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The Quiett Profile and Facts

The Quiett Profile: The Quiett Facts and Ideal Type

The Quiett (더콰이엇)
is a rapper and producer under Daytona Entertainment. He debuted on July 28, 2005 with studio album “Music” under Brownie Entertainment.

Stage Name: The Quiett (더콰이엇)
Birth Name: Shin Dong-Gab (신동갑)
Birthday: January 29, 1985
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 171cm (5’7’’)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: B
Instagram: thequiett
Twitter: TheQuiett
Facebook: Mr.1LLIONAIRE

The Quiett Facts:
— He was born in Gwangmyeong, South Korea.
— He loves simple sounds for his music.
— Education: SungKongHoe University.
— He met Dok2 in 2005 when they participated in Dynamic Duo’s second album.
— When he was an amateur, he performed in Sillim-dong’s Sundae Town.
— When asked what kind of boyfriend he’d be he said that he isn’t a ‘bad guy’ but a nice one so he will be naturally good for his girlfriend.
— He said that he is the type of person that’s known to never fight with women.
— When he will have a girlfriend he won’t make it public because chaos will ensue.
— He has many hobbies some of them are small action figures, audio, furniture, and toys. (hiphopkr 2015)
— He knows how to overcome loneliness.
— He would like to try skydiving.
— He plays basketball since he was young.
— He doesn’t like vegetables. (DAMOIM x Dingo EP.2)
— He has collected a lot of tazos. (DAMOIM x Dingo EP.4)
— According to Leellamarz, he is a hard person to annoy because he goes with the flow.
— He lives without planning anything because he likes to be faithful to the every day life and live as is.
— 11:11 is a symbol of Illionaire Records because they welcomed it on January 01, 2011, it’s written like ‘1LLI’, and they try to release songs at 11:11 pm.
— According to pH-1, his strength is being good at controlling his emotions.
— He came up with his stage name while listening to Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm”. (DF Interview)
— He learned English through music while listening to Western artists.
— ‘Rap House’ is a small concert that happens once a month. He is in charge of managing and casting the performers: rookie artists.
— He won the prize of ‘The Best Hip Hop Album” in the Korean Music Awards in 2011.
— He was a producer with Dok2 in “Show Me the Money 3” and crowned as the winner with contestant iKON‘s Bobby.
— He was the first mentor team with Code Kunst in “High School Rapper 3”, a producer in “Show Me the Money 777”, and “Show Me the Money 5”.
— In 2018 he was announced as a full member of Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) with BTSSuga, Simon Dominic, and more.
— On January 1st, 2011 he formed a label called Illionaire Records with Dok2. Following the official statement published on July 06, 2020 Illionaire Records closed.
— On September 29, 2016, he co-founded another label under Illionaire Records called Ambition Musik with Dok2.
— The Quiett’s Ideal Type:It’s a really difficult question because there isn’t just one“.

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