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About Us

KProfiles was created at the beginning of 2016, with the goal of bringing comprehensive profiles of Korean pop idols, bands and actors.

The profiles contain unique information gathered from watching plenty of Korean shows and reading Korean magazines, as well as that which is generously provided by dedicated K-pop fans and members of our website.

Soon enough, several people joined our team (we currently have over 150 official authors) and we started collaborating with Korean Entertainment companies, such as Warner Music Korea, in order to bring you even more accurate and up-to-date profiles.

Our Authors usually use the official positions provided by the company or by official Korean sources such as Melon or Naver. Even if we may have a different opinion regarding the positions, we try to respect the official positions used in South Korea.

As of mid-2018, due to the huge number of requests, the website also provides J-Pop, C-Pop and other Asian pop profiles.

In addition to profiles, we also create unique quizzes, polls, fashion challenge posts and we plan to expand even more.

If there are other things you want us to include on the website, feel free to contact us or drop us a message on the Suggestions page. Thank you for visiting KProfiles. We hope you enjoy your time here!