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BiSH Members Profile

BiSH Members Profile: BiSH Facts

BiSH (ビッシュ) was a Japanese group consisting of CENT CHiHiRO CHiTTiii, AiNA THE END, MOMOKO GUMi COMPANY, HASHiYASUME ATSUKO, LiNGLiNG, and AYUNi D. BiSH debuted on May 27, 2015, under WACK.  They disbanded on June 29, 2023, after their last performance.

BiSH Fandom Name: GARBAGEMAN (清掃員; Seisouin)
BiSH Official Colors: Red

BiSH Official Accounts:
Twitter: @BiSHidol
Youtube: BiSHTUBE
Homepage: BiSH

BiSH Members Profile:

Stage Name: CENT CHiHiRO CHiTTiii (セントチヒロ・チッチ)
Birth Name:
Position: Captain, Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: May 8, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 157 cm (5’1″)
Color: Light Blue
Twitter: @Chittiii_BiSH
Instagram: @cc_chittiii_bish

CENT CHiHiRO CHiTTiii facts:
Nickname: Chittiii
Favorite Color: Blue
– She is the “Looks serious on the outside, ugly on the inside, can have up to 2 boyfriends” member
– She is a former member of Tsuyogari Sensation
– She is a part of an idol unit called ARC∀DIA
– Her stage name comes from the movie Spirited Away where her two favorite characters were Sen and Chihiro
– She likes jellyfish, bananas, and rice omelettes
– She loves gory movies and anime
– She hates crowds
– She’s introverted
– She was bullied in school for dating a boy the popular girls liked
– She was obsessed with idols between middle school and high school
– She loved AKB48‘s Ono Erena
– In high school, Chittiii worked part time jobs to help her single mother


Stage Name: AiNA THE END (アイナ・ジ・エンド)
Birth Name: Iitani Aina (飯谷愛菜)
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: December 27, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 159 cm (5’2″)
Blood Type: A
Color: Red
Twitter: @aina_BiSH
Instagram: @ainatheend_official

AiNA THE END facts:
Fan Name: The Ender
Birthplace: Toyonaka, Japan
– She is the “Departure” member
– She made her solo debut before joining BiSH
– She is a former backup dancer for PARALLEL
– Her passion is dance, she’s been dancing since she was 4
– She creates most of the choreography
– She is a big fan of Oomori Seiko
– At around 13, she began to suffer anaphylactic shock due to intercostal neuralgia (nerve pain around the chest/ribs)
– She’s known for having a husky voice
– She was bullied in school for thinking she was a genius and admitted to being narcissistic, liking the attention bullies gave her
– She was often chased up trees, kids would shout at her to “die”, she was stripped in hallways by her bullies when boys would walk by, which made her insecure about removing clothing
– When she first moved to Tokyo, she didn’t have any money or friends, so she ended up sleeping in a park for 2 nights
– Aina has had many long term problems with her vocal cords, which she had surgery on in 2016. During the surgery, the decision was made to not completely remove the nodes, to ensure Aina’s trademark husky voice remained uneffected. She takes steroid shots to ease them.
– A future goal of her’s is to get married and start a family, as she loves children
– Her first job was working in a karaoke bar, because she thought she’d be able to sing a lot
Aina’s ideal type: is a manly man, lean yet muscular. Someone with good teeth.


Stage Name: MOMOKO GUMi COMPANY (モモコグミカンパニー)
Birth Name:
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: September 4, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 147 cm (4’9″)
Color: Yellow
Twitter: @GUMi_BiSH

Nickname: Momokan
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
– She is the “Demon” member
– She has two brothers, she’s the middle child
– She has a habit of speaking before thinking
– She’s very anxious and shy at first, but once she’s comfortable she can be very vibrant, fun, and weird
– She hates acting cute
– Being at home is most fun for her
– As a child, Momoko felt she was too mature for her age. She disliked being with children her age and found adults to be too patronizing
– In high school, she had a very close friend and the two were often mistaken as a gay couple
– Momoko was most popular in her first three years of elementary school until her former friend began to tease and bully her, her family moved from Tokyo to Niigata so the bullying would stop
– She has always been a fan of Sakura Momoko, the creator of Chibi Maruko-chan. She struggled with the news of her death in 2018 and wrote a column about her love for her
– One of her main motivations for becoming an idol was in hope of meeting Sakura Momoko
– Around BiSH’s debut, she spoke about hating otakus and her disgust at the idea of handshake events
– She hates people who are dependent on idols but in later interviews, it seems her feelings have changed as she spoke of wanting to help people who are in dark places.
– Momoko released an autobiography entitled ‘Seeing Eye to Eye’ (目を合わせるということ) which documents her first 3 years in BiSH.


