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Who’s your favorite BT21?

Who’s your favorite BT21?

BT21 are a group of animated characters created by BTS in September 2017. There are 8 characters: Tata, Mang, Chimmy, RJ, Koya, Cooky, Shooky, and Van.

QUICK FACTS (For new Fans):

BT21 pronounced : BTCentury
Koya = RM
RJ = Jin
Shooky = Suga
Mang = JHope
Chimmy = Jimin
TaTa = V
Cooky = Jungkook
Van = a space robot that protects BT21, and it’s said to represent ARMY


Koya: Gifted, SleepyHead

RJ: Kind, Loving,Foodie Alpaca

Shooky: Mini Prankster; (Hates Milk) XD

Mang: Mystery Dancer #Break-dancer

Chimmy:”The Pure at the heart” #YellowHoodie

TaTa: Prince, Curious soul, Heart #Superpowers

Cooky: Hearty Rumps, Bunny

Van: Guardian Space Robot; 24/7 Robot

Who's your favorite BT21 character?

Credit: IZ*ONE

Who’s your favorite BT21 character? Feel free to comment below 🙂