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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Jimin (BTS)?

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Jimin (BTS)?

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Posted by: marshmallow.chim

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How well do you know Jimin (BTS)? What’s your result? Feel free to comment! 🙂

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  • ChimChim

    love this quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he is my bias
    thanks for making it!!!!

  • akame

    Jiminie! I know the answers. Proud. 😀

  • marshmallow.chim

    Ofc, he’s my bias too!


    Can yall do a How Well Do You Know Kim Taehyung pLeAsE with a cute aegyo wink and a cute baby aegyo voice pweze T^T

  • marshmallow.chim

    Yeah, sure I’ll start it right now. 🙂

  • Akira Fujiwara

    the quiz doesn’t work for me it redirects me to Jimin’s profile

  • Phsyco Bunny


  • marshmallow.chim

    Hmm..? I’ll check it out… It works for me..?

  • YoonTaeKyung

    me too

  • Alaina Scott

    9 out of 10. His celeb crush is Hobi. I feel that on a spiritual level.

  • Joshua Marinas Alto

    I tool the quiz three times to get a perfect score, yet it was totally worth…

  • Park Jinjoo

    I got 10/10 on the second try…yay

  • chimmy park_13

    I got 10/10 i mean he id my bias so

  • Levi’s girl

    I got 6/10 🙁 He is not my bias but I’m still feeling so bad!

  • Levi’s girl

    Can you please do all the members?


    6/10 v is my bias but i feel bad sorry jimin i still love you chimmy

  • marshmallow.chim


  • marshmallow.chim

    Lmao MOOD

  • Banin Adel

    i got 8 of 10

  • I got 10 of 10, that’s not a really hard questions cuz I really into him since dope era :’


    7/10 my bias is v i passed his test alll lthe way

  • Jiro Victor A. Antolin

    10/10 even though he is not my bias. I didn’t cheat I promise

  • nabiha

    Bro… he did attend high school and even graduated in 2014…

  • Homra˚

    IDK why, but I can’t check my answers????

  • Rosaline Nguyễn

    6/10 <333 still love you jimin

  • Zaqh Moa

    I got 7/10

  • Ghayth bani yaseen

    the question is what’s NOT true, and him not attending high school is not true

    that’s why

  • chimmy park_13

    uhhh i got 10/10 and obviously need to know about your bias

  • mochim

    hahaha this is so cute. thanks for making this

  • Elena Johnson

    9/10 yeyy

  • Kylee

    I got 9 of 10 right

    ARMY! You know quite a bit about Jimin, and with more time, you’ll know
    everything! Thank you for taking this quiz! I purple you! Hwaiting!

  • MagicJoannaDust !


  • Alexialalala

    Please do one with RM I need it😭😭😭

  • Jewel Kimi

    for the first question, wasn’t tae the last member to join bts? because i’m pretty sure tae always talks about how he felt left out at first because he was the last to join. or maybe i’m wrong haha

  • Airi

    nah, i’m pretty sure he felt like that because bighit kept him hidden until debut

  • equestrianhills

    tae was the last member to be revealed not join ,, im pretty sure he was either the 2nd or 3rd member to be revealed

  • equestrianhills

    tae was the last member to be revealed not join btw 🙂 he was either the 2nd or 4th to join

  • Jesika _Yadav_4867

    I got 7 out of 10

  • ローキーデッドインサイド

    8/10 only because I misclicked…

  • a k a i i !🖤🕊

    10/10 because he’s my bias so this was really easy.

  • Najwa Nur Nafi’ah


  • lelas

    9/10 its was my first attempt so i am happy He is my favorite and he is my crush 😂🥰

  • yoongies

    10/10 and he isnt even my bias jsjsjs

  • Fan girl


  • TaeTae Stan

    10/10 he’s my bias wrecker

  • Somin

    10/10 he’s my ultimate bias and i love him sooooo much🤧💜

  • Destiny

    10/10!! I’m so proud of myself for not using google!!

  • olivia hlovate jacinta benz

    I got 10/10!

    Hello, ARMY! You know everything there is to know about Jimin, and even more! Thank you for taking this quiz! I purple you! Hwaiting!

  • Alencia Perez

    10/10 yay! i love every thing about him

  • Mariel Empeo


  • jimin ssi

    he likes eyes nose and lips tf

  • jimin ssi

    lmao where is the lie he cant see when he does eyesmile

  • jimin ssi

    lol i didnt know he thinks he is a squirll when did u get that info

  • jimin ssi

    jhope his celeb crush?when did he said that

  • Eunwoo’s Left Leg

    His stage was supposed to be Baby J lol that’s so cute

  • Arisha J Dias

    I got 10 out of 10!!! (He’s my Ultimate Bias!!!)

  • serenpiditae


  • Silver

    7/10! not bad >w<