure

  • Mirin.exe stopped working

    Junghwan’s zodiac sign is not libra, he’s born on 18th of february what makes him an aquarius

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    A thirteen membered group and there are only 3 members who are part of the vocal line?! I doubt it… IMO Vocal Line are Yedam, Junkyu, Jeongwoo, Mashiho, Asahi and Jihoon

  • Lala

    HARUTO : Main Rapper, Visual, Lead dancer, Face of the Group.
    Haruto is Main Rapper because he won Rap battle position, 5th rank on monthly evalution
    Haruto is Visual because he picked by Management as no.1 visual (see in my bag) and dont forget there’s Visual battle on ep2 Haruto vs junku. and he is popular because of his great voice and great face and he himself confirm it wwkwkkw….and be honest his face and his posture perfect all kill.
    Haruto is Lead Dancer because He dances since even before he was a trainee and passed his audition with dancing skills.
    Haruto is Face of the Group : YG using him as thumbnail multiple times or as click bait. and he put him in the center of treasure13 poster–>Yedam can be Face of the Group too.

    Regarding Center it will goes to Yedam or Haruto. i have feeling that way wkwkkw

  • Lala

    he can why not. The center mostly goes to Yedam or Haruto. since those 2 are the most kown

  • Lala

    Be honest Haruto Visual bring so much new fans outside YG stan (plus his rap skill and distinct voice). We cant deny it. i can understand why management pick him as no.1 Visual. and it works korean fans crazy about his visual, international fans too, japan, chinese fans.

  • Reeyah

    Well they’re a 13-member group so they could have at least 2-3 visuals, maybe even 4 (?), its probably going to be Haruto, Mashiho, and Junkyu, and possibly Jaehyuk or Asahi as well, we’ll see 😁

  • Reeyah

    Not arguing or anything, but if we say that Haruto is main rapper because he won during the rap position battle, then shouldn’t Junghwan be a main dancer because he won during the dance position battle? I mean, Haruto could possibly be a main rapper but probably not for that particular reason 🙂

  • Reeyah

    Maybe in MAGNUM?

  • Lala

    i dont mind junghwan main dancer anyway wkwkkwkw coz this kid also amazing. but anyway we just fans who knows YG mind. let’s wait YG.

  • Katie Rose

    It’s not February 18th it’s May 28th of 2005

  • Katie Rose Hwang

    Junghwan birthday is May 28th of 2005 it says so on the yg profile video

  • mia

    tbh as a Silver Boys stan I don’t agree with u

  • Matcha

    Mashiho Fighitng!!

  • Damiee

    You can have 2 main vocals in one group especially there are 13 members

  • Damiee

    I also thought the same as you

  • Damiee

    Yeah he suits main vocal

  • Damiee

    Maybe not main but lead vocal

  • Jeongwoo was born on September 28, 2004!

  • David Kjerfve

    I think jeongwoo should be main vocal

  • meatloaf 🍞

    Yedam’s Zodiac Sign isn’t a Pisces. He’s a Taurus.

    Pisces: February 18 – March 20
    Taurus: April 20 – May 21

  • David Kjerfve

    Do you mean that there wont be any main vocalists in Magnum becasue I think Mashiho and Jihhon has the best vocals in magnum and i think Mashoho ill be main vocal. As you have described it here you think both of them should be lead?

  • David Kjerfve

    And I think that jeongwoo should be main vocal

  • MiRae’sMryn

    its YEDAM

  • Reeyah

    lol same I don’t mind as well because that kid is talented, but I think almost everyone would agree that there are other members who are more experienced and fitting to be main dancer 🙂

  • Kawaii Polynesian

    Who’s Magnum’s main vocal? I’ve searched but I don’t see one listed (are these the official positions or are they predictions?)

  • Momina Jawad

    Junghwan’s birthday is on 28th May 2005 he stated it in his intro. Some VLive accounts had the wrong info.

