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DinDin Profile and Facts

DinDin Profile: DinDin Facts and Ideal Type

DinDin (딘딘)
is a South Korean rapper under D.O Entertainment. He debuted on August 19, 2014 with the digital single No Limits.

Stage Name: DinDin (딘딘)
Birth Name: Lim Cheol (임철)
Chinese Name: Lin Zhe (林哲)
Birthday: November 20, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
Blood Type: N/A
Instagram: dindinem
Twitter: dindinem
Facebook: dindinofficial
Daum Café: dindinofficial
VLive: DinDin
YouTube:딘딘 – 딘가딘가 [Dinga Dinga]

DinDin Facts:
– Born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He went to Templeton Secondary School in Vancouver, Canada and he was their first foreign student.
– He has two older sisters, one of them was once mistaken as his girlfriend by fans when they were spotted shopping together.
– His idol is G-Dragon and GD knows about it.
– Back in the day, he did a TV program at his house and charged 400$ per month for maintenance fees. (How Do You Play? Ep.01)
– At the age of three, his mother sent him to Baby School and hired an English tutor named Jublo.
– At the age of five, his parents noticed that he wasn’t getting taller so they took him to the doctor which said that stress from an intense study schedule was causing a growth disorder.
– He had bad grades while studying in Korea. (Happy Together 19/06/27)
– While he was studying in Canada, he only lived there with his sister and he learned bad (slang) English at school to the point where his sister was called to the principal office. He had to study the proper English from American TV Shows.
– He can’t stand injustice.
– He has dental laminates.
– He plays guitar.
– He’s honest.
– His hobby is drinking.
– He has a driving license.
– His strength is DJ-ing.
– His favorite TWICE member is Sana. (2D1N)
– For him, the scariest ghost is White Lady. (2D1N)
– His bias in Red Velvet is Irene.
– He is close friends with Super Junior‘s Heechul.
– He is most compatible with the girl that the same blood type as him. (2D1N)
– He is friends with Kim Jong Kook, they play soccer every Thursday (11 p.m – 1 a.m), and video games together. Also with Kim Hee Chul, Se Chan, and Bang Yong-guk.
– In his opinion, a rapper must always write his own lyrics.
– He thinks that people are his wealth. It’s meaningful to be close to people and have a great relationship with them and that’s what he tries to do.
– He’d like to collaborate with Dean since their stage names sound interesting with 3Ds (DeanDinDin) and feature Simon Dominic in that collab.
– He participated in Show Me The Money as an amateur and gained the nickname “super rookie of the hip-hop world”.
– His mindset is “Once you get to know people, there aren’t any who are malicious“.
– In junior high, he studied science really hard for fun because he found it fascinating and had the highest grades in science in the whole school.
– He went on a two-day trip to Okinawa, Japan by himself to experience loneliness that will help him in writing lyrics for Super Super Lonely. It was his first time traveling aboard alone.
– He loves being in love and he expresses his desire to love, through music.
– A music genre he would like to try is EDM trap, a song that explodes with EDM in chorus.
– He takes pilates, weight training, and swimming classes. (SketchBook ep.480)
DinDin’s Ideal Type: N/A

Drama Series:
Mystery Queen 2 (추리의 여왕) | KBS2 / 2018 – MC J Bang Jae Soon
Humanitarian Supermarket (홍익슈퍼) | Naver TV Cast / 2017 – Citizen

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