Stage Name: HASHiYASUME ATSUKO (ハシヤスメ・アツコ)
Birth Name:
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: September 27, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Nationality: Japanese
Color: Purple
Twitter: @atsuko84_BiSH

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Favorite Music: Rock
– She is the “Glasses” member
– Her family moved to Fukuoka in middle school.
– Before entering BiSH, she was a member of the underground group Fleur*
– She auditioned for BiSH when they first formed but failed
– She joined the group in August 2015
– She likes Morning Musume
– She’s good at running
– She’s scared of bugs and ghosts
– In middle school, she was on the basketball team and being the new student, she was fairly popular. The star player of the team became jealous as convinced their peers to ignore and bully Atsuko.
– She went to a high school for people in the entertainment industry, where she did modeling for 3 years.
– Being at the school gave her many opportunities, like auditions and appearing on TV.
– After a month of working at a resort in Toyama, she saw an ad for jobs going at Haneda Airport and decided she needed to return to Tokyo. Her parents were on vacation at the time, so she left a note saying that she was leaving.


Stage Name: LiNGLiNG (リンリン)
Birth Name:
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: March 9, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 157 cm (5’1″)
Color: Pink (formerly White)
Twitter: @liNGliNG_BiSH
Instagram: @lingling_lingling_bish

LiNGLiNG facts:
– She is the “Silent” member
– She joined the group in August 2015
– Her favorite groups are BiS and Shinsei Kamattechan
– She got her stage name from former Morning Musume member, Linlin
– She’s very quiet and reserved and has always struggled with talking to people
– She likes bugs, especially spiders, caterpillars, and larva. She thinks they are cute.
– She likes cockroaches but does not think they are cute 🙂
– She hates butterflies because they look too fragile
– She likes collecting bugs
– She has an older sister
– She likes eavesdropping
– She has two dogs, named Djokovic and Gatarat
– She doesn’t want to be like a regular idol, she wants to have a chaotic kind of image
– Before BiSH in 2014, Lingling appeared on Noko from Shinsei Kamattechan’s twitchat where they chatted. The video is available on YouTube (voice only).
– She has loved idols from an early age because of her sister, her favorites are Wada Ayaka from ANGERME and Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume
– She has said she never wanted to be one, she wanted to see the girls who would become them, so she applied to the ANGERME second generation audition. Since she didn’t want to be an idol, she didn’t mind being unsuccessful.


Stage Name: AYUNi D (アユニ・D)
Birth Name: Ito Ayuko (伊藤亜佑子)
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: October 12, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
Color: White
Twitter: @AYUNiD_BiSH
Instagram: @ayunid_official

AYUNi D facts:
– She is the “My little sister can’t be this cute” member
– She was born in Hokkaido, Japan
– She joined the group in August 2016
– In school, she played badminton and participated in some tournaments
– The “D” in her stage name means “Dynamite”
– She has an older sister
– She went to a technical school where she learned to handle hazardous materials (gasoline and other flammable liquids)
– Her sister is a big fan of BiS and pushed her to audition, she applied 3 hours before the deadline
– Her first job was a cashier at a convenience store but it only lasted a week as customers complained of her being too slow
– Ayuni is the first BiSH member to release their own stand alone photobook, which was release October, 2019
– She is also a soloist under the stage name PEDRO
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Former Members:

hug me
Stage Name: HUG Mii (ハグ・ミィ)
Birth Name: Amatani Midori (雨谷碧莉) (rumored)
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: September 11, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 151 cm (4’11”)
Color: Pink
Twitter: @hugmii_BiSH

HUG Mii facts:
– She left the group in June 2016
– HUG Mii was always very quiet and would spend most of her time on the internet
– She is also a former member of AKIHABARA BACKSTAGE PASS and of Dear Stage
– She likes BiS


Stage Name: YUKAKO LOVE DELUXE (ユカコラブデラックス)
Birth Name:
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: March 18, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Nationality: Japanese
Twitter: @NIDONE_zzZZ

– She left the group before their debut due to anxiety.
– She is currently the sole member of mikinormu under the name Yashiro Yuka (ヤシロユカ).
– mikinormu was formerly a rock band called MIKINORME that disbanded in 2015.

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