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Mayuka (NiziU) Profile & Facts

Mayuka (NiziU) Profile & Facts

Mayuka (マユカ) is a member of the Japanese girl group NiziU.

Stage Name: Mayuka (マユカ)
Birth Name: Ogou Mayuka (小合 麻由佳)
Birthday: November 13, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat
Height: 159 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese

Mayuka Facts:
– She was born in Kyōtanabe-shi, Kyoto, Japan.
– She went to Tanabe Junior High School.
– The staff and trainers think that she has the best attitude.
– She likes eating shrimp and avocado.
– Her hobby is to watch movies.
– She can speak JSL (Japanese sign language).
– Her specialty is playing the piano.
– She is the chameleon of NiziU.
– People think she looks like Onda from EVERGLOW.
– If she could switch abilities with any of the members, she would choose Nina because she loves listening to her vocals and it would be great to sing like her once.
– She went to the same junior high school as Momo from TWICE.
– If she’d have to date someone from NiziU, she’d choose Rima because she’s funny, good at talking, and nice.
– She wishes her group can have their own merch as NiziU.
– She shares a room with Rima.
– Mayuka learned how to play the ocarina in just 2 weeks.
– She has cat-like mood swings.
– She rather stay in a warm Kotatsu than build a snowman in winter.
– She was supposed to play the piano of the star quality evaluation in the 1st season of Nizi Project, but the staff told her that she couldn’t play the piano, so her mother searched for the easiest instrument to play, in which Ocarina showed up.
– She appeared in Stray Kids‘ Back Door MV
– She rather have summer over winter.
– She knows how to speak in sign language.
– Her keywords are piano, cat, shrimp & avocado, stuffed animals, slapstick comedy, rapper, chameleon, and Kansai accent.

Nizi Project Information:
– Comment: Hello, I’m Mayuka! Thank you for your continued support!! I will do my best to meet everyone’s expectations. Thank you for your continued support.
– Hobby: Watching movies
– Special skill: Playing the piano
– She performed ITZY‘s “DALLA DALLA” for the dance evaluation.
– For the vocal evaluation, she performed Kato Miliyah & Shimizu Shota‘s “Love Forever”.
– For the star quality performance evaluation, she played the ocarina.
– Her final rank in season 1 was 13th place, and she acquired the dance, vocal, and star quality cubes. The only one she didn’t acquire was the personality cube.
– For the individual evaluation in season 2, she performed “Like This” by Wonder Girls.
– In the Team Mission in season 2, she ended up in the team “Seaside Fairies”, along with Hillman Nina, Ikematsu Riria, and Inoue Akari. The team ended up losing against the opposing team, “Sunrise”
– In the third mission in the second season, she was put in the team “2K5”, who were assigned the concept of “Entertainer”, along with Yamaguchi Mako, Oe Riku, and Arai Ayaka. The team ended ranking last place out of 3 teams after performing the song “Heartbeat” by 2PM.
– In the first round of the final mission in season 2, she was in a team with Nakabayashi Rima, Katsumura Maya, Oe Riku, Suzuno Miihi, and Nina Hillman, in which they performed an original song made for them called “Boom Boom Boom”. They ended up winning against the other team.
– In the second round of the final mission, she was in the same team as she was in the first round. Her team performed “Make You Happy”, also an original song that also became apart of NiziU’s discography later. Though, the team ended up losing against the other team.
– In the finale, she ended up in seventh place, making it into the group, NiziU.

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