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Refund Sisters / Refund Expedition Members Profile

Refund Sisters / Refund Expedition Members Profile: Refund Expedition Facts and Ideal Types

Refund Sisters / Refund Expedition (환불원정대)
was a project girl group formed by “How Do You Play?” variety show. Their group name was supposed to be temporary because it didn’t suit any member. Consisted of 4 members that build a persona for themselves: Lee Chun OkEunbi, Manok, and Silbi. Lee Hyori was the one that came up with an idea to form a dream girl group with these female artists after promotions of SSAK3 came to an end. Jimi Yoo (Yoo Jae Suk) was their producer. On July 15, 2020, MBC released a teaser with Yoo Jae Suk saying they’re coming soon and on October 10, 2020, debuted with a single “DON’T TOUCH ME”. They disbanded on November 14, 2020, as their activities came to an end.

Members Profiles:
Lee Chun Ok

Persona Stage Name: Lee Chun Ok (이천옥)
Birth Name: Lee Hyori (이효리)
Position: Leader
Chinese Birth Name: Li Xiaoli (李孝利)
Birthday: 1989, 32 years old, Year of the Snake
Actual Birthday: May 10, 1979
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 167 cm (5’6”)
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: hyoleehyolee
Daum Café: hyolee79

Lee Chun Ok (Persona) Facts:
— Her first suggested stage name was a Chinese name “Mao” (마오) but it created controversy and won’t be an option anymore.
— Her stage name “Chun” means ‘heaven’ and “Ok” means ‘jade’ to signify a child-like jade coming down from the heavens.
— As a member of Refund Expedition, she is allowed to cancel her contract on the day she gets pregnant.
— She is preparing to get pregnant.
— She is not married but living together with her partner. It’s like a common-law marriage.
— She likes pu-erh tea.
— She doesn’t have tantrums.
— She flirted with their producer Jimi Yoo and asked him out for a drink.
— She would like their music to be something sensational and the song should be 30 seconds long.
— Her propositions for managers are Hwang Kwang-hee, Jo Se-ho, B-Dragon, So Ji-sub, Won Bin, and Song Joong-ki.
— Their producer Jimi Yoo wrote notes about her saying she’s likely to fight someone, is single but has a boyfriend, she claims she’s not easily annoyed, and very open-minded when it comes to love.
— She is good at making others feel comfortable.
— She was officially named the leader in How Do You Play? Ep.58
Lee Hyori (Real) Facts:
— Born in Cheongwon, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea.
— She’s also known under the stage name Linda G (린다G)
— She is a former member of Fin.K.L that made their debut in 1998 and disbanded in 2005.
— Her husband is musician Lee Sang-soon. They got married on September 1, 2013.
— She debuted as a solo artist in 2003 with the album “Stylish“.
— Her hobbies are drawing, acting, and cooking.
— She is influenced by fellow-member Uhm Jung-hwa.
— Her nicknames are “Queen of Kpop”, and “Nation’s Fairy”.
— She has 3 siblings, one brother, and two sisters.
— Her favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio.
— Her childhood dream job was to be a policewoman.
— Lee Hyori’s Ideal Type:I don’t like guys that are too good looking. I would want to date or marry someone that feels like my soul mate. It’d be really nice if he could understand me really well“.
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Persona Stage Name: Eunbi (은비)
Real Stage Name: Jessi (제시)
Position: Lead rapper
Birth Name: Jessica Hyunju Ho (제시카 현주 호)
Korean Name: Ho Hyun Joo (호현주)
Chinese Name: Hu Xianzhu (扈賢珠)
Birthday: December 17, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 167 cm (5’6’’)
Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: jessicah_o
TikTok: itsjessibaby
Naver Blog: jessica_ho
YouTube: Jessi

Eunbi (Persona) Facts:
— Her suggested stage name was Eun Bi (but she doesn’t want it despite the fact she came up with it), Man Soo, Man Nyeon, Gold (because Hwasa is Silver), Chun Nyeon, and Moo Kang. She wanted her stage name to have ‘ssi’ in it like Jessi but eventually, it was picked between Eun Bi and Geum Bi.
— She was interested in being a leader until other members talked her out of it.
— She loves pizza.
— She is too lazy to go for a refund.
— She can be controlled with “Come On”.
— She wants a contract period to be one month long.
— On a possible contract in the rights section, she wrote “Coffee, vanilla latte, hazelnut latte”.
— She wants everyone to share their opinions.
— She wants their music to be hip.
— Lee Chun Ok called her the most difficult member.
— According to her all members look scary on the outside but are soft-hearted on the inside.
— None of the members make her uncomfortable but if she had to pick someone it’d be Uhm Jung Hwa because she has been in the industry for a long time.
— Her demand is to drink coffee because she drinks 7 cups a day. Her go-to coffee is Americano with a little bit of hazelnut syrup.
— She said that she can wear any type of costume but later changed her mind. Jimi Yoo said she’s very fickle.
— She wants a manager who is sensible. Specifically Hwang Kwang-hee.
— Their producer Jimi Yoo wrote notes about her saying she isn’t patient, she’s unpredictable, her lower right tooth is loose, she must learn Korean as soon as possible.
Jessi (Real) Facts:
— Born in New York, USA.
— She grew up in New Jersey, USA.
— She has 2 siblings, both older brothers.
— She doesn’t like talking about age.
— She isn’t patient.
— She has dental veneers.
— She moved to South Korea at 15 years old.
— She used to be a trainee under SM Entertainment.
— She has a pomeranian dog named Chewie.
— Hyun Joo is her without makeup on.
— She is a former member of the co-ed group Lucky J (2014-2016).
— Jessi’s Ideal Type: Someone sweet, smart, witty with a sense of humor. Someone specific is actor Ha Jung Woo. (HOT 2018)
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Persona Stage Name: Manok (만옥)
Birth Name: Uhm Jung Hwa (엄정화)
Chinese Name: Yan Zheng Hua (嚴正化)
Birthday: August 17, 1969
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 164 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: umaizing
Twitter: love_tangle
Website: uhmjunghwa.kr

