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LATE LEE Profile and Facts

LATE LEE Profile: LATE LEE Facts and Ideal Type

otherwise known as LATE or Joe Lee is a South Korean singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. He is an artist whose music seeks to bridge Korean underground rap and indie pop.

Stage Name: LATE LEE
Birth Name: N/A
English Name: Joe Lee
Birthday: N/A
Instagram: lateleeof
Facebook: lateleeof
YouTube: LATE.

— His previous stage name was “As If”.
— His family consists of mom who is a pianist, dad who works for the government, and a brother who is a graphic designer.
— He performed at the KCON LA 2017.
— He speaks fluent English and Korean.
— His interest includes eating good food according to his Facebook page.
— He used to have a crew called “Odd Folks” where he was a leader.
— At 15 years old he moved to New York because of his dad’s business and lived there for a year. Then moved to Los Angeles.
— He got his stage name “Late” because he is “fashionably” always late.
— His favorite artist is Dean because they share many similarities.
— He used to be signed under Cycadelic Records Entertainment.
— He spends about two to three hours a day searching for beats.
— His music is a mixture of Western and Asian sounds. (The Lunch Table)
— He grew up listening to classic and jazz music.
— He likes to make comfortable music.
— He loves when his girl calls him daddy that’s why his Instagram username used to be “joethepapi”.
— He participated in a competition show called “K-pop Star: Season 1” and went up to the top 35.
— He started listening to hip-hop because of his brother.
— He is a part of an art collective called “Frank” that consists of a photographer and stylist.
— His goal is to try to change the world with his music since he’s been through a lot.
— He has been through depression to the point where he did commit suicide. He survived because his best friend was there and helped him out. (The Lunch Table)
— Sometimes he takes breaks from social media to live in the moment and enjoy life.
— In his opinion, a relationship holds you back in the music industry. (The Lunch Table)
LATE LEE’s Ideal Type: N/A

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