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Kim Jong Kook Profile and Facts

Kim Jong Kook Profile: Kim Jong Kook Facts and Ideal Type

Kim Jong Kook (김종국) is a singer, entertainer, and a member in Turbo under Turbo Company. He debuted as a singer with Turbo in 1995 and as a soloist in 2001.

Stage Name: Jongkook (종국)
Birth Name: Kim Jong Kook (김종국)
Chinese Name: Jīn Zhōng Guó (金鍾國)
Birthday: April 25, 1976
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 81 kg (178 lb)
Top: 105 cm
Bottom: 32inch
Blood Type: A
Instagram: kjk76
Weibo: jongkookk
Daum Cafe: jongkooklove
YouTube: 김종국 GYM JONG KOOK
Website: kimjongkook.co.kr

Kim Jong Kook Facts:
– Born in Hapcheon, South Korea.
– He has an older brother Kim Jong Myeong.
– His hobbies are weight training, football, boxing, and playing football video games.
– His religion is Buddhism.
– He speaks English.
– His fitting size is L.
– He likes meat and raw fish.
– His niece is singer Kim Soya.
– He got master’s degrees at the Dankook University.
– He is a vocalist in a group Turbo, that he debuted in as a duo with Jungnam in 1995. They disbanded in 2000 and came back with an additional member in 2015.
– He owns a BBQ restaurant with Haha called Loco Quan 401, located in Hongdae.
– He says that he’s an extravagant guy.
– He doesn’t hold back on things that he wants.
– He likes spending money on his friends.
– He was in a band during high school as a vocalist.
– He’s friends with Apink members.
– He listens to ballad songs by Korean and foreign artists.
– He is a fan of Will Smith and met him once.
– He likes dishwashing since he was young, helping his mother.
– He mostly eats outside but when he’s at home, he eats a bowl of rice with one side dish that his mom prepared.
– He never complains about the food, he eats whatever is there.
– Before joining his own company The Turbo Co, he was under  JK Entertainment and Urbanworks Ent.
– He has conditions for marriage, which is how he would only marry a woman who could be happy with his family. He wants to make her the happiest woman, and one that others will be envious of.
– He’s generous when it comes to girls.
– No matter how busy he is, he will always exercise.
– According to singer Jang Yoon Jung, he doesn’t drink much.
– His favorite Running Man nickname is “Spartan”.
– As a kid, he broke a leg.
– He enjoys fishing and he’d really like to try reeling a heavy fish as a great back workout.
– He was a wrestler in elementary school and trained taekwondo in middle and high school.
– He started weight training because a doctor recommended it to him for his back pain.
– The first variety show that he participated in, is X-MAN. His nickname during the show was “One Man” from his successful song with the same title.
– He says that he is not stingy. It’s just that he doesn’t need a lot of things.
– His favorite artist is actress Moon Geun-young since watching her in My Little Bride, in one of his older interviews he said she’s his ideal type.
– He donated 100 million won ($91 404) to Hope Bridge, a Korean Disaster Relief Association in aid to the COVID-19 situation.
– In one of Running Man episodes, all contestants had to create an Instagram account and upload a picture. He used it only once during the shooting and never came back on it again but it’s still up as private @runningman_kimjongkook7012.
– Message to his future wife is “Honey(여보), I’m currently very busy with exercising etc. so if you feel a bit upset at times, please try to understand me. To be able to meet you, I am very, very lucky. I will treat you well in the future and work harder to earn more money. I’ll do my best to be a good father to our kid and a good husband to you. I love you“.
– His favorite moment on Running Man is where he got to play soccer with professional football player Park Ji Sung (As of 2014).
– He likes coming to the USA. He visits Los Angeles two or three times a year and has a lot of Korean-American friends.
– He’s known in China because of Running Man.
– During school, his group friend was named ‘Ax” because they thought that they’re different from other kids.
– When he was young, he sang a lot of songs by Kim Gun-mo and Kim Bum-soo.
– His animal character in Running Man is a tiger and he thinks it fits him well.
– He is not the person who goes after someone but the one who waits for someone to ask him out.
– In 2010 he had a lumbar microdiscectomy back disk surgery and has since used medical tape to ease his pain.
– When he was 27 years old, he decided not to say “I love you” anymore until he proposes because he felt like he abuses this phase too much.
– For him the content of the song is important, so when he sings, he thinks that he is the main character in the lyrics. Thanks to that he is able to better express feelings to the listeners.
– He chooses hotels after taking a look at their gyms first when he’s going aboard. (My Ugly Duckling Ep.206)
– All he needs to eat is chicken breasts so he doesn’t mind if his significant other isn’t a good cook. (My Ugly Duckling Ep.206)
– If he had to give up one thing losing muscle mass or staying single forever. He’d pick staying single. (Running Man Ep.521)
– His dream is to become the host of the National Singing Contest. (Knowing Bros Ep.86)
– His strength is the “Catch The Name” Game because it’s very popular in his neighborhood. (Knowing Bros Ep.86)
– He likes talking about romantic relationships. (Running Man Ep.501)
– He picks Running Man over My Little Old Boy. (제시의 쇼!터뷰)
– He thinks about turning a room into a gym so he can be closer to his wife, instead of going to the gym and risking being away when she needs him (during pregnancy) or while taking care of their child. (제시의 쇼!터뷰)
– He went through a breakup because of him working out. (제시의 쇼!터뷰)
– He loved watching the drama ‘Crash Landing On You’.
Kim Jong Kook’s Ideal Type:I need a woman who can cook. Actually, I don’t like too skinny girls [In one interview he said he likes chubby girls]. I just need a healthy girl who can love me forever. Rather than who I like, my heart goes to people who like my disposition. I didn’t think a lot of like “She’s my style. I like her a lot”. In the past, I used to feel shy, so I open my heart to those who approach me first and see me positively.” He also said that compared to the appearance, he values her kind heart more. When it comes to the age gap he used to think that a big age gap was not very good, but now he needs to start thinking about children so his mom recommended him to meet a healthy/younger woman. Now, he thinks it is not so bad to have some age gap between him and his future wife. In 2020 during an interview for 제시의 쇼! 터뷰, he said that back in the old days he used to like someone chubby rather than skinny, and his ideal type is someone he has a connection with and thinks alike.

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Note 2: His top and bottom measurements were taken from his profile on XEXYMIX website, because he modeled for their campaign Born To Activity in 2020.

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