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Kyung (Block B) Profile and Facts

Park Kyung Profile: Park Kyung Facts and Ideal Type

Kyung (경)
is a South Korean singer and member of Block B. He made his official debut with Block B‘s Do U Wanna B? on April 13, 2011, and as a solo artist on September 21, 2015, with “Ordinary Love“.

Stage Name: Kyung (경)
Birth Name: Park Kyung (박경)
Birthday: July 8, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 171 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 52 kg (114 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @qkrrud78
Twitter: @kyungpark1992
YouTube: 박경Park Kyung Official 

Park Kyung Facts:
— Born in Seoul, South Korea.
— He has two siblings. A younger brother Park Chan (박찬) and an older sister Park Saehim (박새힘).
— He studied at the Kamo High School in New Zeland for 2 years and in the US for 1 year.
— His is a member of Block B since their debut in 2011.
— His specialties are rapping and composing.
— His hobby is web surfing and drinking wine with friends.
— He speaks English.
— His favorite food is a burger.
— He has produced all of Block B’s albums with Zico.
— He got the nickname “cucumber“ because of his long face.
— He knows Zico since elementary school.
— He finds girls with piercings pretty.
— His favorite school subjects were math and science.
— He was a very talented/smart student.
— He is a member of Mensa International that is a high IQ society because he has an IQ of about 156. (Problematic Men)
— He started his rapping career with the stage name “Holke” (Horse+K) by promoting underground with Zico.
— He debuted as a duo with Zico in 2009 with the digital single “The Letter”.
— If he wasn’t a singer he’d be a businessman.
— From a young age, he was fond of standing out.
— He played the lead role in an English elementary school play.
— In middle school, he received special education in math.
— During middle school, he was called a “Donkey” from the movie “Shrek” because their smiling faces looked alike.
— When it came to education his parents let him do what he wanted.
— He says that he isn’t good at speaking English in public.
— His dream since he was young was to earn a lot of money because he didn’t get much pocket money and couldn’t buy what he wanted.
— His current goal is to buy a big and luxurious house in the Gangnam area. (2017)
— He enjoys driving. He goes for a ride in order to change his mood with loud music on.
— He wears loose clothes because he wants to hide that his body is thin.
— He likes to look monotone or chic.
— His favorite color is red.
— He collects hats and as of 2017, he has around 100 of them.
— Table tennis used to be his hobby.
— When he’s drunk he gets very talkative.
— His parents are very supportive of his music career.
— His trademark is saying “aight”.
— He is the happiest when he works on music.
— He was in the original line up for Block B with ZicoMinoHanhae, and U-Kwon.
— He has a hand gesture that tells other Block B members to agree with him. (Problematic Men)
— During summer he goes wakeboarding since one of his acquaintances owns a shop in Seoul. As of 2017, his level is about 3.
— During school festivals, he performed rap songs in Korean. Students encouraged him by saying he’s cool.
— When he was studying in New Zealand he listened to Zico‘s rap songs that he uploaded online. Zico influenced him to write his own songs.
— He became a regular member of “Problematic Men” where only entertainers with a keen mind appear to solve a variety of difficult problems.
Zico liked his solo debut song “Ordinary Love” so much that he wanted to include it in Block B‘s album. (Pops in Seoul)
— He receives inspiration in everyday life while doing daily activities and meeting people. (Pops in Seoul)
— While writing songs he likes to use his imagination and put himself in different situations.
— Comparing to Block B‘s music he describes his solo productions as more lyrical and emotional.
— He was supposed to enlist in the military on January 21, 2020.
— His company confirmed on January 06, 2020, that he requested to delay his military enlistment in order to take part in the questioning regarding the controversy about chart manipulation (sajaegi).
— Park Kyung’s Ideal Type:I should not evaluate one upon the individual’s looks but someone like Girls’ Generation Seohyun. Not only she’s pretty but she looks intellectual and likes reading books.” (Flower Boy Bromance 2016) In another interview, he said, “My ideal type is, by any means, a woman with a kind heart.“.

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