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Lee Hwi-Min (GroovyRoom) Profile and Facts

Lee Hwi-Min (GroovyRoom) Profile: Facts and Ideal Type:

Lee Hwi-Min (이휘민)
is a producer and rapper in GroovyRoom under H1ghr Music and AREA.
In 2016, he debuted as a member of the duo, GroovyRoom with Park Gyu-Jeong.
Debuted as Lil Moshpit on the 1st April, 2022 with the album ‘AAA‘.

Birth Name: Lee Hwi-Min (이휘민)
Solo Rap Name: Lil Moshpit
Birthday: August 5, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram 1: hwimmm
Instagram 2: lilmoshpittt

Lee Hwi-Min Facts:
– His MBTI is ENFP-T.
— He educated in liberal arts. (Dingo)
— Started producing in the third year of high school.
— Born in Michuhol District, Incheon, South Korea.
— He is a part of YELOWS MOB Crew.
– Him and Gyu-jeong founded AREA in March, 2021.
– When he does his solo activities, he goes by Lil Moshpit.
— He still has a dream of becoming a rapper. (Look Me Up)
— Originally wanted to become a reporter, to know people’s inner feelings.
— Liked music ever since he was little so decided to try it out, that’s how he began producing.
— He is very close with rapper Loopy. (ON스트릿)
— Favorite artist is Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.
— A big fan of Girls’ Generation (SNSD).
— He really likes YG Ent. producer Teddy.
— Has tattoos on his left and right fore-arm.
— Favorite fashion brand is Saint Laurent. (W Korea)
— He had big dreams of owning his own space, studio, or working area as a child.
— According to Jay Park, he’s good at dancing. Among H1ghr Music artists, he’s in the top two with Sik-K.
— He tries to keep the branding that he built up in 2019 as a DJ.
— He is very good at recognizing girl group songs. (Dingo Showdown)
— He got invited by fashion designer Virgil Abloh to attend Paris Fashion Week. (ON스트릿)
— He found that “Hwimin gay” is one of his relayed searches so he is sensitive about misleading situations.
— Favorite fashion item is bags, he is very into them.
— He doesn’t look at price tags.
— His favorite fashion items are a Saint Laurent Black Sweatshirt with “Hwi-min” print on it that was gifted to him by the brand after attending their 2019 show in Malibu, a parody of Prada 018 ski-mask with bear ears designed by his Paris-based Japanese friend named Jo, black Chanel handbag with gold Electric Plug Keyring on it (x).
— If he had to pick between “flashing nipples like Jay Park” or “pulling pants down like Black Nut” he would go with Black Nut.
— Fashion means to him wearing without thoughts, just things that he likes at the moment as he thinks there is no real standard of beauty.
— He’s in a relationship since around 2013, she’s a hairstylist; aaminamii.
— Got a bit tired of their signature sound, that’s why it’s not used in their recent songs. (Look Me Up)
— He was a producer on Show Me The Money 9 as a part of GroovyRoom with JUSTHIS.
Lee Hwi-Min’s Ideal Type: N/A

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