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msftz Profile and Facts

msftz Profile: msftz Facts and Ideal Type

msftz (미스피츠) is a South Korean solo singer under Sony Music Entertainment.
She debuted on January 02, 2020, with a digital single “2080”.

msftz’s unofficial fandom name: sunchickens (sunset+chickens)

Stage Name: msftz (미스피츠)
Birth Name: Lee Shin-ae (이신애)
Birthday: December 24, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 161’7 cm (5’3”)
Official Instagram: msftz_official
Personal Instagram: lickmysunset
SoundCloud: m s f t z
YouTube: msftz

msftz Facts:
— She likes chickens.
— She has a younger sister.
— She uses the piano when writing songs.
— She describes herself as a fun, bright person.
— She believes SoundCloud is like her diary.
— She thinks the internet is a fantasy world.
— She wants to stay forever young.
— She attends university where she majors in songwriting and composing/producing.
— Her SoundCloud username before debuting was “chicken97”.
— She signed a contract with Sony Music Entertainment at the end of 2018.
— She’s more likely to write songs when she’s feeling down.
— She wrote her first song in her junior year in high school.
— Her friends recommended her to start using SoundCloud.
— For her, Korean is the easiest language to write songs in.
— Writing music helps her get rid of the negative vibes inside of her.
— She’s not brave enough to contact other artists with collaboration offers.
— She believes that there are some things that are better expressed in English and some in Korean.
— Her favorite songs as of March 2020 are Remember Me from Disney Pixar movie Coco and Yesterday by The Beatles.
— She’s a gamer, and her favorite game is The Sims.
— To make music, she gets inspiration from books, movies, and nature.
— She owns a ginger cat together with her family.
— She was featured in Hash Swan‘s song titled “Indian Summer” in 2020.
— She doesn’t like horror movies and anything scary. (IG Live 08/08/20)
— Her favorite food is chicken. (IG Live 08/08/20)
— She said that she is good at smelling things. (IG Live 08/08/20)
— Her favorite cartoon is “Adventure Time”. (IG Live 08/08/20)
— Her favorite character from “Adventure Time” is Marceline. (IG Live 08/08/20)
— Her skincare routine is not using a towel and putting a lot of toner. (IG Live 08/08/20)
— Her favorite Taylor Swift song is “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. (IG Live 08/08/20)
— She doesn’t watch dramas. (IG Live 08/08/20)
— Her favorite sitcom is “Modern Family”. (IG Live 08/08/20)

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Note 2: She said that her height is 161’7 cm and not 162 cm, in Instagram Live (08/08/20).

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