Manok (Persona) Facts:
— Her suggested stage name was Céline (셀린) or Kelly (켈리). But she and their producer liked Kelly the most.
— She doesn’t want to be a leader. (How Do You Play? Ep 57)
— She debuted in 1989.
— She is looking for a romance scandal.
— She has a low-carbon high-fat diet.
— She is allowed to cancel her contract if she is forced to execute a tight schedule.
— She looks forward to working as a group since she has never done it before.
— She wants more time to practice choreography compared to other members.
— Their producer Jimi Yoo wrote notes about her saying she has a disarming smile, all smiley but straightforward, requires extra practice time, can be emotional outside the stage.
Uhm Jung Hwa (Real) Facts:
— Born in Jecheon, South Korea.
— Her nickname is “evergreen”.
— She’s bad at refunds.
— She does boxing.
— She wants to attend MAMA.
— For many female artists, she is a role model.
— She made her debut as an actress in 1992 in the movie “Marriage Story“.
— She has one sibling: a younger brother Uhm Tae-woong who is an actor.
— Her father died in a motorcycle accident when she was six years old.
— She debuted in 1987 but her official debut took place in 1993 with the album “Sorrowful Secret“.
— She has clothing and lingerie lines “Corner Suite” and “ZHUM in New York“.
— She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In May 2010 she fully recovered after surgery.
— Uhm Jung Hwa’s Ideal Type: Big Bang‘s TOP. (KBS 2012)
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Persona Stage Name: Silbi (실비)
Real Stage Name: Hwasa (화사)
Birth Name: Ahn Hye Jin (안혜진)
Position: Maknae
Chinese Name: An Huizhen (安慧珍)
Birthday: July 23, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: _mariahwasa

Silbi (Persona) Facts:
— Her suggested stage name was Silver (실버) because she has a very calm personality.
— Her contract will be ended if she won’t be able to eat on time.
— She doesn’t have a specific go-to music genre because “there’s no limit”.
— She’s a very calm person.
— She likes to collect LPs.
— She can eat in any circumstances.
— She quietly speaks her heart.
— Their producer Jimi Yoo wrote notes about her saying she becomes irritated when cornered, scarily calm, and has the strength within her.
Hwasa (Real) Facts:
— Born in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea.
— She has two older sisters.
— She enjoys cooking and listening to old jazz music.
— Singer Rihanna is her role model.
— She’s allergic to fur.
— She can play gonggi.
— She’s thrifty, she uses the same tea bag a few times.
— For short answers, she says “ok” or “no” in English.
— She likes marinated crabs, especially intestines. (I Live Alone)
— She has an arcade machine at her flat. (I Live Alone)
— She is a member of MAMAMOO since their debut in 2014.
— She debuted as a solo artist on February 13, 2019, with the single “TWIT“.
Lee Hyori gifted her a dress from “Shall We Dance” MV. (How Do You Play? Ep 57)
— Hwasa’s Ideal Type:When I was younger, I liked someone who was gentle. However, that’s just a fantasy. Now I like naive men. That’s what my dad is like. He has no greed, and he’s very naive. He loves me the way I am, and he likes to share“. (We Will Channel You 2019)
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Jimi Yoo

Name: Jimi Yoo / Jimi Yu (지미유)
Position: Producer
Birth Name: N/A
Birthday: N/A

Jimi Yoo Facts:
— He reads the English newspapers every day for fun.
— He went to Harvard but doesn’t specify what Harvard and if he graduated it.
— He always wears golden accessories on his hands.
— He runs an agency and other businesses.
— He likes pizza.
— He is allergic to metal.
— He owns multiple licenses.
— He released many albums.
— He revealed Uhm Jung Hwa that he is from Illinois, US. He stayed there briefly and studied there.
— He named his company Original Entertainment.
— Ji means “to know” and Mi means “beautiful”. It’s not an English name and he doesn’t want people to mistake it with “Jimmy”.
— Everything about him is a mystery including his hometown and age.
— He is friends with celebrities from all around the world.
— He got picked as a producer by the members and denied the offer at first.
— He got introduced in “How Do You Play?” Ep.57.
— He did Praying Mantis Kung Fu.
— He is known as “Top 100 Ghost” because he is the legendary ears for the 100 songs.
Hwasa asked him to refrain from intervening too much.
Jessi asked him not to touch them and hoping the dance routine wouldn’t be too intense.
— He doesn’t plan on spending too much money on a music video. Using his connection they can spend only $2,500 and take just 2 hours for filming.
— He went to sign up a contract with members that never existed and will never exist.
Jessi asked if he got his name Jimi Yoo from a fashion brand (referring to Jimmy Choo) and to be original.
— He is single and never was married.
— He is portrayed by comedian Yoo Jae Suk.
Jimi Yoo’s Ideal Type: “I don’t have a type”.

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