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kyuu (NUNSSEOP) Profile and Facts

kyuu (NUNSSEOP) Profile: kyuu (NUNSSEOP) Facts and Ideal Type

kyuu (큐)
previously known as NUNSSEOP (눈썹) is a South Korean independent rapper. He debuted in 2016 with a digital single 원해,  but his official debut was on February 06, 2018, with the album 와도 돼.

Stage Name: kyuu (큐)
Former Stage Name: NUNSSEOP (눈썹)
Birth Name: Kim Gyu Hyun (김규현)
Birthday: August 20, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 174 cm (5’9″)
Blood type: B
Instagram: fcxkyuu
TikTok: nunsseop
SoundCloud: nun_sseop
Spotify: kyuu
YouTube: Official kyuu

kyuu (NUNSSEOP) Facts:
– Born in Ansan, South Korea.
– He loves chicken and beer.
– His favorite movie is Titanic.
– He works as a designer.
– His favorite drink is soju.
– He went to art school.
– His favorite artists are Strict and Khalid.
– He likes playing games on his phone.
– He does pop music of the hip-hop genre.
– He is a part of the POISONHOLYC crew.
– His former stage name in Korean means eyebrows.
– He goes to Jeju when he wants to relax.
– He says he’s a little bit indecisive.
– His favorite place is his workroom.
– According to his friend he’s stubborn.
– His bad habit is biting his nails.
– His music distributor is Warner Music Korea.
– He decided to pursue music since he was 20 years old.
– Instead of staying home he prefers going out and playing.
– He uses Google Translate and Papago to learn English.
– His former stage name was 눈썹 because eyebrows are his signature and he was looking for something unique.
– He designed artwork for Xydo‘s single album titled Spotlight.
– If he had to pick between alcohol and smoking, he would pick both.
– He thinks a musician should know how to write his own lyrics.
– Japanese words he knows are: stop itit hurts and I’m sorry.
– He writes lyrics, produces, composes, and does artworks.
– He gets inspired to make music by everything in life, including his nephew.
– His strength is finishing things he started and other people’s words are easily swaying his weakness.
– His first radio appearance was on Arirang Radio in May 2019.
– He says that when he was young he wasn’t popular among girls so he wanted to become popular. He wanted attention from girls so he started music but now it’s different, he really likes producing music.
– He likes personal questions. (MIA Concept Interview)
– He wants to go on a world tour to meet all the fans that supported his music and encouraged him to keep going.
– Since he was a kid, he tends not to pay attention to others.
– His most touching moment since starting music is the release of his first EP “ROMANCEISCOMMON”.
– His goal in music is to succeed in his own style. If that happens he will know he didn’t pick the wrong path.
– He was majoring in design because he loved to create new things and show them to people.
– He puts effort into communicating with his fans so during lives he uses google translate to type what he wants to say, listens to it, and then says it out loud.
– The difficulties he has to face as an independent artist are: tours, concerts, making MVs that visually reassemble him, and the financial part. It makes him feel kind of sad and he feels like he could do better than other artists.
– He doesn’t like pineapple on pizza, only pepperoni.
– On October 29, 2020, he announced his new stage name “To start fresh, I’ll be going by a new name from now on! Call me kyuu starting today. Hi I’m kyuu”. (x)
– His Instagram username before changing the stage name was @sseopman.
– His MBTI type is ENFJ. (IG QnA 04/29/21)
– He doesn’t like pickles. (IG QnA 04/29/21)
– His inspiration is the feelings of inferiority. (IG QnA 04/29/21)
– When asked who is his role model, he answered “Tomorrow’s me, better than today.” (IG QnA 04/29/21)
kyuu (NUNSSEOP)’s Ideal Type:I like a woman who respects me“.

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