  • juliette😔👊🏻

    His birthday is Feb 18, they made a mistake in his intro but it says everywhere else that its Feb 18:)

  • juliette😔👊🏻

    its February 18th

  • Kuroro

    Who’s going to be center? My bet:
    – Treasure13: Haruto or Junkyu
    – Treasure: Junghwan
    – Magnum: Mashiho

  • Momina Jawad

    Oh I didn’t know , sorry my bad😔

  • Haruto’s bee

    I miss miss miss Haruto😫

  • Ssoon

    Total votes and voters is different not same. Why?

  • mia

    i think junkyu is better than jeongwoo

  • mia


  • Kuroro

    You can vote multiple times up to 3 options each time.

  • Kuroro

    Yedam is popular but he’s a bit lacking in visual, I don’t think they will make him center.

  • Marie Alyanna Palomares

    Junghwan is born on February 18, 2005 (there’s an error on his first video on vlive)
    JeongJung Facts:
    Junghwan has natural brown eyes.
    Junghwan had been in many CF’s and he’s also a model. (just like Junkyu lmao)
    Junghwan and Jeongwoo are from Iksan City, Jeollabuk-do (North Jeolla Province), South Korea.
    Junghwan and Jeongwoo know each other before YG TREASURE BOX.
    Junghwan and Jeongwoo came from the same dance academy called IB Music Academy in Iksan.
    If Junghwan is a girl, he will fall for Yedam because his voice will melt him.[SURVEY CAM]
    If Jeongwoo is a girl, he will fall for Hyunsuk because he’s manly and cute.[SURVEY CAM]
    Jeongwoo is Junghwan’s mental support. [SURVEY CAM]

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    Yedam is also a dancer

  • sam (thughaotrash) 🌙

    thank you! I added the facts and credited you in the post! -Sam (thughaotrash)

  • Chae Lyn

    Yeah but Jeongwoo’s vocals are so powrful they are BOTH main vocal material

  • They have their official ig!! @treasure13_official

  • Ray Suwarno

    they have their official SNS 👇🏻
    Facebook : Treasure13
    YouTube : TREASURE 13
    Instagram : treasure13_official
    Twitter : YG_TREASURE13

  • Jomalyn Kristie Torres

    fyi, junghwan is dancer. he compete all eps with dance and he even get into the debut group bc he’s the top trainee in performance team.

  • Scarlett

    everyone is a dancer;
    but i don’t think that he’s one of the lead dancers of the group because his dancing isn’t as good as the others’ dancing yk, he can dance but the others are slightly better; and he did make it into the debut group because of the votes generally, not because his dancing is the best

  • iKONiconiconi

    jaehyuk 178cm/63kg
    yedam 171cm/58kg
    yoonbin 176cm/62kg
    junghwan 174cm/58kg
    jihoon 177cm/64kg
    doyoung 175cm/57kg
    yoshinori 178cm/65kg
    asahi 172cm/58kg
    haruto 178cm/56kg
    mashiho 167cm/60kg
    jeongwoo 175cm/63kg
    hyunsuk 170.7cm/58kg
    junkyu 178cm/62kg

    (from treasure13 special vlive)

  • mia

    are u blind?

  • Kuroro

    Haruto needs to eat more seriously, that H/W ratio is not healthy.

  • Kaitlynn Paige

    He’s still part of the dance line even so because it’s his main position. Not everyone is a dancer, but everyone dances. There are specific members that trained mainly in dancing, or got into the company for dancing, and those would be the dance line, while everyone else dances but it’s not their main position.

  • hwamin

    Uhh why are they all so short..

  • hwamin

    What they have in common with skz is that the both groups can’t reach 180cm…


    junghwan is apart of the dance line too.

  • loco yay

    makes sense since haruto was taller than seunri and seungri is 1.76 so yah junkyu and haruto are 1.78 i ddnt know that jaehyuk was that tall

  • HaTXTo

    My babe haruto need to eat more !!!! He is 178cm and that is tall but only weight 56kg!!!! Please eat more and be healthy❤️❤️ I will always supported you and love you!!! Hwaiting!!!!!

