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Leellamarz Profile and Facts

Leellamarz Profile and Facts:

Leellamarz / 릴러말즈 is a South Korean rapper and violinist under Ambition Musik. He debuted in July of 2017 with the album “Y” under Wayside Town.

Rap Name: Leellamarz / 릴러말즈
Former Rap Name: Lil’ K
Birth Name: Kim Minkyum / 김민겸
Birthday: 4th of July, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 165 cm / 5’5″
Blood Type: N/A
Instagram: leellamarz
SoundCloud: leellamarz
YouTube: Minkyum Kim

Leellamarz Facts:
– His MBTI is ENTP and INTP.
– He is a part of the Wayside Town crew.
– In 2019 he joined Ambition Musik.
– Nicknames: cutie, Quoka.
– His close friends call him Leella / 릴러.
– Education: Gajwa Elementary School, Yewon Middle School, Seoul Arts High School, Korea National University of Arts, Manhattan School of Music.
– Used to go by the rap name, Lil’ K, but is now using Leellamarz instead.
– He started music because of the strawberry cakes which his mom gave to him after violin classes.
– Known for talking on the phone for hours on end and never hanging up.
– Leellamarz has a sense of fashion.
– He seems to like Air Jordans the most.
– A former contestant of SMTM5, but was eliminated after a one-on-one match against SUPERBEE.
– Him and SUPERBEE are still good friends.
SMTM5 was the first time Leellamarz held a microphone and went on stage.
– Leellamarz was a feature on SMTM8, during Lil Tachi and BIG Naughty‘s CCTV.
– A feature on SMTM10 during Basick‘s performance.
– Leellamarz wrote and composed Kunta‘s final 2nd round song.
– He wants to go on SMTM as a producer, but not as a contestant.
– To win over a woman’s heart he put on a performance. He didn’t do it because he is romantic but in his own words, he was desperate.
– According to him, he can do voice mimicry of The Quiett the best.
– His own favorite song is Ambition because he wrote that song at his hardest time.
– Wants to do a featuring for J.Y Park as he is a huge fan.
– His life goal is to live a healthy life and maintain his career.
– He chooses health over fame.
– He would pick GroovyRoom over BOYCOLD.
– If he had to pick between being a rapper or a violinist. He would pick being a rapper.
– In January of 2021, he took a break from making music due to a burnout, but is now back.
– During his break, he danced to Ai Otsuka‘s Sakuranbo.
– He also began to exercise during his break.
– His car is an Mercedes AMG GT.
–  On December the 14th, Leellamarz released his newest album VIOLINIST2.
–  His new album consists of 11 tracks which features The Quiett, GIST, Inmo Yang and Milena.
– Made an apperance on DF‘s YT in December of 2021.

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Latest Release: VIOLINIST2

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