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Taek Profile and Facts

Taek Profile and FactsTaek (택) is a soloist and song writer under On The Record. He debuted on May 18, 2017 with the song We’re Always Together.

Stage Name: Taek
Birth Name: Kim Seungtaek (김승택)
Birthday: – N/A
Zodiac: – N/A
Instagram: @taxxcc
Facebook: 김승택
Youtube: Im Taek
Soundcloud: Taek

Taek Facts:
-He released 2 pre debut songs: Liar and Send Me To The Galaxy.
-He suggests that you listen to his debut EP before you go to bed, when driving, when it rains or when you are chilling/relaxing.
-His debut EP is not about happy love, it’s about being hurt in love.
-He recommends fans to go to Itaewon and Hongdae where you can get the vibe of young and interesting people hanging out there. He also suggests that you visit the palaces and more traditional parts of Seoul, like Jongno. You’ll be able to experience various cultures. There’s also his favorite chopped noodle place in Jongno.
-3 words he uses to describe himself: ambivalent, ambiguous and night.
-He prefers being indoors over being outside.
-He can’t choose between dogs and cats. He loves all animals.
-He prefers snoring over sleep-talking.
-He likes pizza more than gimbap.
-He would rather ride a rollercoaster than go bungee jumping.
-The strangest food he has tried is scorpion.
-He listens to his songs before he goes to sleep.

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