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Yoo Yeonseok Profile

Yoo Yeonseok Profile: Yoo Yeonseok Facts and Ideal Type
Yoo Yeonseok Profile
Stage Name: Yoo Yeonseok (유연석)
Birth Name: Ahn Yeonseok (안연석)
Birthday: April 11, 1984
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 73 kg (161 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @yoo_yeonseok

Yoo Yeonseok Facts:
– He was born in Seoul, South Korea
– He has two older brothers
– He graduated from Sejong University with a degree in Film Arts
– He debuted as an actor with a minor role in the 2003 film ‘Oldboy’
– He is under King Kong by Starship
– He is Catholic
– He completed military service before his debut, he was in the air force
– He designed and made most of the furniture in his home
– He loves the outdoors
– He likes to fish and can prepare sashimi from scratch
– His hobby is gardening, he grows flowers and herbs
– He made his own skincare products from scratch but due to his busy schedules, he has since stopped making them
– He has had laser eye surgery
– He likes photography
Yoo Yeonseok’s ideal type is Amanda Seyfried. He also said, “I think that someone who really loves me will love my incompleteness and faults as well. For example, when my hair looks awful because I just woke up, I hope that the perfect woman will love that too. I think I will feel the real love then. However, I look really awful when I have just woken up.”

Yoo Yeonseok Movies:
Oldboy (올드보이) | 2003 – Young Lee Woojin
Short! Short! Short! 2009: Show Me the Money (황금시대) | 2009 – Man (segment: (“saw”)
Re-encounter (혜화,동) | 2011 – Hansoo
Eighteen, Nineteen (열여덟,열아홉) | 2012 – Hoya
Architecture 101 (건축학개론) | 2012 – Jaewook
Two Weddings and a Funeral (두 번의 결혼식과 한 번의 장례식) | 2012 – Joon (cameo)
Horror Stories (무서운 이야기) | 2012 – Man (segment: (“beginning”)
A Werewolf Boy (늑대소년) | 2012 – Jitae
Born to Sing (전국노래자랑) | 2013 – Dongsoo
Hwayi: A Monster Boy (화이: 괴물을 삼킨) | 2013 – Park Jiwon
Whistle Blower (제보자) | 2014 – Shim Minho
The Royal Tailor (상의원) | 2014 – King
Perfect Proposal (은밀한 유혹) | 2015 – Sungyeol
The Beauty Inside (뷰티 인사이드) | 2015 – Woojin
Love, Lies (해어화) | 2016 – Kim Yoonwoo
Mood of the Day (그날의 분위기) | 2016 – Jaehyun
A Quiet Dream (춘몽) | 2016 – Motorcycle Man (cameo)

Yoo Yeonseok Drama Series:
General Hospital 2 (종합병원) | MBC / 2008-09 – Heo Woojin
Dream (드림) | SBS / 2009 – Noh Chuljoong
Soul (혼) | MBC / 2009 – Baek Joongchan
Running, Koo (런닝,구) | MBC / 2010 – Heo Jiman
Pure Pumpkin Flower (호박꽃 순정) | SBS / 2010-11 – Oh Hyojoon
Midnight Hospital (심야병원) | MBC / 2011 – Yoon Sangho
A Thousand Kisses (천번의 입맞춤) | SBS / 2011 – Hyungsoo
Tasty Life (맛있는 인생) | SBS / 2012 – Choi Jaehyuk
What About Mom? (엄마가 뭐길래) | MBC / 2012 – Kim Yeonseok
Koo Family Book (구가의 서) | MBC / 2013 – Park Taeseo
Reply 1994 (응답하라) | tvN / 2013 – Chilbong
Warm and Cozy (맨도롱 또똣) | MBC / 2015 – Baek Gunwoo
Mrs. Cop (미세스 캅) | SBS / 2015 – Jo Youngwoo
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (낭만닥터 김사부) | SBS / 2016-17 – Kang Dongjoo
Mr. Sunshine (미스터 션샤인) | tvN / 2018 – Koo Dongmae

Yoo Yeonseok Awards:
2014 7th Style Icon Awards | Top 10 Style Icons
2015 MBC Drama Awards | Top 10 Stars Award (“Warm and Cozy”)
2016 Korea Film Actors Association Awards | Popularity Award (“Mood of the Day”)
2016 SBS Drama Awards | Excellence Award, Actor in a Genre Drama (“Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim”)
2016 SBS Drama Awards | Best Couple (with Seo Hyunjin) (“Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim”)
2016 SBS Drama Awards | Idol Academy Award – Best Kiss (with Seo Hyunjin) (“Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim”)


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