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Yang Zi Profile and Facts

Yang Zi Profile: Yang Zi Facts and Ideal Type

Yang Zi (杨紫)
is a Chinese actress under H&R Century Pictures.
She debuted on August 16, 2002 in television series “Ru Ci Chu Shan” (如此出山)

Name: Yang Zi (杨紫)
Birth name: Yang Ni Ao (杨旎奥)
Korean name: Yang Ni-oh (양니오)
Korean stage name: Yang Ja (양자)
English name: Andy Yang
Birthday: November 6, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 167 cm
Blood Type: A
Weibo: 杨紫
Instagram: @yangzi_official
TikTok: YangZi
Sina Blog: Andy Is Me

Yang Zi Facts:
– She was born in Beijing, China.
– She studied at the Beijing Film Academy (2010-2014).
– Her hobbies include singing, playing guitar, swimming and dancing.
– Her favorite artist is Audrey Hepburn.
– Her favorite color is blue, violet and pink.
– Her favorite food is pizza and roast duck.
– Her favorite fruit is durian and watermelon.
– Her favorite movie is “The Classic” (假如爱有天意).
– Something that can cheer her up easily is eating a hotpot.
– Her life motto is “Lead your own way and never mind what others say” (走自己的路,让别人说去吧).
– She considers her fans as loved ones who keep her company.
– The things she enjoys doing when staying home alone are lying down, tidying up and watching movies.
– She prefers love that develops over time instead of love at the first sign.
– She doesn’t like sleeping at night alone because she’s scared of monsters, that’s why she ordered a big knife on Taobao to keep away evil spirits.
– She thinks people have an unrealistic image of actors.
– The dream of becoming an actress came to her at five years old after watching her
favorite drama “My Fair Princess” with her idol Zhao Wei.
– Her dad went with her to castings.
– She sings soundtracks for c-dramas.
– In her free time, she prefers staying at home over going out.
– Her advice to everyone is to pursue your dreams no matter what as she did with hers.
– She felt miserable after joining the cast of “Ode to Joy” (欢乐颂) as Qiu Yingying.
– Whenever she feels down as an actress she remembers the words of her teacher Mr.Zhang Hui in college saying that every single one of them is an artist and unique.
– She felt tired living to everyone’s expectations until at 25 years old she decided to be only her true self.
– Her goal is to be real, pursue her own dreams and film her own favorite roles.
– She describes her personality as wild and lovable.
– If she would end up at the deserted island she would like to be there with Doraemon because she feels that he’d do everything for her.
– She went to school with actor Li Xian but they weren’t close during that time since she was in a class higher.
– The most memorable drama she played in is “The Battle Of Changsha” (战长沙) because it gave her a lot of encouragement to say that she’s an actress.
– Her ideal love relationship would be to support and understand each other, also becoming a better version of themselves.
Ideal Type: Someone warm as sunlight, handsome, kind-hearted and honest.

Bodies at Rest (沉默的证人) | 2019 – Qiao Lin
The Bravest (烈火英雄) | 2019 – Wang Lu (Cameo)
The Eve (前夕) | 2018 – Xiao Liu (Short film)
A Paper Marriage ( 一纸婚约) | 2018 – Ling Ling
Today, She Has Anticipation Too (这一天,她是有期待的) | 2017 – Qiu Yingying (Short film)
17 Bring Joy Home (17把乐带回家) | 2016 – Xia Ye (Short film)
Crying Out In Love (在世界中心呼唤爱) | 2016 – Xia Ye
Papa (洛杉矶捣蛋计划) | 2016 – Wang Nina
Where Are All The Time (时间都去哪了) | 2015 – Lin Yutong
King Tea Storm (鬥茶) | 2014 – Xie Xiaoxiang
Flash Play (致命闪玩) | 2013 – Dan Dan
Insistence (守株人) | 2012 – Jia Jia
Mother’s Call (妈妈的呼唤) | 2012 – Qiao Ni
Death and Glory in Changde (喋血孤城) | 2010 – Tao Er
Third Class Fifth Class (三班五班) | 2010 – Ran Dongyang
Money Makes Trouble (小题大做) | 2010 – Shi Xiaotao
Boy and Girl (男生女生) | 2010 – Ran Dongyang
I Am a Fan (我是粉丝) | 2010 – Qiao Xiaoqiao
Ma-Mha (寻找狗托邦) | 2009 – Nan Qian (Voice-dubbed)
Mo’s Mischief: Teacher’s Pet (淘气包马小跳) | 2009 – Ma Xiaotiao (Voice-dubbed)
The Last Fragrance (最后的芬芳) | 2007 – Duo Lun
The Quiet Lady (少女穆然) | 2004 – He Lan
Dad Wants to Divorce (爸爸要离婚) | 2004 – Ji Ji
An Old Record (一张老唱片) | 2004 – Ding Yun
Lao Fei (老费) | 2004 – Xiao Lan
Girl’s Diary (女生日记)| 2004 – Ran Dongyang
The Law of Romance (警察有约) | 2003 (Cameo)

