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What is your Favorite EXO era?




Miracles in December


Call Me Baby

Love Me Right

Sing For You 



For Life



Cafe Universe

Don’t Mess Up My Tempo

Love Shot

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What is your favorite EXO era?

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  • 천사

    all of them man ;-;

  • Linnea Boqvist

    None Ig ^^

  • YoonTaeKyung

    Please stop hating on exo..
    that was on a poll of best sub unit, do u really need to do this?
    if u don’t like them why do u even have to comment here?
    really? who’s dragging others group? yes some exo-ls do, but u do this too. complaining about it is stupid when YOU do it yourself
    wth? it’s obvious that u commented this just to say “I DoNt LikE tHeM”, not to talk about chen and kai
    she was CLEARLY talking about A.C.E but you have to bring exo in every single comment and say that they’re overrated
    here u go again
    u can just defend bts and armys without hating on exo but oh well
    ohh, just because he’s a former exo member? why do u hate them so much?

  • *insert clever username*

    Wolf lmao

  • kyo

    Monster, Overdose, and Call Me Baby will always be the superior three

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Well, Nothing that i’ve Said is hate 🙂
    It’s just my opinion.
    Like all of you exo’ls say ”iT’s JuSt mY oPiniOn” when they hate on groups like ATeez, bts, BlackPink etc.
    But when someone don’t like exo, then this toxic fandom called eXo-Ls start crying and send death treats xD
    They’re so sweet Aw, their mom must be proud to have such a cute kids :*

  • YoonTaeKyung

    ALL this and u’re still saying that it’s not hate? saying that someone is untalented and overrated is just an opinion and not hate? I know that MANY exo-l’s are disgusting and toxic af but why r u calling exo themselves overrated and talentless?

    are u really calling THESE guys talentless?

    Your hate for the fandom or their music is understandable but exo didn’t do anything wrong. Please think before u say that someone is talentless when you’ve never even searched about them.

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Aren’t we all suppost to have our own opinion?
    I don’t find them talented?
    You can’t change my mind.
    It’s my mind not yours.
    I’m not saying it’s wrong that you like them? Or have i?
    I don’t think so. But you tell me i hate them just because i don’t find them talented?¿?¿?

  • ~Chanroseeeeee~

    Im an ultimate Exo-l fan.
    i fuck with ateez, the boyz, winner, twice, blackpink, bts, got7, bigbang etc.
    sis i can go on for a fucking millennium.

  • YoonTaeKyung

    Did I say that having an opinion is wrong? but why are you hating on them? saying that someone is talentless and overrated isn’t an opinion but hate. an opinion should be said with some respect but you’re just clearly hating on them for literally no reason.

  • YoonTaeKyung

    and if u don’t like them then why are you even here!

  • YoonTaeKyung

    not just exo but like you’re everywhere hating on everyone and praising your faves

  • Liz_09

    I don’t think saying someone is untalented is an opinion. Saying you don’t like their songs or that you don’t like them in general is an opinion. Talking about wether or not someone is talented is more about facts. Also why did you even bother to go on the poll just to say that you don’t like any of the eras?

  • roo_0m

    Technically, saying “I am entitled to my opinion” is overused. But, why say a Opinion if you can’t take other peoples opinions on this topic? That’s the whole point of a ‘opinion’.

  • parkjunhe_

    im really disappointed in you. As a choice we both know A.C.E wouldnt like this.

    just to those who dont know-(choice = A.C.E fan)

  • orbitzen

    Maybe don’t take your anger out on exo though? do you think that you’re making your fandom look good by sh*tting on another group? look, i have nothing against bts and even though i really don’t like their music or have no general interest in them, i still would never call them talentless because that’s obviously incorrect. it’s clear that you are just desperate for attention because why else would you diss on exo all the time? you need to learn the difference between an opinion and a fact. it is a FACT that exo is talented. they’re not nation’s boy group for no reason -_- if exo is not talented, then what group is? exo is easily one of the most talented boy groups out there! their vocals are one of the best in kpop. same with dance. why people hate on bts and blackpink all the time? you need to ask that yourself -_- most of the time people don’t like bts and blackpink because of their fandoms. i don’t hate bts, but i’m tired of their toxic fandom.

  • ʟɪʟɪᴛʜ

    Having an opinion is of course fine but you are constantly rude about it. Just grow up and focus on your faves instead. It’s a lot healthier than spreading hate. You’re doing it so often that one might think you’re actually obsessed with EXO, because there’s no other reason as to why you would spend so much energy on them. 😉

  • ʟɪʟɪᴛʜ

    Honestly, I liked most of their eras but Monster and Lotto were the ones that stood out the most.

  • Natsumi Sasaki

    Call Me Baby

  • Natsumi Sasaki

    Lol same as my opinion 😀

  • Natsumi Sasaki

    Wow.. all these comments from that person who claims to be a fan of A.C.E makes me cringe. It’s so embarassing, talk about bringing bad attention to her favourites rather than good. But I rather think she wants to because I clicked her profile and it said “ULT Group: 14U & VeriVery”.
    So I guess she wants to bring other groups down just because, must be tough living with all that hate inside.

  • kyo

    girl, just got off the internet and quit spreading hate. Exo are a really talented group, and you saying “i HaTe eXo.” “ExO iSnT bLah BLaH bLaH.” you seem to be obsessed with giving them hate instead of focusing on your own faves. You obviously haven’t heard exo’s vocal line so just shut your mouth thxxxx

  • Jessie Lee

    Uhhhh just a note, you spelled the Xiumin tag wrong ;-; (you wrote ‘xuimin’)

  • Lexie Tibbo

    Growl will ALWAYS be the best era imo

  • Jay

    Tbh wolf was a good era. It gave us Chogiwa

  • Zizi

    Lotto is WAY too underrated

  • Kuroishi

    Fell in love with them during Monster era.

    Ex’Act is still their best album of all time

  • Soyeon is a cutiepie

    Growl, Wolf and Overdose, why ? ’cause there are all of them together

  • Rosie

    Call me baby, Love me right, and Lotto. Why? Call me baby is superior. Love me right was the song that got me into them. Lotto is just a straight up BOP.