  • Kuroro

    This group has some ’03-’05 liners that will no doubt grow taller in future though. Jeongwoo said he grew 8cm within 2 months recently.

  • Kuroro

    Seungri is 1.70 at best, no way he’s 1.76 in any shape or form.

  • Isabella Skalicky

    I think Mashiho individual fans are called Mashmellows (at least on vlive channel)

  • Junghwan’s main position is dance. He stood up for ‘dance position’ on YGTB’s second episode, you’re going to see him at the back waiting for his turn to be evaluated individually with Kotaro, Jihoon, Dohwan, and Siyun while Doyoung was being evaluated. He did dance during the 1:1 battles because it’s the position that he’s most confident at. Him, Doyoung, and Hyunsuk recently released a video of them dancing at the X Academy place. He made it into the debut group because he’s talented both in dancing and singing, and he deserves it. Heck, nobody even buys the whole ‘voting’ part, literally everyone who watched the show think that the votes were useless and didn’t make any significance in selecting the debut lineup because if it did, then Team A + Jihoon should’ve been the final lineup with their 300,000+ votes on Vlive.

  • juliette😔👊🏻

    TREASURE13’s mottos
    Jaehyuk’s : “Let’s try, thinking I would die”
    Yedam’s : “I want to be a happy person who makes others happy”
    Yoonbin’s : “Happiness comes first”
    Junghwan’s : “Let’s make the effort worth it”
    Jihoon’s “Let’s live a picturesque life”
    Doyoung’s : “Life is an endless challenge”
    Yoshinori’s : “Live with music”
    Asahi’s : “Produce good music with good attitude and good heart”
    Haruto’s : “I will live by my thoughts”
    Mashiho’s : “Job’s that make others happy becomes the happiness in your life as well”
    Jeongwoo’s : “Live a life without regrets”
    Hyunsuk’s : “Don’t be shy just shine”
    Junkyu’s : “No pain, no gain”

  • Nalika Wisnganti

    Yesss, even Hyunsuk still grew a little since the show started

  • Nalika Wisnganti

    If they’re short, what am i 😟??

  • Kuroro

    I actually don’t believe Hyunsuk is 1m7 lol, he looks so smol.
    Jeongwoo will probably become the tallest member in future, the pace he’s growing is insane.

  • Sarah Zimmerli

    No he didn’t, Hyunsuk already stopped growing and is now stuck at 1.68m. They cheated his and Mashiho‘s height 2cm taller

  • Sarah Zimmerli

    Actually he is, the dance line are:
    Main: Hyunsuk
    Lead: Junghwan

    Main: Doyoung
    Lead: Jihoon & Mashiho (his main position is vocal but he has been dancing for 13 years, since he was 5, so I think he deserves that position)

    Main: Hyunsuk & Doyoung
    Lead: Junghwan

  • Sarah Zimmerli

    The center isn’t the visual or the Face of the Group, the center can be both but not always. Yedam is most likely going to be the Center of both Treasure13 and Treasure because he is very well rounded in both vocals and dance and the most experienced member.
    Visual and Face of the Group will probably go to Junkyu and Haruto

    For Magnum Mashiho will probably be the center and the visual since he is just like Yedam very well rounded and very experienced and on top of that very good looking (not saying that Yedam isn’t)
    Face of the Group of Magnum will probably be Jihoon sonce the FOTG is in charge of promoting the group on variety shows and he is the variety King.

  • steph

    doyoung is 175cm tall

  • Bts Stanner

    Hyunsuk~170.7 cm/58 kg
    Jihoon~177 cm/64 kg
    Yoshinori~178 cm/65 kg
    Junkyu~178 cm/62 kg
    Yoonbin~176 cm/62 kg
    Mashiho~167 cm/60 kg
    Jaehyuk~178 cm/63 kg
    Asahi~172 cm/58 kg
    Yedam~171 cm/58 kg
    Doyoung~175 cm/57 kg
    Haruto~178 cm/56 kg
    Jeongwoo~175 cm/63 kg
    Junghwan~174 cm/58 kg

  • Kuroro

    Please update their social media accounts. They no longer use the YG Treasure Box account since that one was for the show only.

