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Yuki Mago Profile & Facts

Yuki Mago Profile: Yuki Mago Facts and Ideal Type

Yuki Mago
is a model, YouTuber and a TikTok star. At the end of July 2021, she reached 1 million followers on TikTok.

Official Fandom Name: ūnits / army of ūnits (source)

Name: Yūn / Yūki Mago
Birth Name: Laya
Birthday: February 14, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 167 cm (5’6″)
Nationality: Filipino
Pronouns: she/they
Main Instagram: @yunmago
Artistic Instagram: eyesknowslips
YouTube: Yūn Mago
TikTok: yunmago
OnlyFans: yunmago
Twitch: TheYunMago
Pinterest: Unit0214
Discord: manghoes! (must be 18+!!)

Yuki Mago Facts:
– She lived in NYC before moving to Chicago.
– She has/had a boyfriend.
– She was born in Manila.
– She lived most of her life in Pampanga, and Mabalacat before moving to the US.
– She’s a student, model and as of March 2020 a bobarista at Kung Fu Tea.
– The stage name “Yuki Mago” was a name given to her by classmates in 2nd grade that she used as an online name. (Her Instagram story – May 6, 2020)
– She enjoys singing and dancing in her free time.
– Her hobby is photography.
– Her favorite color is pink.
– She’s an only child.
– Her favorite soup is shoyu ramen.
– She lived in Yokohama, Japan for a year.
– She doesn’t have a favorite clothing brand.
– Her favorite fruit is a philippine mango known as Carabao.
– Her favorite Filipino food is sinigang or Arroz Caldo.
– Her birth name Laya means “freedom” in Tagalog but no one calls her like that, even her mother.
– Her Top 3 Animes are Death Parade, Made in Abyss, and Fire Force.
– She’s constantly inspired by her friends but also by 90s manga, foreign films, and Asian film photography.
– She would pick vanilla over chocolate except for brownies.
– When it comes to tv shows she really enjoys Leverage and Law and Order: SVU but she doesn’t watch tv much.
– She had bangs since 7th grade so she got used to them. Since she’s not fond of her forehead, she has the motivation to keep them.
– Her favorite place to go to calm down is “at the edge of a reservation, on a cliff with a view of new york city in the distance. I won’t say where, but if you know, you know“.
– The thing she hates about herself is that she can never finish what she starts, gets bored very easily and that makes it difficult for her to follow through with certain projects (like papers, errands, etc.)
– Her music tastes include a little bit of everything: Japanese soft-rock, classical, pop, lo-fi, and bossa nova.
– She started to gain recognition at 15 years old from KCON 2017.
– She would like to travel the world and partake in different cultures and traditions.
– She doesn’t plan on auditioning to become a singer or join a group (as of March 2020).
– She listens to EXO, (G)I-DLE, and RV for workout sessions and KRnB for chill days.
– Her dream is to re-shape the meaning of beauty and give young girls like her the confidence they need to love themselves wholly.
– When she’s in front of the camera, it feels exhilarating like “wow, we’re creating art right now“.
– Her favorite online shopping website is Depop because she likes giving clothes a second chance and finding unique pieces that she cannot find anywhere else.
– If she could be in any anime world she’d want to be in is “Kimi no an wa, a realistic world, but still capable of magical moments“.
– When she was 2 years old, she had a dog that passed away while giving birth and its name was Tootsie.
– When asked about anime fandom she loves/hates she said “the kakegurui fandom is pretty cool and the bnha fandom could use some work“.
– The aesthetic for her life is “something that looks like it came out of an Ai Yazawa manga“.
– She prefers tangerines over oranges because she finds them to be sweeter and much cuter.
– She’s not vegan since she likes eggs way too much.
– Her mom immigrated with her to the US around 2012.
– When asked who is her bias in BLACKPINK, she said she doesn’t follow their music anymore since they’re pretty much models now but her bias was Rosé.
– If she was a Greek mythological creature she would be a harpy.
– Her favorite place in NYC is Chinatown because it’s culturally rich and colorful.
– She’s left-handed.
– She’s an optimistic realist.
– She would like to see more Asian representation in western movies.
– Her girl crush is Saoirse Ronan.
– She’d like to get a two outlines of hearts in the space tattoo between her shoulder and collarbones.
– If she could open any type of business it’d be a boba store.
– She loves dancing because it’s expressive and cool.
– Her favorite movie director is Mika Ninagawa but she also likes Shunji Iwai.
– The work of Mika Ninagawa is very similar to how she wants to express herself through color and immersion.
– She majors in cinematography and creative direction in college.
– She takes courses in other fields of film, like editing, producing, and public relations.
– She uses she/they pronouns. (TikTok)
– Her top Spotify artists are Cigarettes After S#x, DPR LIVE, and Joji. (OnlyFans)
– She is against anyone impersonating her with reposting her stories and following the exact same people that she follows. She will always notify via her Instagram story about any possible new accounts that she creates so no one gets confused. (IG Story)
– Her favorite manga always has been and always will be “Fruits Basket”. (IG QnA 05/21)
– When asked what she thinks about using her image for roleplay she answered “please don’t use my photos for roleplay, it makes me very uncomfortable, especially since ppl usually gave me non-Filipino names and ethnicity in the past. I feel like it erases who I actually am and overlooks my cultural identity.” (IG QnA 06/21)
– She launched her first twitch stream on July 30, 2021, titled “film, life updates, q&a c:”. (video)
– She changed her Instagram username from yukimago to yunmago.
– On November 12, 2022, Yūn shared a screenshot of a conversation where she shared an idea of what her fanbase should be called. (source)
– Yuki Mago’s Ideal Type: “Someone who is attentive and caring, not afraid to be deemed “clingy”. They HAVE to have a sense of humor that matches mine. I think the most important thing to take into account is that they’re understanding and treat me as a partner and not a possession. personality>looks, no exception. but I find myself going for cute people over hot people!” (IG QnA 2020) “STEM nerds, I think I also like people with a lot of patience and who are empathetic.” (IG QnA 05/2021)

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