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Jasper Liu Profile and Facts

Jasper Liu Profile: Jasper Liu Facts and Ideal Type

Liu Yi Hao (劉以豪)
also known as Jasper Liu is a Taiwanese actor, model, and musician under Pourquoi Pas Music. He debuted as an actor on September 18, 2011 in c-drama In Time With You.

Birth Name: Liu Yi Hao (劉以豪)
Korean Name: Ryu Yi Ho (류이호)
English Name: Jasper Liu
Birthday: August 12, 1986
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Blood Type: A
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs)
Instagram: ryu19860812
Weibo: 劉以豪
Studio Weibo: 刘以豪资源吧

Jasper Liu Facts:
– Born in Taipei, Taiwan,
– He speaks a little bit of Korean and English.
– He knows how to play the guitar.
– He loves traveling.
– He talks in the Taiwanese Hokkien dialect.
– In September, 2019 he hurt his right wrist while exercising.
– He thinks smiling is being polite and showing you’re happy.
– He thinks his most mesmerizing body part is his dimples.
– He says he has no idea how to sing.
– He loves watching all kinds of dramas.
– He wants to try bleaching his hair as of 2018.
– He got a college degree in Visual Communication and Design.
– He is quite introverted and gets nervous easily.
– He thinks Korea is a great country with unity.
– He would like to interact with foreign artists because he thinks it’s great.
– His habits during childhood were sucking a thumb and making funny faces.
– Places he wants to visit in Korea are Busan and Jeju Island as of 2016.
-Sometimes he hopes that he could bring a woman to travel with him and he thinks it’d romantic.
– He thinks it’s easy to make a mistake by gifting perfumes.
– The country he would pick for a romantic trip is Kenya, Africa because of being able to watch the migration of wildlife, riding a hot air balloon and watching a sunset. He also wouldn’t mind proposing during a hot air balloon ride while sun slowly goes down.
– When he was in college, he lit a whole room using around 100 candles and he was wondering why it’s so hot.
– He’d like to take a vacation for a month so he can live in Korea to develop his language skills as of 2016.
– He doesn’t have a favorite genre of music, he prefers exploring many styles.
– He participated in Eelin Super Male Model (新光三越超级男模大赛) competition where he won third place in 2008.
– Sometimes he thinks he’s still a rookie actor despite the fact he’s in the industry almost 10 years.
– When he’ll retire he might build a cafe or a guesthouse on a mountain, camping site or somewhere you can stay overnight in nature.
– His goal for the future is to travel more, like going on a road trip around Australia or Europe.
– In South Korea, he would like to participate in variety shows because he finds them fun and he wouldn’t feel like he’s working.
– Among the actresses he worked with, he is closest to Puff Kuo because she watches out for him (As of 2018).
– Before debuting as an actor, his plan after graduating from college was to join a post-production film company or an animation studio.
– He is a fan of a South Korean variety shows Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator and The Return of Superman and he thinks Seungjae looks like him from his childhood. He also appeared in three episodes of TROSM.
– He never thought about dating someone in the industry and he doesn’t intend to.

More Than Blue (比悲傷更悲傷的故事) | 2018 – Zhang Zhe Kai (K)
Take Me To The Moon (带我去月球) | 2017 – Wang Zheng Xiang
Second Chance (逆轉勝) | 2014 – Hei Lun
Live @ Love (活路:妒忌私家偵探社) | 2014 – Yan Su Jun

Drama Series:
Twelve Legends (十二谭) | 2020 – Jin Xing Jian
Triad Princess (極道千金) | 2019 – Xu Yi Hang
Before We Get Married (我們不能是朋友) | 2019 – Chu Ke Huan
My Goddess (種菜女神) | 2018 – Yan Dong Ming
My Bittersweet Taiwan (台湾往事) | 2018 – Lin Qing Wen
Mary Sue & Jack Sue (玛丽苏遇上杰克苏) | 2017 – Su Zhi Huan
Lost? Me Too: Season 2 (迷徒Chloe) | 2016 – Luo Shao Yang “Rex”
I Am Sorry, I Love You (我的鬼基友) | 2015 – Ling Hong Pei
When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼) | 2015 – Xia You Qian
Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡‧一個人) | 2014 – Fu Zi Jie / “Louis”
I Love U Love U Love I (我愛你愛你愛我) | 2013 – Luo Jia He / “Sky”
Amour et Patisserie (沒有名字的甜點店) | 2013 – Allen
Once Upon a Love (原來愛.就是甜蜜) | 2012 – Tian Yi Xiang
Confucius (智勝鮮師) | 2012 – Zheng Yuan Bing / Yuan Bin Ge
In Time With You (我可能不會愛你) | 2011 – Mei Nan

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