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Li Xian Profile and Facts

Li Xian Profile: Li Xian Facts and Ideal Type 

Li Xian (李现) is a Chinese actor under Easy Entertainment. He debuted on November 16, 2012  in the movie “Feng Shui” as Ma Xiaobao.

Li Xian Fandom Name: Tian Xian – the one he came up with / Girlfriends (现女友)

Name: Li Xian (李现)
Korean name: Lee Hyeon (이현)
Birthday: October 19, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat
Height: 183 cm
Weibo: 李现ing
Instagram: @mr.lixian

Li Xian Facts:
– Born in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, China.
– His idols are actors Ha Jung-woo, Ryan Gosling and Tony Leung Chiu-wai.
– He enjoys sunlight, the beach, diving, art, and literature.
– He uses sunscreen a lot.
– He loves working out.
– He knows how to play the sax and guitar.
– He eats only white meat, like chicken.
– He likes to sing anytime and anywhere.
– He values the time to sleep.
– He is acrophobic (fear of heights).
– His favorite soda is Coke.
– He likes staying indoors.
– He likes basketball, soccer, and volleyball. He enjoys talking about these subjects.
– He is a big fan of NBA (men’s professional basketball league in North America).
– He studied at Hubei Jingzhou High School and in 2010 at the Beijing Film Academy, with a major in performance.
– His parents didn’t understand his choice to study at the Beijing Film Academy.
– He went to school with actress Yang Zi but they weren’t close during that time since she was in a class higher.
– One thing he doesn’t understand about fangirls is them violenting privacy.
– On a daily basis, he doesn’t style his hair just wash and dry them.
– Movies he rewatches are the ones that make him question things and ask himself “how is that possible?” (e.g “Inception”, “Your Name”, “Dunkirk”).
– He often watches sweet and heartwarming movies.
– He describes his fashion style as comfortable.
– The color he’d pick to represent himself is blue.
– He is scared of going bald.
– He would never eat stinky tofu.
– He likes cats and dogs a lot.
– He doesn’t dare to watch horror movies.
– He can’t pick between Marvel and DC. He likes both.
– He finds werewolves a little cooler than vampires.
– He thinks long and short hair look good on him.
– When it comes to traveling he wants to go everywhere.
– Before going to sleep he checks Weibo and plays on the phone.
– In 2019 he was crowned as netizens’ “July boyfriend”.
– He doesn’t like walking so he uses electric bikes or bicycles.
– He usually likes to use Gucci or YSL perfumes but he finds Chanel, Armani and many other brands good as well.
– He has dry skin so when the weather gets colder he needs a lot of moisture.
– He wants the stunts to be done by himself.
– After wrapping up each project he goes on vacation.
– His free time he spends at home working out, reading, watch movies or playing video games.
– Injures he got from filming dramas are waist injury, strained ab muscle, dislocated hip, sciatic nerve injury and chronic gastritis.
– He thinks the most important feature on a girl’s face is her eyes since they are windows to the soul.
– His favorite fruits are all types of melon, like watermelon, cantaloupes, and honeydew. He hates durians.
– He likes Scarlett Johanson, Rachen McAdams, and Emma Stone, also he finds them attractive.
– He believes copyright issues should be taken very seriously because hard work should be respected (e.g spoilers).
– As an actor, he thinks the most important thing is to learn, grow and improve.
Ideal Type: When asked about what type of girls he likes, he said it depends on fate and who will come with it.

Spring River Flower Moonlight Night (春江花月夜) | 2020 – Bai Shi San
Schemes in Antiques (古董局中局) | 2020-  Yao Bu Ran
The Enigma of Arrival (抵达之谜) | 2019 – Xiao Long
The Chinese Pilot (中国机长) | 2019 – Luo Xiao Lin / Air Traffic Controller
Nuts (奇葩朵朵) | 2018 – Zu Zi Cong
The Founding of an Army (建军大业) | 2017 – Luo Rong Huan
Deadly Love (玩命试爱) | 2017 – Fang Zhi Bin
One Smile is Very Alluring (微微一笑很倾城) | 2016 – Yu Ban Shan / Yu Gong Pa Shan
Who Sleeps My Bro (睡在我上铺的兄弟) | 2016 – Xie Xun
Singing When We’re Young (初戀未满) | 2013 – Da Wei
Feng Shui (万箭穿心) | 2012 – Ma Xiaobao

Drama Series:
Pride And Price (盛装) | 2021 – Unknown
Love Song 1980 (恋曲1980) | 2019 – Liang Zheng Wen
Sword Dynasty (剑王朝) | 2019 – Ding Ning
Go Go Squid! (亲爱的,热爱的) | 2019 – Han Shang Yan/ Gun God / Boss
Women of Shanghai (上海女子图鉴) | 2018 – Chen Xiao Wei
Only Side by Side with You (南方有乔木) | 2018 – Chang Jian Xiong
Tientsin Mystic (河神) | 2017 – Guo De You
Rush to the Dead Summer (夏至未至) | 2017 – Li Xia’s second boyfriend
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (法医秦明) | 2016 – Lin Tao Police Team Captain
Four Ladies (四千金) | 2016 – Ding Zi Hui
Who Sleeps My Bro (睡在我上舖的兄弟) | 2016 – Xie Xun
City Of Fantasy (奇妙世纪) | 2014 – Ah Liang

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