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SummerWish (Produce 48) Members Profile

SummerWish Members Profile

SummerWish is a temporary group of Produce 48 for concept reviews. There are Lee Chae Yeon, Miyazaki Miho, Kim Min Ju, Shitao Miu and Goto Moe. They made the music “1000%”

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SummerWish Members Profile :
Lee Chae Yeon

Stage Name : Lee Chae Yeon
Birth Name : 이채연 / イ・チェヨン
Birthday : January 11, 2000
Position : Main Vocalist, Leader
Company : WM Entertainment
Nationality : South Korean
Height : 164 cm
Weight : 47 kg
Blood Type : A

Lee Chae Yeon Facts :
– She trained for 4 years and 2 months
– She likes to watch dramas and create choreography
– She’s good at wacking and hip hop
– She appeared in the third season of “KPOP STAR” with her little sister Chae Ryeong (ITZY), also a participant in the SIXTEEN show.
– She is the 15th member to be unveiled to the public during SIXTEEN.
– She is very close to Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48 / IZ*ONE).
– Her Chinese sign is the rabbit
– In 2021, she should be in the new group of WM
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Miyazaki Miho

Stage Name : Miyazaki Miho
Birth Name : 宮崎 美穂 / 미야자키 미호
Birthday : July 30, 1993
Position : Lead Vocalist
Company : AKB48
Nationality : Japanese
Height : 160 cm
Weight : Unknown
Blood Type : O
Official Profile : Official Profil
Twitter : @730myao
Instagram : @myaostagram_380

Miyazaki Miho Facts :
– Her nickname is Myao (み ゃ お).
– She was born in Tokyo, Japan.
– She trained for 10 years and 8 months.
– Her hobby are traveling.
– She can sing, dance, speak Korean, play musical instruments.
– Her last words for Produce 48 are : “I think this is my last chance and I’m going to work hard on my body and mind. Hwaiting”.
– Her NMB oshimen is Kinoshita Haruna.
– She is learning Korean and is a big fan of KPop.
– She loves aquariums.
– Her astrological sign is Leo.
– She likes to shopping and go to karaoke.
– Her introductory phrase “Do Re Mi Do Mi Do Myao ~” was found by Sashihara Rino.
– She took part in the “Kan Tame show! POP” in 2013.
– She’s been on the radio “Myao no heya”.
– She starred in the dramas “So Long!” (2013), “Sakura kara no Tegami” (2011), Majisuka Gakuen (2010) and Majisuka Gakuen 2 (2011).
– She starred in the movie Torihada in 2012.
– She performed in the theater play “Mitsu Boshi ni Negai wo!” in 2015.
– She has a DVD named “Miyazaki Miho no Tore Taka Juubun !!”.
– She has a photobook named “SHINING SKY”.

Kim Min Ju

Stage Name : Kim Min Ju
Birth Name : 김민주 / キム・ミンジュ
Birthday : February 5, 2001
Position : Vocalist, Center
Company : Urban Works
Nationality : South Korean
Height : 165 cm
Weight : 45 kg
Blood Type : AB
Instagram : k.minjoo_official

Kim Min Ju Facts :
– She trained for 2 years and 10 months.
– She likes to walk, take pictures.
– She can do imitations with her face (the monkey, the giraffe …), play the guitar.
– Her last words for Produce 48 are:
“I’m going to break my body and practice!”.
– She played in the drama “The Great Seducer” in 2018.
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Shitao Miu

Stage Name : Shitao Miu
Birth Name : 下尾 みう / 시타오 미우
Birthday : April 3, 2001
Position : Main Rapper
Company : ABK48
Nationality : Japanese
Height : 161 cm
Weight : 48 kg
Blood Type : A
Official Profil : Official Profil
Twitter : @miumiu_0403
Instagram : @miumiu1343
Tik Tok : Tik Tok

Shitao Miu Facts :
– Her nickname is Miu.
– She was born in Yamaguchi, Japan.
– Her hobbies are read, watch movies.
– She knows how to play traditional Japanese musical instruments.
– Last word said for Produce 48: “I want to work hard with my own limits.”.

Goto Moe

Stage Name : Goto Moe
Birth Name : Gotou Moe (後藤萌咲 / 고토 모에)
Birthday : May 25, 2001
Position : Vocalist, Maknae
Company : AKB48
Nationality : Japanese
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 43 kg
Blood Type : O
Official Profil : Official Profil

Goto Moe Facts :
– Her nickname is Moekyun (もえきゅん).
– She was born in Aichi, Japan.
– She trained for 4 years and 7 months.
– She likes to listen to anime music and dance.
– Goto Moe knows how to play drums.
– Last word delcared for Produce 48 : “I want to cheer you up! This is great! I will do my best to be a person who can think I can do it!”.
– In 2019, she graduated from AKB48 and left the agency.
– Her role model is Matsui Rena.
– She is now at TWIN PLANET ENTERTAINMENT and is an actress / model.

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