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NO:EL Profile

NO:EL Profile: NO:EL Facts and Ideal Type:

NO:EL (노엘)
is an independent South Korean rapper who debuted in 2017.

Stage Name: NO:EL (노엘)
Birth Name: Jang Yongjun (장용준)
Birthday: May 30, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 173 cm (5’6″)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Spotify: NO:EL
SoundCloud: noelkr
YouTube: NO:EL
Instagram: glchdnoel
Former IG: noelcozyboy

NO:EL Facts: 
– His MBTI is either INFP or INTP.
– Born in Jurye-dong, Sasang, Busan.
– Speaks Korean and English.
– Lived in the USA when he was younger.
– Family: Parents, Grandparents, and Aunt.
– Education: Soongeui ES, Sinsu MS, NLCS Jeju, St. Paul’s Prep. school.
– Came up with his rap name, NO:EL, randomly.
– Part of the crews redboys, cozyboys, and WYBH.
– He debuted under Prima Music Group in 2017 and left in 2018 when his contract came to an end.
– Became an artist under Indigo Music in March of 2018. Terminated his contract with the label in September of 2020.
– Joined the label, GLITCHED COMPANY in April of 2021. Terminated his contract with the label in September of 2021.
– His IQ is 95, like a dolphin.
– He has a habit to lick and bite his lips.
– He’s very shy around strangers.
– He is a fan of Yankie and Tablo.
– NO:EL is against mint chocolate.
– Doesn’t really like vegetables.
– He likes sentimental rappers.
– Enjoys playing Battleground.
– He’s close friends with MC Gree.
– Likes Oasis, an English rock band.
– Favorite clothing brand is ‘thisisneverthat‘.
– He can imitate rapper YANGHONGWON.
– Has never received any pocket money from his parents.
– Recommends eating Eonyang Bulgogi (marinated and grilled beef) in Busan.
– Participated on SMTM6 (eliminated), SMTM777, HSR1 (left).
– During SMTM6 he had trouble memorizing his lyrics.
– Performed with Giriboy on Show Me The Money 8.
– He was featured on Lil Tachi‘s ‘DOGSICK on HSR3.
– In SMTM6 he joined the team; Zico and DEAN.
– Influenced by Okasian to start doing music.
– An artist he would like to work with is Beenzino.
– Served as a social worker after hitting a motorcyclist whilst drunk driving in 2019.
– Involved in a car accident in Sept. of 2021, unlicensed drunk driving, no injuries.
– In 2017, he was on HIPHOPPLAYA’s Friday HipHop.
– NO:EL appeared on DF’s Killing Verse in 2018.
– In April of 2021, he came out with the MV, ‘MG‘.
– An short film / MV of ‘Ride or Die‘ and ‘yangAHchi‘ was released.
– GLITCHED COMPANY released a live clip of NO:EL.
– In May of 2021, he was interviewed on HIPHOPPLAYA‘s YT channel about his ‘21’S/S’ EP.
– Oon February 25th, 2022 at the Seoul Central District Court hearing, he was sentenced to three years in prison for DUI while driving without a license and assaulting a police officer.
NO:EL’s Ideal Type: Someone pretty like BLACKPINK and Red Velvet.

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