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The Promise (Produce 48) Members Profile

The Promise Members Profile:

The Promise
is a temporary group created for the concept reviews of Produce 48. This group is made up of Park Hae Yoon, Takeuchi Miyu, Miyawaki Sakura, Kang Hye Won and Wang Yi Ren. They performed the music “See You Again”

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The Promise Members Profile :
Park Hae Yoon

Stage Name : Park Hae Yoon
Birth Name : 해윤 / へユン / 박해윤
Birthday : January 10, 1996
Position : Main Vocalist, Leader
Company : FNC Entertainment
Nationality : South Korean
Height : 157 cm
Weight : 43 kg
Blood Type : A

Park Hae Yoon Facts :
– She trained for 3 years and 10 months.
– She loves lettering and travel.
– She can speak Japanese.
– Her last words for Produce 48 are: “I won’t regret not coming home!”.
– In 2019, she debuted in Cherry Bullet, the new group of FNC Ent.
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Takeuchi Miyu

Stage Name : Takeuchi Miyu
Birth Name : 竹内 美宥 / みゆみゆ / 타케우치 미유
Birthday : January 12, 1996
Position : Lead Vocalist
Company : ABK48
Nationality : Japanese
Height : 156 cm
Weight : 42.5 kg
Blood Type : O
Official Profil : Official Profil
YouTube : YouTube
Twitter : @take_miyu112
Instagram : @miyusanno.official

Takeuchi Miyu Facts :
– Her nickname is Miyumiyu (み ゆ み ゆ).
– She was born in Japan in Tokyo.
– She trained for 8 years and 9 months.
– Her hobbies are arranging music, cooking, training.
– She is good at singing, writing lyrics and composing, playing the piano.
– Last word declared for Produce 48: “I am going to put my life to PRODUCE 48 !!”.
– She did classical dance from 2 to 8 years old.
– She can play the piano, trumpet and guitar.
– She has been learning the piano since she was two years old.
– She loves the photo.
– She has perfect pitch.
– She often covers voice-piano songs.
– She studies at Keio University SFC.
– Her mother is an opera singer.
– She did seiyuu once for the AKB0048 anime.
– She is very close to Ichikawa Miori.
– In 2018, she graduated from AKB48.
– She now does cover / music on her YouTube channel.

Miyawaki Sakura

Stage Name : Miyawaki Sakura
Birth Name : 宮脇 咲良
Birthday : March 19, 1998
Position : Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Company : HKT48
Nationality : Japanese
Height : 163 cm
Weight : 46 kg
Blood Type : A
Official Profil : Official Profil
YouTube : YouTube
Twitter : @39saku_chan
Instagram : @39saku_chan

Miyawaki Sakura Facts :
– She was born in Kagoshima, Japan.
– She trained for 6 years and 11 months.
– She likes to watch movies and play.
– Last word said for Produce 48: “I want people all over the world to know me and change my life.”
– She loves musicals and dancing.
– She is good at drawing and can sleep anywhere.
– Her charming points are her big ears.
– She would like to become an actress.
– Her favorite drink is green tea with milk.
– She is close to Murashige Anna.
– Her 2nd Generation Oshimen is Inoue Yuriya.
– She was a child-actress.
– Other members say she is running weird.
– She has a talent for writing.
– Her oshimen are Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu.
– In March 2018 she opened her own youtube gaming channel where she played in particular Splatoon 2 and Fortnite.
– She was a very good student at school and even comes out of a prestigious school.
– Her favorite subject was mathematics.
– She is a huge fan of Korean group Red Velvet. Her favorite member is Irene.
– She starred in dramas: Himitsu (2013), Majisuka Gakuen 4 (2015), Hatsumori Bemars (2015), Majisuka Gakuen 5 (2015), Adrenaline no Yoru (2015), Majisuka Gakuen 0 (2015),
Koi Koujou (2016),
CROW’S BLOOD (2016),
Doctor Y ~ Gekai Kaji Hideki (2016),
Cabasuka Gakuen (2016),
Tofu Pro-Wrestling (2017).
– She played in two commercials for Lotte.
– She has a photobook called “Sakura”.
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Kang Hye Won

Stage Name : Kang Hye Won
Birth Name :  강혜원 / カン・ヘウォン
Birthday : July 5, 1999
Position : Main Rapper, Vocalist
Company : 8D Creative
Nationality : South Korean
Height : 163 cm
Weight : 43 kg
Blood Type : B
Official Profil : Official Profil

Kang Hye Won Facts :
– She trained for 9 months
– She enjoys playing the piano and watching animes
– She can play the piano
– Her last words for Produce 48 are: “I’ll work hard! Ganbarimasu!”
– She was in the same high school as Yena (IZ * ONE)
– Rumors say she will debut in a new girl group with Ko Yu Jin
– She was part of The Promise (PRODUCE 48).
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Wang Yiren

Stage Name : Wang Yi Ren
Birth Name : 이런 / 왕이런 / 王怡仁 / ワン・イーレン
Birthday : December 29, 2000
Position : Vocalist, Center, Maknae
Company : Yue Hua Entertainment
Nationality : Chinese
Height : 163 cm
Weight : 42.3 kg
Blood Type : AB

Wang Yi Ren Facts :
– She trained for 1 years and 4 months.
– She loves shopping and cooking.
– She can do Chinese dances and imitate voices.
– Her last words for Produce 48 are: “I’ll do my best with no regrets!”.
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