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BXK Discography

BXK Discography
Complete Discography of BXK

NOYB X Fly High (비상)

  1. 내버려둬(NOYB)
  2. FLY HIGH(플라이하이)
  3. 내버려둬(NOYB) (Inst.)
  4. FLY HIGH(플라이하이) (Inst.)
What is your favorite BXK release?

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I'm Emma! I'm 17 and i've been into kpop for around 3-4 years.
I'm a full time student so please be patient if I take a while to update profiles.
My favorite groups are Argon, Vixx, Lucy, D.Coy, Day6, 2pm, M.O.N.T, Seventeen, TOO, Monsta X, BXK and Mirae.
My favorite soloists are KiKO, Wonho, One Light, Theo, Rain, Demian, Corbyn, Choi Suhwan.
My ult group is Argon and my biases are Yeoun & Kain!