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1st Aimers Profile and Facts

1st Aimers Profile and Facts

1st Aimers is a pre-debut boy group under Aimers Entertainment. The group currently consists of Seunghyun and Eunjun. It is unsure when they will debut or if they will have more members. They are currently posting dance covers on YouTube.

1st Aimers Fandom Name: –
1st Aimers Fandom Color: –

1st Aimers Social Media:
Instagram: aimers_entertainment
Twitter: 1st_AiMERS
TikTok: 1st_AiMERS
Youtube: Aimers_entertainment
Website: aimersent

Member Profiles:

Stage Name: Seunghyun (승현)
Birth Name: Lee Seunghyun (이승현)
Birthday: July 17, 1998
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 179 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood Type: B

Seunghyun Facts:
-He was the first member to be announced.
– Nickname: Villain (빌런), Angel (천사).
– Hobby: Watching movies, walking.
– Specialty: Ramen Maker (Especially Jjajang Ramen).
– Charm Point: No matter when, where, or who he is with he always had a good impression, he doesn’t hide who he is and he is very friendly and familiar.
– Favorite Color: Black, Red.
– Favorite Music: Ma Girl – BigBang, What You Say – Da-Ice, Dear No One – Tori Kelly.
– Favorite Things: Walking, Cats, Going to the cafe with friends.
– Least Favorite Things: Misunderstandings, Eating Ginger and Kimchi at the same time, Summer.
– Advantages: Always consistently bright, Full of overflowing energy and wellness/good health.
– Disadvantages: Sometimes his way of thinking might lead to misunderstandings.
– His motto is “Let’s be honest as we are.”
– When he was in Spectrum, he chose “Villain” as his stage name cause he wanted a unique name. He said while searching for many names, he felt that Villain was a very meaningful name.
– He says that when you watch movies or dramas Villains always bring a new look so that’s what he wants to do as well. He wants to show a new look every time he goes on stage.
– He’s a former member of Spectrum.


Stage Name: Eunjun (은준)
Birth Name: Choi Eunjun (최은준)
Birthday: August 6, 1999
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

Eunjun Facts:
-He was the second member to be announced.
– Nickname: Mochi, Maknaengi (막냉이), Bbojjaki (뽀짝이).
– Hobby: Eating, Spacing out.
– Specialty: Eating well.
– Charm Point: Eye smile, Cuteness, Reversal Charm.
– Favorite Color: Sky Blue, Light Blue.
– Favorite Music: Bruno Mars – When I was your man.
– Favorite Things: Eating, Sleeping, Soccer.
– Least Favorite Things: Dieting, Getting up early in the morning, Math.
– Advantages: Being positive and bright!
– His motto is “Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself”
– Eunjun said that when he thinks of his debut he gets excited and he’ll work hard to show a good look.
– He said that he’s in charge of reactions and cuteness in Spectrum.
– He says that after a few hours of practice he drinks honey water.
– He says that he likes BTOB’s Lee Changsub song and singing a lot.
– He’s a former member of Spectrum.

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