    Currently active accounts:
    Facebook : Treasure13
    YouTube : TREASURE 13
    Instagram : treasure13_official
    Twitter : YG_TREASURE13

  • peachypeach

    Hyunsuk role models are kendrick
    lamar, gdragon , taeyang and asap mob…it was stated on his mixnine profile…please fixed that

  • Marija Nećak

    170 is small

  • Marija Nećak

    “at best” relax, he’s taller than 170, senguri is average, dont b dramatic

  • peachypeach

    pls fixed hyunsuk role models…there are so many people believe your fake source

  • anxhela anxhela27


  • anxhela anxhela27

    yo what abt me

  • yoonbin is rapper. WTF, How can he be main vocal? Main vocal is Jihoon or Mashiho but i think mashiho.

  • Jihoon, doyoung or mashiho but i think mashiho =)

  • Yedam and Junkyu are main vocal. you can see in YGTB, YG always praying Yedam and Junkyu’s vocal and love so much both of them vocal =)

  • I dont think HARUTO will be face of the group. Face of the group generally goes variety shows and showing his variety skills and gain fans for group but Haruto is funny but not funny as funny as Jihoon and Junkyu. And – its my opinion please not angry- Haruto has a personality problem.Always praying himself and saying ” I am best in that, in this bla bla bla..” and he is so young so he has a personality problems. So Haruto cant be face of the group. He can be Visual. But in visual battle YG choose Junkyu you know?. For main rapper Haruto cant write even own rap lyrics and YG never do main rapper from any group any member that cant write own rap lyrics. Hyunsuk or Yoonbin will be main rapper but I think Hyunsuk will be. Dont mad at me but I am YGstan since Bigbang debut and I know YG very well.

  • Main vocal will be Junkyu and Yedam. YG love so so so much Yedam and Junkyu and they are his favorite vocals among all trainees.

  • peachypeach
  • Asahi and Mashiho share rooms (Instagram)

  • iKONiconiconi
  • さやちゃん

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/51af7b3291efb7c3263b2b11c7deb04215edbaf593539b2c387e9811c0126aac.png Asahi’s name is spelt 朝光 not 朝日, using the kanji for morning and light. We know from their instagram where he and Mashiho posted a picture of their names on the ladder for their bed in the dorms. Also Mashiho is spelt 真史帆 in Japanese (kanji).

  • Taeil and Haechan Lover <3

    Exo has 3 thoo…TBH, i think Yedam, Jeongwoo, and Junkyu is going to be main vocal or either Yedam and Jeongwoo only main vocal.

  • Kuroro

    Current roommates (from latest Vlive):

    Junghwan has his own room
    Hyunsuk / Haruto
    Jaehyuk / Jeongwoo
    Junkyu / Yedam
    Asahi / Mashiho
    Yoonbin / Yoshinori
    Jihoon / Doyoung

  • loco yay

    First of all they have members with 178 cm …socond of all most of them are so young and are still growing alot of them are 2003-2005 liners .. and there’s two members haruto 2004 liner 177 and junhwan who’s 2005 liner who’s already 174cm

  • loco yay

    Not really he stood once next to celebrities kang daniel who is 180 and he almost catched up theres a slight difference in hight between them .. he stood nxt to baekhyun and he was tllaer than him and baekhyun is already 1.74
    when he stood in idol room with deffcon he was a little bit taller than him and deffcon is 1.75 and he was definitely taller then hyeong is 1.73 and top is pretty tall too and seungri is close in height to him ..seungri has body porportions who makes him look that short

