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VIINI (Kwon Hyunbin) Tattoos & Meanings

VIINI (Kwon Hyunbin) Tattoos & Meanings

Kwon Hyunbin (권현빈)
, also known under stage name VIINI (비니) is a soloist, actor, model, and a former JBJ member. Down below you can find a full list of his tattoos as of March 2020!

Kwon Hyunbin has at least 6 known tattoos:
1. Roopretelcham
2. dell’artiglio di alba
3. Exodus 20:12
4. Angel
5. Forearm black ink piece
6. A Japanese sword with flames

On the back of his neck, he has written Roopretelcham meaning “every desired wish will be granted”. He was first seen with this tattoo at the concert in August 2018.






On his right forearm, he has written dell’artiglio di alba. It’s said that it’s written in Latin, meaning “Blessedness” but it also translates to Italian “The Claw of Dawn”. He was first seen with it at the concert in August 2018 alongside his neck tattoo.





On the left side of his chest, he has written Exodus 20:12. The word “Exodus” in Greek literally translates to “Exit”. It is also the name of the second book of the Bible where Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt giving this word meaning of “a mass departure of people”. His tattoo is a verse in the Bible that says “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you“. It’s also said that it’s a matching tattoo with JBJ‘s Yongguk’s “Life for music” because it’s placed in the same spot. Hyunbin revealed this tattoo at the concert in January 2018.


This tattoo on his arm shows an Angel. The meaning of this tattoo is unknown but a picture of a closer look of this tattoo was published by a tattoo artist @bk_tattooer based in Seoul, Itaewon on Instagram with the caption “Angel Done at @bk.inkstudio @killersilverink” on August 15, 2019. The tattoo on the photo and the one shown on Hyunbin look identical what makes us assume that this is his arm with a shirt in black and white stripes shown in the picture. In the original post, Hyunbin wasn’t tagged but the design itself gained a lot of positive feedback, being reposted on sites like Pinterest. We also assume this is his, based on the date he was first seen with it which is August 2019 during a concert and the date the tattoo artist shared this piece.


On March 06, 2020 he was photographed arriving at the SBS Power FM “Cho Fah Jung Power Time” to promote his newest song “Love The Moon”. These pictures quickly went viral and became a hot topic on social media as he revealed his whole forearm tattooed in black ink piece. Unfortunately, they don’t show us a good angle to be able to see what it might be, not counting the wings of his Angel tattoo. Also, the meaning of it is unknown.




His full forearm tattoo wasn’t the only piece that was revealed that day. On his left arm, he got a Japanese sword, most likely katana surrounded by colorful flames. The meaning of this tattoo is unknown and he was first seen with it on March 06, 2020, arriving at the SBS Power FM “Cho Fah Jung Power Time”.




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