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Jinu (WINNER) Profile & Facts

Jinu (WINNER) Profile and Facts; Jinu’s Ideal Type
Jinu (김진우) is a South Korean singer, actor and member of the group WINNER under YG Entertainment. He debuted as a soloist on August 14, 2019 with a single album “Call Anytime”.

Stage Name: Jinu (김진우) (his former stage name was Jinwoo)
Birth Name: Kim Jin Woo (김진우)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual
Hometown: Imja-do, South Korea
Birthday: September 26, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Sheep
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @xxjjjwww
Twitter: @official_jinu_

Jinu Facts:
– He was born in Imja-do, Sinan County, South Jeolla Province, South Korea.
– Family: Kim Heera (older sister), Kim Jinhi (younger sister), Parents.
– Education: Joy Dance Academy
-When he joined the Joy Dance Academy run by BIGBANG Seungri, Seungri himself took him to join YG Entertainment, because Seungri was amazed with his dancing skills.
– He trained for five years, starting when he was 18 years old.
-Jinu is the peacemaker of the group (Youth Over Flowers).
– He was a backup dancer at the 2011 YG Family Concert alongside fellow group member Taehyun.
-Jinu has a warm and tender personality, according to WINNER’s Yoon.
-Jinu is allergic to cats but he takes medicines so he can keep his Sphynx cats Ray and Bay.
– Is the member that usually takes the longest when it comes to memorizing lyrics to a new song
– Seungri is a valuable person for Jinwoo for helping him until now
– His hobby is swimming, watching drama and playing games.
– He is a friend of Hyemi (FIESTAR).
-When winning and debuting at WINNER, Jinwoo once said: currently the word WINNER is still written on paper with black writing, and our next task is to change the writing in gold ink
– When it was announced that Team A won against Team B, Jinwoo cried a nosebleed
– Jinu is the ‘fake maknae’ !! Not only his boyish face, but his innocence also makes people think that he’s WINNER’s maknae, despite the fact that he’s the oldest member of the group.
– Jinu used to hate his father’s job, which is being a fisherman, but now he’s proud of him and said his father is a great man and must not be crying because of him anymore.
– Jinwoo bears a strong resemblance to Japanese actress Kiritani Mirei.
– One of his nicknames are ‘Open Knees’, because he likes to wear pants with open knees.
– He has the most aegyo out of all the members.
– He says that his charm is that he looks handsome, fragile & pretty, but is actually a guy that is wild, tough & angry.
– Jinu is the member who takes the longest when it comes to memorizing lyrics and dance steps.
– Jinu has been called the ‘Face Genius’ of YG Entertainment because of his visual. In a talk show, one of the panelists said that he had the SM Entertainment aura, which is ‘beauty’. One plastic surgeon said that Jinu’s face has the ‘Golden Ratio’, because he has the facial proportions that are considered ideal.
– Jinu has also been called the ‘International Lost Boy’, he often gets lost in unfamiliar places. In one episode of WINNER TV he couldn’t find Tokyo Tower, which was only ten minutes from his hotel.
– Jinu was recruited by Sandara Park as the ‘cutie line’ of YG Entertainment after watching him on WINNER TV, because she thought that there are too many swag people like CL and G-Dragon. Reportedly, the other members of the ‘cutie line’ are BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, iKON’s Jinhwan, and iKON’s Yunhyeong.
– Jinu is always complimented for his looks up to the point that people would joke that he looks like he’s from SM Entertainment.
– He is a regular cast of the travel reality show “Wizard of Nowhere”.
– He is allergic to cat fur.
– Jinu has 2 Sphynx cats, Bay and Ray.
– Jinu & Mino used to live in the same dorm because they have cats.
– Update: Mino has his own house now. (Source: I live alone January 28, 2022)
– Jinwoo is a homebody.
– In 2016, Jinwoo made his acting debut in the web-drama Magic Cellphone.
– He then starred in the web drama Love For A Thousand More alongside fellow member Seungyoon. The web drama is a joint production of CJ E&M, YG Entertainment, and YGKPlus.
– In November 2016, Jinwoo was announced as the lead in the production of The Little Prince by the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company. He is the first K-pop idol to be part of contemporary dance production.
– Jinwoo start his military enlistment on April 2, 2020 as a public service worker.
– He was discharged on December 31, 2021.
– Jinu’s ideal type: “My ideal type is someone who has white skin and a cute face like puppy. I like someone who is not oversized but not too skinny either. I would not like her to wear high heels, because I will look shorter than her. It would be nice if her height is about 165cm.

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