  • loco yay

    Asahi will be the main vocalost and mashiho lead if u actually watch asahi’s introduction video you’ll see that he has strong vocals

  • loco yay

    Asahi will be the mainvocalist

  • loco yay

    woo definitely has stronger vocals than both of them he just needs more training

  • Lala

    what do you mean personality problem? it’s called confidence did you think easy to gain confidence? confidence can bring negativity out of yourself you know. nowadays being confidence and positive called personality problem huh? FOC is not about variety skill but about how you will bring the group to attract more fans. you need communication skill, good performance, talent, charisma, star aura etc not only variety skill, variety skill mostly as a joke in the group and only needed in reality show. like i said previously Yedam can be FOC. Regarding visual battle with junkyu, seriously did you watch ygtb show ep2?? YHS said choose both “Both of you did well. It’s a tie” and in haruto “In my bag” video he is chosen by management as visual no 1. seriously you just watch your fave video that’s why you didn’t understand a lot. Haruto write his own lyric see his diary cam. he still not fluent in korea that’s why yoobin help him for korean language. this kid working hard in order to fluent in korean, he even stop use his mother language. I’m also YG stan too a “2nd gen stan”, so don’t use your VIP card (“dont use BB on TM problem”) to shitting haruto without knowing the fact. you ask me to not mad/angry at you when you stating something wrong by your opinion not by fact. Haruto can be lead rapper or something else is not problem or maybe if you hate him so bad you can put him in the back. it’s not problem. because he will shine and snap every little thing he got. but don’t say something toxic like “personality problem” when he is not and when you know nothing about him. please be aware when you stating opinion check the fact 1st don’t only use or hide behind “my opinion” and hurting others with wrong opinion without fact. your opinion is invalid. there’s limit for freedom of speech susan.

  • HaTXTo

    This is on VLive

    Mashiho 167cm
    Hyunsuk 170.7cm
    Yedam 171cm
    Asahi 172cm
    Junghwan 174cm
    DoYoung 175cm
    JeongWoo 175cm
    Yoonbin 176cm
    JIhoon 177cm
    Jaehyuk 178cm
    Yoshinori 178cm
    Junkyu 178cm
    Haruto 178cm

  • K-POP lover

    Why Is Jaehyuk so unpopular:(

  • Kuroro

    Jaehyuk & Junghwan are both popular in Korea don’t worry.
    All members’ popularity levels will change after debut anyway, right now we do not have a lot to judge them with.

  • Jenny Bhuwakul🌌

    They got tall maknaes💜

  • Svtstan

    Wouldn’t it not change that much? I think most the people’s supporting them watched the show and already have a bias

  • Haley Herbig

    Mashiho’s mom is a fangirl of Seven, Seven knows his family really well as well as Mashiho. Haruto’s mother is also a huge VIP. Hyunsuks sister is a fan of Ikon, he said she asked for their signature during treasures vlive. Ashai was also eliminated in episode 8 but chosen as the final member of magnum. He is known for having a blank face by the the Japanese team during treasure box, however he is starting to force himself to show more expressions. Him and Junghwan are known as the quietest members. Loudest members are Jihoon and Mashiho from Magnum, then Jaehyuk, Junkyu, and Jeongwoo from treasure. Mashiho is the cleanest member among all the members. Jaehyuk and Jeongwoo are currently sleeping in Hyunsuk and Harutos room because theirs are filled with ghosts, said in the recent vlive with treasure 13. Junkyu also takes the longest showers out of all the treasure13 members. Junghwan was also a soccer player when he was a kid. Jihoon and Hyunsuks dream was always to join YG and debut under the label. Yoshinori also wanted to make it as a member to support his family since he is the only man in the house. And Haruto is known as Hanbin’s lookalike, its mentioned several times by various fans.