Drama Series:
The Golden Hairpin (青簪行) | 2021 – Huang Zixia
The Oath of Love (余生, 请多指教) | 2020 – Lin Zhixiao
My Mowgli Boy (我的莫格利男孩) | 2019 – Ling Xi
Go Go Squid! (亲爱的, 热爱的) | 2019 – Tong Nian
Ashes of Love (香蜜沉沉烬如霜) | 2018 – Jin Mi
The Destiny of White Snake (天乩之白蛇传说) | 2018 – Bai Yaoyao
Women in Beijing (北京女子图鉴) | 2018 – Miao Miao (Cameo)
Ode to Joy 2 (欢乐颂2) | 2017 – Qiu Yingying
Legend of Dragon Pearl (龙珠传奇) | 2017 – Li Yihuan / Zhu Yihuan
The Legend of Chusen/Noble Aspirations (青云志) | 2016 – Lu Xueqi
Ode to Joy (欢乐颂)| 2016 – Qu Yingying
Perfect Wedding (大嫁风尚) | 2016 – Xia Ran
The Ferryman (灵魂摆渡) | 2015 – Su Wenxiu (Cameo)
Yangko Dance (大秧歌) | 2015 – Wu Ruowen
Say No For Youth (天生要完美) | 2015 – An Xiaohui
Battle of Changsha (战长沙) | 2014 – Hu Xiangxiang
Flowers in Fog (花非花雾非雾) | 2013 – Bai Menghua
Dad Comes Home (老爸回家) | 2013 – Lin Ranran
King Rouge (胭脂霸王) | 2013 – Lei Er
Angel Heart (心术) | 2012 – Zhang Xiaolei
Happiness Comes Knocking/Love Comes Knocking on the Door (幸福来敲门) | 2011 -Song Zheng
Wu Cheng’en and Journey to the West (吴承恩与西游记) | 2010 – adolescent Ye Yun
Boy’s Diary (男生日记) | 2010 – Ran Dongyang
Pure Age/Chun Zhen Sui Yue (纯真岁月) | 2009 – Mai Sidan
Don’t Want to Grow Up (不想长大) | 2009 – Teacher Jing
Coming Home (回家) | 2009 – Zhou Youyou
Girl Rushes Forward (女孩冲冲冲) | 2009 – Sun Quan
Stage of Youth (青春舞台) | 2009 – Secretary Liu (Cameo)
Treasure (珍宝) | 2008 – Bei La
Being Alive is Good (活着真好) | 2008 – Chen Huan
The Warmth (温暖) | 2007 – Zhao Xuan
Vigorous Life/No Limit (无限生机)| 2006 – Ming Na
Home With Kids 2 (家有儿女2)| 2006 – Xiao Xue
Fate (缘分) | 2005 – Wei Sichen
Girl’s Diary (女生日记) | 2005 – Ran Dongyang
Home With Kids (家有儿女) | 2005 – Xiao Xue
Yong Gan Mian Dui (勇敢面对) | 2004 – Ling Zi
Jia Ting Dang An ( 家庭档案) | 2004 – Ji Ji
Scene of Crime (案发现场) | 2004 – Sun Hongyue (Cameo, ep.26)
Young Kangxi (少年康熙) | 2003 – child Bing Yue
Xiaozhuang Epic (孝庄秘史) | 2002 – child Wan Ru
Ru Ci Chu Shan (如次出山) | 2002 – Zhou Qiong
The Party Member Ma Dajie (党员马大姐) | 2002 – Xiao Qiang
Da Zhai Men (大宅门) | 2001 – girl selling apple (Cameo)

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