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Taehyun (South Club) Profile and Facts

Taehyun (South Club) Profile: Taehyun Facts and Ideal Type

Taehyun (태현)
is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and a member of South Club band under his own label South Buyers Club. He made his debut as a member of WINNER on August 17, 2014.

Stage Name: Taehyun (태현)
Birth Name: Nam Taehyun (남태현)
Birthday: May 10, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs)
Shoe Size: 270 mm
Blood Type: A
Instagram: souththth
Twitter: South_Club_Real
Twitch: southclub

Taehyun Facts:
— Born in Hanam, South Korea.
— He speaks Japanese.
— He has a younger brother Nam Dong-hyun who was a member of his band and now is active as a soloist under the stage name BOYHOOD.
— He got recruited through a private audition in 2011 by YG Entertainment.
— He debuted as the main vocalist, and maknae with WINNER on August 17, 2014, and left on November 26, 2016, after going on hiatus due to reported mental health issues.
— He established his own agency South Buyers Club after leaving YG Entertainment.
— His inspirations are movies and European techno music. (Simply Kpop)
— On days off, he stays active, takes care of his pets, and plays tennis.
— When he starts making music he uses acoustic guitar first.
— He suffers from insomnia and bipolar disorder.
— He owns cats and a dog.
— He studies English trough movies and improves faster when he’s overseas. (Simply Kpop)
— According to South Club members, he is spontaneous and sensitive.
— After leaving WINNER he decided to form South Club band to continue pursuing music. The name of the band came from his last name “Nam” meaning “South”.
— He recruited South Club members through an online audition.
— According to him, he is very charismatic.
— His mother doesn’t mind him dating an older woman. e.g comedian Jang Do Yeon.
— He lives in Buamdong, Seoul. (In-Laws In Practice)
— His kitchen walls are filled with pictures. (In-Laws In Practice)
— He said that his height is 178 cm (5’10″). (In-Laws In Practice)
— He prefers buying food instead of cooking. (In-Laws In Practice)
— According to his mom, he eats one meal per day to stay fit as of 2018. (In-Laws In Practice)
— He doesn’t like colorful bed covers. (In-Laws In Practice)
— He usually wears pajamas while staying at home.
— His mom isn’t happy about his tattoos.
— His favorite tattoo as of 2018 is on his chest.
— He knows how to do henna tattoos.
— He is friends with actress Jung Ryeo-won and singer Son Dam-bi.
— He has a tattoo “baby baby” on his forearm which is the title of one of the favorite songs he wrote.
— Everyone he has ever dated was older than him as of 2018. The biggest age gap was 11 years older and his mom didn’t know. (In-Laws In Practice)
— He is more comfortable talking with older people because they’re mostly around him and for those who are younger than him feel too young.
— When asked what his dating style is, he said that he expresses emotions very honestly and is very charismatic.
— He really likes letting people wear his clothes.
— He drinks whiskey and wine.
— He likes fat parts of the chicken like skin.
— He rides a motorbike.
— He is close friends with T.T.Ma Soy because they live in the same area.
— He likes to contact often with his significant other.
— His hobbies are riding bikes, DJ-ing, and painting. (2018)
— He likes the movie “Dallas Buyers Club”.
— He is complemented to be a good driver.
— He has a golden tooth.
— He likes a Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallée.
— His favorite accessory is YSL Gold female tassel earring. He wears it only in one ear because wearing in both would be too much. (NAMSTARGRAM Ep.01)
— He likes women-only accessories/products, the ones that shake on stage. (NAMSTARGRAM Ep.01)
— He likes the unisex and formal style very much, with a very classic suit and tie-pin from the Bottega Benetta brand. (NAMSTARGRAM Ep.01)
— In 2017 his Russian Blue male cat named Bali got missing. On Instagram, he offered an award for a person who finds him.
— He became fond of comedian Jang Do-Yeon while filming “In-Laws In Practice” as a “married couple” because they got along very well.
— He has been vocal about his mental health struggles and admitted when news of his close friend Sulli passing away was released on attempting to take his own life in early 2019. (Deleted IG post)
— He was accused of cheating by his then-girlfriend, singer, Jang Jae-In on June 7th, 2019. As a result, he was completely edited out of tvN’s ‘Studio Vibes’ and dropped out of his role in the musical ‘Mephisto’.
— He changed his current diet to eating less food. Making it a meat-based diet. He also plays tennis and drinks a lot of water. (Twitch 08/20/20)
— The sport he always wants to do is tennis. (Twitch 08/20/20)
— The nickname he likes for himself is “태니” because it feels very emotional. (Twitch 08/20/20)
— He likes having long hair. (Twitch 08/20/20)
— He wants to travel to Hawaii. (Twitch 08/20/20)
— He says that he isn’t good at taking selfies. (Twitch 08/20/20)
— If he had to choose between video and photo, he’d pick both because it’s a very hard choice. (Twitch 08/20/20)
— He doesn’t think of streaming on Twitch for work/money, he just wants to communicate with his fans, and the money rewarding system is just a bonus. (Twitch 08/20/20)
— The performance he finds unique was when he had red hair at the 1st concert of South Club. (Twitch 08/20/20)
— His own favorite body features are legs and the long nose. (Twitch 08/20/20)
— Taehyun’s Ideal Type: “I like a girl who I can respect, someone who is smarter than me so I can learn a lot from her. Based on appearance someone skinny like Sunmi‘s figure. I don’t care about the age gap. Someone who gets more charming the more I get to know her.” (In-Laws In Practice 2018)

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