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Syn Profile and Facts

Syn Profile: Syn Facts and Ideal Type

Syn (씬)
is a South Korea singer-songwriter who debuted in January 2020 with the album “Butterflies”.

Stage Name: Syn (씬)
Birth Name: Shin Ji-hyun (신지훈)
Birthday: September, 1989
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Height: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Instagram: synthebutterfly
SoundCloud: synthebutterfly
Spotify: Syn
Apple: Syn
YouTube: Syn

Syn Facts:
— In the first year of middle school, she received singing lessons.
— She started listening to a lot of R&B and exploring the genre due to the teacher’s influence who was a big fan of Brian McKnight.
— She likes literature and to discover new music in her free time.
— Her musical influencers are Floetry and Lauryn Hill. She got to know about Floetry through YouTube and Lauryn Hill through the movie “Sister Act” which she likes a lot.
— There isn’t any artist she especially likes a lot.
— She comes from a religious family.
— She sang in a children’s choir at church and that’s how she got interested in music.
— She normally gets tired of things really quickly.
— She always liked to stand in front of people and receive attention.
— Other aspirations she had besides being a singer is a makeup artist or Korean literature teacher.
— She participated on the competition show “SignHere: Season 4” in 2019. She learned from it how to step outside her comfort zone and how to withstand a lot of pressure. (x)
— If a competition program matches her music style she will consider participating in it.
— All stories on her debut album “Butterflies” come from her personal experience and they aren’t about one person.
— She gets most of the inspiration from people and love.
— Artists she would like to work with are DeVitaUgly Duck, and producer Hookuo.
— A song from her debut album that has the biggest meaning for her is “Selp Cure Tape”.
— A few years ago she had depression and panic disorder.
— Something difficult she learned is how to make the album as an independent artist.
— Her dream as an artist is to keep making music, become someone who can in some way help her family and the people dear to her, and lastly to get known through other types of art.
— She is very interested in Western culture since she grew up listening to Western music.
— As of April 2020, she is still in the process of finding her own style.
Syn’s Ideal Type: N/A

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