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Zion.T Profile: Zion.T Facts

(자이언티) is a South Korean hip hop and R&B singer, rapper and songwriter under The Black Label (YG). He debuted April 29, 2011.

Stage Name: Zion.T (자이언티)
Birth Name: Kim Haesol (김해솔)
Birthplace: South Korea
Birthday: April 13, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Nationality: Korean
Height: 176cm (5’9″)
Weight: 69kg (152lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @ziont
Twitter: @SkinnyRed
Youtube: Zion.t 자이언티 korea

Zion.T Facts:
– He is under The Black Label, one of YG Entertainment’s sub-labels.
– He attended Seoul Ajou University.
– He hates being interrupted.
– Zion.T is really close with Crush.
– He really likes T-Pain, so he used to emulate him a lot.
– His special talents include singing, playing the piano and composing songs.
– Zion.T made his musical debut on the 29th April 2011, collaborating with Korean hip-hop artists, such as Dok2, Crucial Star, Simon D, Primary and Gray.
– His first single, “Click Me“, featuring Dok2, was released in April 2011.
– At the beginning, Zion.T was really worried about his voice, claiming it sounded unique, but soon people who happened to hear his music taught him that his voice wasn’t the problem, but rather the lack of emotions.
– He and his work didn’t touch people, that became his new worry. But he still wanted to continue as an artist, so he tried hard to overcome and fix his flaws.
– Knowing that his work wasn’t perfect, he wasn’t able to write songs for 9 months.
– While he knew his songs couldn’t reach people and with that, didn’t bring him much success, Zion.T still wanted to write a song filled with his own emotions.
– Finally learning how to write music focused on his emotions, his music style completely changed.
– On April 9, 2013, Zion.T’s first studio album, “Red Light“, was released with the title track “Babay“, featuring Gaeko. The album was critically well received.
– In an exclusive interview with “Kpopeurope” in 2014, Zion.T explained that he chose his stage name because he is a Christian, so the “T” in his name represents the cross.
– He also revealed that his diction is not good and that he isn’t the type that sings high notes, however, he thinks that he delivers and appeals to emotions well.
– Zion.T is part of a crew called VV:D which includes members: Crush, Zion.T, Elo, Gray, and Loco.
– The digital single “Yanghwa BRDG (Yanghwa Bridge)”, became a hit and contributed to his rising success as an artist in Korea.
– He appeared on the soundtrack of the television drama series Pinocchio with the song “Kiss Me“.
– July 2015, he participated in the biennial music festival event hosted by MBC’s variety show “Infinite Challenge”.
– Zion.T also appeared on “Show Me The Money 5” in 2015.
– On his first encore stage, Zion.T cried upon seeing his mother. Knowing he finally did it, he had overcome his struggles and his parents were proud. Due to tears he couldn’t finish the entire verse.
– In 2016, following the end of his contract with hip hop label Amoeba Culture, he signed with The Black Label.
– In December 2017, he released his collaboration with veteran singer Lee Moonse, called “Snow“. The song was very well received by the public and topped all major music charts in South Korea.
– In October 2018, he realeased a collaboration with Red Velvet’s Seulgi, “Hello Tutorial”.
– He’s also a fan of Red Velvet and feared that his collaboration request would get rejected.
– In an interview he also shared that all he wishes for is for his name to be remembered even once his music career has come to an end.

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