  • Jose Antonio Atienza Lat

    I think Mino from Winner needs to eat more than Haruto. Haruto looks healthy

  • EunAura

    I’m screaming Mashiho is 4 days younger than me

  • KimDoYoung

    For my opinion the positions are:
    Hyunsuk: Leader, main rapper, main or lead dancer
    Jihoon: lead dancer, vocalist(he has a powerful voice but mashiho deserve to be the lead vocal)
    Yoshinori-lead rapper, dancer
    Yoonbin-main rapper
    Junkyu-lead vocalist, visual
    Mashiho-lead vocalist, lead dancer, sub-rapper(love scenario), visual
    Asahi-lead vocalist
    Yedam- main vocalist
    Doyoung-main dancer, vocalist
    Haruto-lead rapper, visual
    Jeongwoo-main vocalist, sub-rapper(love scenario)
    Junghwan-lead dancer, vocalist, maknae

    This is just my opinion if there’s a center i think it’s haruto or yedam

  • dovien_valley

    The show was more of an online show than the popular big survival show like Produce. Not to mention not all people that watched the show are going to support the final line-up.

    Majority of people won’t bother to watch the show, they will judge the group based on debut materials. Look at ITZY for example, before they officially debuted Ryujin was way above the other members in popularity, yet after they debut Yuna and Yeji are getting way more attention.

  • Marie Alyanna Palomares

    Are they still considered trainees?

  • Puniepun

    Maybe yes

  • kim

    their intagram is treasure13_offical and their their Twitter is YG_TREASURE13 and their vlive is treasure 13

  • nochuu

    I don’t think so since they’re confirmed to debut.

  • Isabella

    keita made an instagram. it’s @keita0_04

  • dovien_valley

    Still trainees until they get to debut officially. There’s always a chance their debut will get cancelled even if it’s small chance it’s still within the realm of possibility.

  • Zayibunbun

    oh, TREASURE 13, their fb page, please add

  • axiii

    hyunsuk is close to onf members

  • Rea

    me and jaehyuk have the same birthday but im 5 years younger but i look like a girl version of junkyu

  • Rayne Awesome

    Asahi and Doyoung are babies

  • Kate Yomika

    Haruto and i were same birthday… But im older than him (noona😁😁😁)

  • tres

    can anybody tell me their emojis?

  • Persona

    Yedam and i are same birthday… But he’s my oppa:)

  • Ocean Anton

    i am five days older than haruto 😂😂

  • damia

    You should add about silverboys in their facts just like you did to seunghun in c9boyz’s profile 😊

  • blvckidle

    Hyunsuk- 170cm
    Jihoon- 177cm
    Yoshinori- 178cm
    Junkyu- 178cm
    Yoonbin- 176cm
    Mashiho- 167cm
    Jaehyuk- 178cm
    Asahi- 172cm
    Yedam- 171cm
    Doyoung- 175cm
    Haruto- 178cm
    Jeongwoo- 175cm
    Junghwan- 174cm

  • Cobain

    its like junkyu falling behind..huhuhu


    I’ll choose Hyunsuk to be my bias because he’s the only one who is older than me 😂-> ( there are 36 days difference between us) the rest are kids so I don’t want to be in jail . Haha just joking

  • Xaizhun

    You know, I always wonder why we don’t include moon signs with sun signs. Moon sign is actually supposed to be more representative of personality. For example, Asahi’s moon sign is Virgo while his sun is Leo.

  • Kim Rian

    Actually, they are already set… they even started shooting their iwn reality show…

  • taehyungie

    hahah me and haruto have the same birthday date but im one year younger

  • Sarah

    Please put silver boys for junkyu hyunsuk yedam doyoung and jihoon profile, thank you

  • Jisung pwark

    Makane is 2005 wtf

  • Jisung pwark

    Makane is 2005 wtf

  • Rea

    oh my god their maknae is tall

  • juliette😔👊🏻

    asahi : 🤖
    jaehyuk : 🦁
    jihoon : 🐼
    junkyu : 🐨
    junghwan : 🐮
    mashiho : 🐹
    haruto : 🦙
    jeongwoo : 🐺
    yedam : 🦊
    hyunsuk : 🐷
    yoshinori : 🐯
    yoonbin : 🐥
    doyoung : 🐰

  • Jisung pwark

    Makane is exactly 1 month older

  • SourApplez

    Yedam and I have the exact same birthday! I’m so happy because he’s my bias

  • YG/SM/DSP/Stone Music stan

    Vernon of SEVENTEEN, DK of SEVENTEEN, J-Hope of BTS and Junghwan all share the same birthday! And technically Monsta X’s album We Are Here bcuz that’s the day it was released! What is with Feb 18th???

