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JUNNY Profile and Facts

JUNNY Profile: JUNNY Facts and Ideal Type

JUNNY (주니) is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver under MAUVE Company.
According to him, his actual debut took place on April 6, 2017 with EP “Monochrome“.

JUNNY’s Official Fandom Name: Junniverse

Stage Name: JUNNY (주니)
Birth Name: Kim Hyeong-Jun (김형준)
Birthday: April 6, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Canadian
Instagram: jnkmsc
Twitter: _jnkmsc_
TikTok: jnkmsc
SoundCloud: jnkmsc
Spotify: JUNNY
Apple Music: JUNNY
Agency Profile: JUNNY
YouTube: JUNNY

JUNNY Facts:
— He has lived in Vancouver, Canada since he was four years old.
— He is based in Seoul, South Korea. (Twitter)
— He has two older brothers.
— He loves sports.
– His MBTI is ENFP (Hide & Sick M/V Interview Cam)
— He speaks fluent English and Korean.
— He has a tattoo (on his right arm).
— He moved to South Korea in December 2018.
— He moved to South Korea to pursue a music career and achieve his dreams.
— He wrote his very first song at 14-15 years old.
— He grew up listening to a lot of Korean songs because of his older brothers.
— At an early age, he started to learn how to play the guitar.
— His hobbies are: singing, playing the guitar, and building LEGOS. Building LEGOS is one of his favorite hobbies. (Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam, JUNNY Q&A)
— His dream was to be a vocal coach in South Korea.
— His biggest artistic influence are artists he works with and his oldest brother who is a painter.
— His song AURA is based on a true story that happened to him.
— For him, 2019 was a year of learning and developing into an artist.
— He takes musical inspiration from the USA, heavily from Chris Brown.
— He did half a year of classical vocal training and then gave up because he didn’t enjoy singing in Italian and German.
— He is a part of a writer-producer duo with Odlin Block (Dylan McNulty) called Club Maytel and ALIVEMINDS Crew with EastK, Lil Gimch, and Woogs.
— He auditioned for K-pop Star 2.
— Artists he worked with are pH-1, Paloalto, JisellePunchnello, and Kid Milli.
— He would like to meet chef Baek Jong-won because he loves food.
– A producer contacted him when he was making songs for Sound Cloud back in Vancouver and told him that Luhan (ex. EXO) wanted to buy his song and after Junny sold the song, he decided to come to Korea. (K-Pop Daebak Show with Eric Nam)
– He has produced/co-produced songs for artists such as EXO‘s KAI, Luhan (ex. EXO), NCT Dream and IU. (K-Pop Daebak Show with Eric Nam)
– He and his family are big fans of IU so he was shocked and excited when he got offered a chance to top-line one of her songs. (K-Pop Daebak Show with Eric Nam)
– He was a host for the podcast “Get Real” by Dive Studios for the first 12 episodes of Season 2 alongside Ashley Choi (ex. Ladies Code) and Peniel (BtoB)
— He enjoys listening to R&B songs from the 1990s to the newest ones.
— An artist he wants to interview the most is sadly Michael Jackson.
— His go-to coffee drink is a hot americano.
— He releases stress by listening to music.
— He says that he is really bad with names.
— His favorite girl group is TWICE and he is a big fan because of their songs.
— His favorite Korean food is Galbi-jjim (갈비찜).
— He doesn’t like it when people eat with their mouths open.
— He would like to collaborate with an American singer Bazzi.
— His sleeping habit is sleeping with his mouth open. (Arirang Radio)
— He is also a composer and producer who wants to work with idols and other musicians. (vogue.co.kr)
— His childhood dream was to become a soccer player and a basketball player.
— He’s good friends with the singer-songwriter Youha.
— In 2020 he joined the R&B soul group ØFFSHORE. Other members are iHwak, HNMR, ROYAL DIVE, JOMALXNE, MIRROR BOY, ROSEINPEACE, and GOT7’s JayB.
— His personality: “I’m super sensitive about certain things, I’m not gonna say what”.
— He prefers dogs over cats. He loves dogs. (JUNNY Q&A)
— He likes watching movies or football. (JUNNY Q&A)
— He is a huge fan of Korean footballer Son Heung-min. (JUNNY Q&A)
— The things he misses about Vancouver are fresh air, the smell of nature, a brunch cafe called JAM Cafe, and family. (JUNNY Q&A)
— His go-to karaoke songs are “I Miss You” by Kim Bum-soo, “Can’t You” by Hweseung as he believes that when going to karaoke you should sing Korean ballad songs. (JUNNY Q&A)
— He’s using Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume. It was a gift from his two closest friends on his birthday in 2021. As of April 2022, it’s one of his favorite perfumes right now. (JUNNY Q&A)
— His favorite sneakers are NIKE DUNK. (JUNNY Q&A)
— He really likes playing and tinkering with smartphones so if he wasn’t a singer he might have been working at the Apple Store instead. His friends assume it a lot as well, teasing him with “Junny, do you work for Apple?”. (JUNNY Q&A)
JUNNY’s Ideal Type: “Personality because I have a particular personality and I want that person to kinda match well with me. I like a person who laughs a lot. I don’t have a bright personality so I need someone to cheer me up”. (Arirang Radio 2020)

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