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How Well Do You Know SNSD?

11YSone: i only have 1 rule
you can’t use Google or SNSD’s Profile

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Do you know the answers to these simple questions about SNSD? I got %%score%% of %%total%% right

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  • Jane<3

    5 out of 7
    I got wrong the last question and the one about third tallest member (didn’t pay attention) ^^””

  • ferry

    6 of 7 I’m proud of myself 😀

  • naka

    hahaha so happy to take this quiz
    it was so fun

    I luv these girls

  • Feyise

    I got 6/7 but the question I got wrong was the last one… but Girls’ Generation and Into the New World ARE from the same album!

  • Bryn Moow

    I only got the third tallest and the japan thing

  • AhsyZai

    7/7 on the first try. I’m so proud of myseeeelf

  • Insira Yumna


  • Yin Da Fox

    Nope, into the new world’s album only has 3 songs beggining and perfect for u(honey). I remember seeing them promote it in the show “girls go to school” if im not mistaken. They just had a dorm that time too and leeteuk and shindong got to visit their dorms

  • Swaggy TT

    Into the new world was a single with 3 songs, but both ITNW and Girls Generation are in their first full album “Girls Generation”.

  • andredrw

    yeah when i buy it on iTunes, they’re definitely on the same first album

  • andredrw

    I got the last one wrong but ITTNW and Girls Generation are both on their first album

  • Ariana Leembu

    7/7 in first try !!!!!!!!!


    I got 7/7 😀

  • shiri peled

    7/7 bitches

  • Sunday Lee
  • Joshua Marinas Alto

    7/7 2nd try

  • Halena Dyas

    No they don’t