  • YG/SM/DSP/Stone Music stan

    The maknae is LITERALLY only two years older than me

  • myg elysian

    Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Junkyu, Yedam and Doyoung are a part of Silver Boys.

  • Seol Hee

    I hope YG will not going to remove Haruto and Hyunsuk, from Treasure 13.💖

  • STAY.ARMY.93

    I have three bias..:
    1st- Haruto
    2nd- Doyoung
    3rd- Jihoon

  • Suga Kookies With Jams

    hes legit my age!!

  • Sehun, jin, jhope, jisung was

    I almost feel bad for biasing any of the maknaes as they are younger than me!!!🤣😓😱

  • jiwonchan24

    To Junghwan : MAKNAE ON TOP is not for you but for your sunbae. PLEASE RESPECT THAT

  • Rosy

    3 of them are younger than me. I feel old.

  • Uniceycorn

    The maknae is only 2 years older than me

  • stanstraykidscowards

    get off the internet you were literally born like 4 days ago smh

  • K-Pop Fans

    4 of them are younger than me. I feel even older

  • Rosy


  • Rosy

    Oh God 😂

  • Rosy

    Silver boys fan here! I’m happy that some of them will debut! And also together/on the same agency! Woong will debut in another group and some of them still don’t debut 🙁

  • DADA 1630


  • Eeman Nadeem

    Hyunsuk was a part of Mixnine, he made the top9 in Mixnine also but they werent able to debut~ He is also close Lee Byounggon~

  • Alexandra K

    3 of them are younger than me (almost 4). Idk why but I feel old lol😂

  • S.Kook
  • S.Kook
  • S.Kook
  • elle

    Dang, I have the same birthday as Yoshinori.

    finally an idol born on may 15??

  • elle

    I feel you. I’m older than four of the members.

  • elle

    Same same. It begins- being older than idols…

  • Rea

    Happy birthday today to Yedam!

  • Audrey
  • Audrey

    And Yoshinori

  • mateo 🇺🇾
  • According to Yoshinori and Yoonbin’s teaser, Yoshinori’s stage name will be Yoshi

  • Yeonminn

    Yoshinori’s stage name will be Yoshi

  • Orbit Carat 🌰
  • J-Flo

    No idols has the same birthday as me…I am born at July 16, only actor Kim Woobin has the same birthday as me. Lucky you.

  • J-Flo

    No idols has the same birthday as me, I am born on July 16.

  • Kpop fan

    All of them are younger than me, I’m still gonna stan though!

  • Sorry for the late reply. But sixteen was a long time ago and most people (International fans) didnt watch it or are new fans, i dont think most itzy stans even knew that chaeryoung was on sixteen

  • Í Ortaleza

    Jeongwoo’s position should be “face of the group”!!

  • dovien_valley
  • dovien_valley
  • Kim Min Joon

    Dont you think YoonBin look like Guan Lin Wannan One??

  • J-Flo

    Yep, totally agree!

  • han

    jeongwoo as main vocal 🙂

  • ♥️Lalalisa_Queen♥️

    When maknae is younger than u😭

  • J-Flo

    The youngest is only just half an year younger than me.

  • Yeonminn
  • President.Namjoon

    I really think Yedam deserves to be the leader.

