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Hyun Jin-young Profile and Facts

Hyun Jin-young Profile and Facts
Hyun Jin-young (현진영) is a solo artist currently under Sidus HQ. He debuted as the very first artist of SM Entertainment in September 1990 with “Sad Mannequin.”

Hyun Jin-young Fandom Name:
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Stage Name: Hyun Jin-young (현진영)
Birth Name: Heo Hyun Seok (허현석)
Birthday: February 3, 1971
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 170 cm (5’7”)
Weight: 74 kg (163 lbs)
Blood Type: A
YouTube: 현진영고진영고
Instagram: hyun_jinyoung
Twitter: hyun_jinyoung

Hyun Jin-young Facts:
– His nationality is Korean.
– He was born in Seoul, but he grew up in Gijichon.
– He was never good in school. His mind was always on dancing and rapping, so he dropped out of high school.
– When he passed the SM Entertainment audition, he was first a back-up dancer for Lee Soo Man’s own solo career.
– He introduced swag, rapping, and hip hop to Korea.
– He was first called “Hyun Jin Young & Wawa“, because his background dancers were in a crew called Wawa (Deux and Clon). Later the background dancer debuted in other groups and became as succesful as Hyun Jin Young himself.
– He reached his population when he came out with the song “You Are In My Unclear Memory”, this song has been covered by a lot of other artists like 2PM, GOT7 and MAMAMOO.
– He was caught with drugs and went to jail in 1993, he never really recovered from this scandal and his name slowly faded away over time.
– He is Christian.
– He is married to Oh Se Woon.
– Currently, he is a chief producer of SidusHQ, and a professor at the Practical Music and Arts Department of the Seoul Hoseo School of Arts.

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