  • jiseol
  • Frosty ❄️

    Choi Hyun Suk likes barley tea (YG보석함ㅣCHRISTMAS PARTY)

  • Em Tsu Min

    i think Yedam is the leader and most likely the face of the group aside from Junkyu, then I think it was Junghwan who won during the main dancer position battle right? so basically he will be the main dancer lol, Mashiho might be the center or Junkyu.

  • Nalika Wisnganti

    it is confirmed that hyunsuk will be featuring on one of the song in lee hi’s upcoming EP
    24℃,the title is 1, 2!!! Plus B.I and Hyunsuk wrote the song T.T,,, i can’t wait nvdjnvjndjn

  • • 𝔠𝔩𝔞𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔠𝔢 •

    I think you forgot to add something because Junghwan is a visual. PERIODTTT.

  • YG Stand

    Yoonbin and Hyunsuk are strong candidates who become leaders

  • dovien_valley

    Maybe they won’t have leader. Blackpink doesn’t have one.
    I don’t think stuff like main rapper or main dancer is actually relevant either. Let’s be real all rappers will have the same amount of lines due to the way rap verses are structured in YG songs. And they will all dance.

  • Chelsea Boey Siew Ning


  • lee jaehyeong<3

    hyunsuk and jihoon

  • lee jaehyeong<3

    they need a leader with the amount of members they have. treasure 13- hyunsuk; treasure- hyunsuk; magnum-jihoon

  • lee jaehyeong<3

    hyunsuk is the leader, yedam is way too young

  • lee jaehyeong<3

    jaehyuk has the least amount of votes?? yall good? he can dance, rap, and sing! hes also a total visual. smfh

  • Sara

    Didn’t hyunsuk say that he’s 170,7cm tall??

  • J-Flo

    Jihoon: 177 cm
    Yoshi: 178 cm
    Yoonbin: 176 cm
    Mashiho: 167 cm
    Asahi: 172 cm
    Doyoung: 175 cm
    Hyunsuk: 171 cm – rounded
    Junkyu: 178 cm
    Jaehyuk: 178 cm
    Yedam: 171 cm
    Haruto: 178 cm
    Jeongwoo: 175 cm
    Junghwan: 174 cm

    /*All heights are confirmed by the members in their Vlive!*/

  • Kimtaetae

    Yes that’s true, but compared to a lot of the other members, he’s a little bit lacking. Also, about visuals, that’s kind of irrelevant. I mean I like him and think he’s cute and all but I feel there were other trainees who deserved to debut more (eg. byounggon and seunghun – thank goodness they left YG, they deserved so much better). Sorry if the way I put it sounded rude but this is my honest opinion.

  • Parkchimchim

    It all comes down to personal taste I guess?

  • Parkchimchim

    We all know that Hyunsuk was the actual winner of that dance battle but only lost because YG was just being YG. Plus Hyunsuk got more votes.

  • Lolololo

    Doyoung was boted as the 2nd most fashionista in the group
    Mashiho was ranked 1 in visuals based on all of the traniees survey cam
    Junghwan is a dancer since the start of ygtb so he is a part of dancer line
    Asahi can be a visual too but im not sure because some of the trainees voted for him in ygtb

  • Zami Hrahsel

    Isn’t Junghwan a dancer
    I mean in survival show they said he is a dancer😅

  • lee jaehyeong<3

    i disagree, he has amazing stage presence, i do agree that those two should’ve have debuted in treasure but at least they are getting love as members of cix. people think hes lacking because he doesn’t get much screen time. i mean basically his only solo scene was him being insecure 🙁

  • same lol except i was born july 26
    could never name one 😭😭😭

  • you put “profile and facts 2018” instead of 2019

  • KProfiles

    @disqus_9dVUXo4fEZ:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @disqus_18w0PSExoz:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Jocelyn Richell Yu

    When are they gonna debut?

  • Keriona Thomas

    Am I the only one who is pretty nervosu for their debut with everything going on with YG. I feel like people might bash them or make them flop. I hate when people blame artist for what their company did or is doing.

  • Jocelyn Richell Yu

    Yo same~